Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tribute to my grandmother!

For every woman, there has been
another woman who has influenced
their sense of style.  For many young
women, its their mothers or grandmothers,
for others, it may be a favourite celebrity
or even the vague memory of a women they
saw for a split second while they were sitting
at a cafe somewhere in Europe.  For me, that
woman was my grandmother.  She signified
everything that was important to me and no 
other person has shown me as much unconditional
love as she has!  My grandmother passed away
3 years ago, but her influence is still with me. 
She had such grace and elegance about her
and her style was always impecable.  Here is a
little tribute to the woman who has always inspired
To me, she was one of the most beautiful
people in the world:
Here is a picture of my grandmother and my uncle when he was little:
One of my favourite pics of my grandmother:
ANother one of my favrouite pics - I'm
just a little munchkin in this picture:
Its so true when people say
to honour those you love
while they are still alive!!!!!!!
Here's to you 'Babycia' -
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

All About 'Me'

One of the blogs I follow 'Nautical
By Nature' posted this and
I thought it was a great idea to
share some information about
what makes me 'ME' -
I love to get to know people and
their personalities, so feel
free to cut and paste and
share your answers:
8 TV Shows I Like
to Watch
(not including shows off the air):
1. Brothers and Sisters
2. Grey's Anatomy
3. Gossip Girl
4. Barefoot Contessa on Food Network
5. Look-a-like 
6. Millionaire Matchmaker
7. The Office
8.  The Tudors

8 Favorite Places
to Eat and/or Drink1. Fresh
2. Green Mango
3. Cassa Barcelona
4. Burrito Boyz
5. Teopia
6. Mr. Greek
7. Tarboosh
8. Moxie's

8 Things I Look
Forward To1. Watching a movie in my pajamas
2. Making Dinner (I love to cook)
3. Shopping
4. Meeting friends for lunch
5. Trying out a new tea at teopia
6. Going to my Yoga class and Body Attack class
7. Family get-togethers
8. Summer holiday, Christmas holiday, March Break -
'any' holiday!!!

8 Things that
happened to me
yesterday1. Met my friends for dinner at Fresh
2. Bought some 'blue vervain' - a healing herb
3. Went to a meeting at work
4. Had our end of year mass at work
4. Learned how to do a Sudoku
(still don't get it 100%)
5. Did the word jumble in the paper
and started the cross-word
6. Watched 'The Family Stone' - there is something
about seeing Luke Wilson that brightens
up my day!!!
7. Fed my fish
8. Went to bed early

8 Thinks I Like
About Summer1. Swimming
2. Fresh fruits from the local market
3. Making 'real', fresh lemonade with mint
4. Wearing summer dresses, capri's and t-shirts
5. Summer vacation (no work for 2 months -
I love being a teacher)
6. Deck parties
7. Getting a golden glow to my skin
8. The makeup colours (fresh pink, coral shades)

8 Places I Would
Like to Visit/See1. Tibet
2. Nantucket
3. more of Italy
4. more of France
5. Spain
6. An Indian Ashram
7. Safari in South Africa
8. Ireland