Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Soft Classic

In my last post I blogged about being torn between 'Soft Classic' and 'Theatrical Romantic' as my best style type.  After hearing a lot of peoples feedback and listening to what my Facebook friends have to say - it seems that Soft Classic is the clear winner!  I just have to say that I admire all the Kibbe-enthusiasts on Facebook who are who helpful and influental in helping women understand and determine their best style - to all you wonderful ladies, you are truely an inspiration (you know who you are :))

That being said, I've spent some time reading about Soft Classic styles and decided to do some research on-line.  I wanted to try and outline a visual of various styles, necklines, accessories etc that seem to match Kibbe's vision of Soft Classic.  I'm not a Kibbe expert, so its possible that some elements may not be fully Soft Classic, but its my interpretation of it based on what I've read - so I hope that you enjoy this post!!!

I had to start my visual tribute to Soft Classic, but discussing my favourite neckline - the delicate cowl/draped neckline - I feel that this photo is a good reprenation of this style and I love how this top is also tappered at the waist, another Soft Classic feature!

The scooped and jeweled necklines are lso good reprsentations of elements that suit the Soft classic style!  I think that the scooped neckline is perfect for an everyday casual wear look, while the jeweled neckline can really add that 'refined elegance' for evening that Soft Classics seem to posses so well!

I love these two photos because they represent many different elements that are so consistent with what David Kibbe outlines as perfect for Soft Classics: gathers, folds, defined waist, tappered sleave, draped/delicate plunging in the neckline - I just think 'class' when I see these two clothing items, especially that grey dress - I love that defined waist and neckline!!!

Blouses/tops and dresses with a delicate lace edge or soft bow are consistered some of the best details for a Soft Classic look.  I think the key word for Soft Classics is to keep it delicate and elegant - anything too over-sized and ruffle like to leaning too much into romantic and/or dramatic territory - the key is to keep it soft, delicate and simple - an elegant lace edge vs full fledged lace and ruffles!

Wearing light-weight knits are also a Soft Classic trademark according to Kibbe - I like that in each of these photos, the models are wearing a slightly scooped neckline and the lines are delicate and soft - I wear 'alot' of these types of light-weight knits and I always get a lot of compliments - this is my go-to everyday casual look that I feel is very classy and elegant for day!

Earings and jewelery that have circles, ovals or have controlled clusters are said to be the best for Soft Classics - I very often wear a basic small and delicate gold-ball earing or circular diamond studs for everyday and then add oval and circular clusters for evening looks!  I personally dislike jewelery that is too chunky or dramatic - I prefer something small, delicate and ornate - I also find that circles and ovals are definitely better than anything angular, squared or boxy!

As for shoes, this is the ideal Soft CLassic shoe - tappered shoe with a narrow heel!  I think to have a few of this pairs on hand in a neutral and darker basic colour would be idea for any Soft Classic woman!!!

I hope that you've enjoyed this little visual journey.  I tried my best to find a physical representation of the descriptions that Kibbe himself wrote about - I feel that using this as a guide will be ideal for me in my future shopping trips - its always nice to have a visual to go by!!!


Margo said...

Thank you, Renata! Pictures for this post are good. I am glad your best style type is definite now. The delicate cowl/draped neckline is my favourite as well.

SlaveSuzy said...

Hi Renata!
Great post!
I ADORE scooped necklines - plain for casual wear, or with lace or sparkle or jeweled or other detail for night, or even for day if I keep my jewelry more Classic, as opposed to SC.
As an SC myself, I am not fond of that orange tunic - too much of a vertical line feel for me and too much texture at the waist - I like smooooothe! I'm not saying it is not SC, it is just not my personal style.
I love the gray dress - but I'd remove that huge flower on one-shoulder - anything asymmetric never "feels" right to me (And absolutely NO one-shoulder anythings! Totally wrong for our naturally beautiful "balance")
I'd also have to wonder about the white, longer-length cardigan "hiding" our beautiful and much-needed waist definition. This, again, maybe a personal bias as I have short legs and cannot wear longer length anything without looking "stubby". But the last sweater, the gray wrap? I don't think that is SC - it seems too thick, too textured, too long, and I'd put it in SN, possibly SD (but I don't know enough about them except to know I don't think it's SC.)
I love love love every one of your accessories - the earrings and necklaces and shoes! The toes on those pumps are PERFECT! Pointy, yet soft (NEVER pointy anything for a Soft!) I think they call that "almond" shaped!
I hope you don't find my comments too critical - and everything is always open to interpretation. I mean, I bought myself a string of Tahitian pearls, recently - several shades of gray with a couple of whites and yellows - it's not all one color and they are strung in a "random" pattern - but I LOVED it! They're FUN, not stuffy and fit "me" - without going too far against SC guidelines. And, being ourselves is what counts, doesn't it? I think one of the hard things about being an SC, or any Classic for that matter, is that because we are "balanced" we can "get away" with almost anything - we don't look bad, per se, in R, SN, N, even SG, and possibly, SD. We just need to learn to recognize what is BEST and eliminate all the rest, unless we truly love it.

Thalia the Muse said...

Great post! I really appreciate that you took the time to do this. I am a soft classic as well and love your clothing choices. I agree that the sweater is more soft natural, but the shape is very nice just a little on the busy side for me. Overall, very lovely choices. Thank you Renata.

Renata said...

I'm so glad that you liked it Thalia - I am always looking for Soft Classic inspiration, and I hope to continue doing more posts on this topic!

Tabitha said...

Hi, Renata! Great post; I found it while searching for Soft Classic because I think that may be my style type as well. Just wanted to say outfit number 3 didn't seem to go; the skirt was too short and not flared enough, and the whole thing looks a little too fitted and tailored. Also, Kibbe's book was written in the 80s and by "jewel neckline" he means a rounded neckline similar to that of a tee-shirt, not a "jeweled" neckline, which in my opinion is a bit gaudy for the true soft classic type. Not to be critical, just trying to interpret soft classic based on what I've read. :) Thanks for the great visuals!