Saturday, June 30, 2012

Canadian Beauty College - Photo Shoot

Today I had an opportunity to participate in a photo shoot to help build my makeup artistry portfolio.  I originally had a photo shoot scheduled back in March, but because of a few photoshopping issues on the part of the photographer, today I was able to do a 're-shoot' - I had a blast.  I had no idea what my model looked like in advance, so I came prepared with a lot of ideas, but for some reason I kept on thinking 'exotic meets romantic', so I decided to do a subtle egyptian goddess meets the girl next door - here are some pics from the photo shoot:

To bring out that exotic charm, I used a lot of warm/spicy colours: golds, bronzes, amber, olive green, rust/orange.  I really wanted the photo to have a bit of an action component, so we used a fan to make the models hair look wind-blown, as if she had been out in the sun, being active and simply enjoying life. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

MAC Nice 'N' Spicy Lipliner

Nice 'N' Spicy' is such a lovely lipliner shade.  To me it seems like a softer, more 'nude' version of 'Spice'!  I've developed a love affair with MAC's Kinda Sexy lipstick and have been playing around with various lip-liner shades.  WHen I first got it, the makeup artist at MAC suggested Boldly Bare lipliner, which I love, but I also wanted to find a way to add a tad more warmth to the colour, so I decided to try Nice 'N' Spicy and I love how it looks in combination with Kinda Sexy - check it out:

For this look I started with my basic face (tinted moisturizer, concealer, powder).  I then used Bobbi Brown's Tawny blush as a contour, Makeup FOr Ever #10 gold shadow as a highlight (and eyeshadow base shade) and MAC's Melba blush.  I then applied MAC's Soba shadow from lid to crease and lined the top lasline with Make Up for Ever 5L eyeliner (an olive shade) and smudged NARS glapagos into the lashline. I applied Laura Mercier's Brown Copper to the lower lashline before finishing with mascara.  I then lined my lips with Nice N Spice and topped it off with Kinda Sexy Lipstick!!!

Warm Muted Apricot

Ever since I've discovered MAC's Kinda Sexy lipstick, I've been drawn back to the soft, warm shades of blush, apricot, cream and gold.  I've always loved these colours and think they are so rich and elegant!  I decided to create a little tribute to the various shades of warm apricot:

I always get such a good, warm feeling inside when I look at this type of colour palette - to me, these warm apricot shades with a hint of natural blush, cream, gold etc, evoke that feeling of comfort and classic charm.  I plan on playing a lot more with this colour palette in the future!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

MAC Kinda Sexy - Part 2

I had some requests to create a complete look using MAC's Kinda Sexy Lipstick - I decided to create a very soft and romantic look - I started with my basic face (foundation, concealer, powder).  I then used Pretty Your World's Blush in 'Hot and Spicy' and Makeup for Ever #10 gold shadow as a highlight.  I applied MAC Melba blush to the centre of the cheeks.  For the eyes, I went very simply and soft - Using the Make Up For Ever #10 gold shadow as a base, MAC Soba from lid to crease, Teddy eyeliner and NARS Bengali smudged into the upper lash line.  I then applied Boldly Bare lipliner and Kinda Sexy lipstick from MAC - here is a pic of the complete look:

MAC Kinda Sexy and Melba Blush

Lately, I've been on the hunt for a soft, pretty lipstick shade for summer.  Something that is very natural, with a hint of colour, but not too light or pastel-like.  I really liked Chanel #78 (Instinctive) Lipstick, but that's another post!  When I saw 'Kinda Sexy' I had somewhat of a love at first sight reaction.  The colour seemed so different than what I was used to, but at the same time it was exactly what I love seeing in a lipstick - it seemed like the perfect cross between a nude, a peach and a rose, but with medium depth.  When I tried it on, I loved the consistency on my lips - creamy, but not drying!  MAC's Boldly Bare lipliner was the perfect compliment to Kinda Sexy - creating the defintion you need out of liner without being too pink or too dark.  Boldly bare doesn't alter the colour of the lipstick, which I love!!!  The makeup artist suggested I get Melba blush to go with it (which was perfect because I needed a new summer blush as well, to go with my peach/coral shades).   I decided to take a photo with natural light, no flash and with me wearing no other makeup - I love how these shades are so natural, pretty and perfect for the warmer weather months:

I think that Kinda Sexy and Melba really is the perfect combination - the look is a pretty nude peach without being too light or too pastel-like, which a lot of 'nude' colours often end up being.  I honestly see myself adopting this as a signature day look - with a slightly defined eye and some mascara, this look will have that timeless, elegant quality - simple yet classic!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Rich, Elegant Chocolate

Although the title of this post sounds like I may be talking about Belgian chocolate truffles, I'm actually  talking about a rich, chocolate brunette hair colour!  I discovered since my last post that the hair colour that is ideal for brunettes like me is a shade called 'Golden Chocolate Brown'.  I decided to find some more photos based on this colour description and shown here are some of my favourites.  I've been toying with the idea of going red or a lighter golden brown, but a friend pointed out to me that my eyebrowns are naturally dark and steering away from brunette may not be the ideal choice.  Looking back through my childhood photos, its clear that my natural colour is a rich chestnut/chocolate brown in the medium range - leaning more golden/rich vs dark or light:

I love this models hair because the chocolate warmth is so rich and elegant.  I particularily like how the chocolate is broken up slightly with some golden caramel highlights.  This colour is amazing and I can see it working on various skintones, as long as there is warmth and richness to the complexion!

Eva Longoria is so lucky because her hair looks good dark and lighter with golden highlights.  However, my favourite colour on her is this medium to dark chocolate brunette shade with what seems like caramel-copper toned highlights.  She can really handle a lot of warmth and richness in her hair!!!

Rose Byrne looks so elegant with this chocolate brunette hair colour - it just franes her natural colouring so well and gives her such a warm, golden glow!  I love the cut and style as well!!!

Leaning slightly into the red colour family, this chocolate brown base on Helena Chistensen is infused with sultry, rich reddish tones.  I love this shade - it reminds me of a warm, aubun/mahogany chocolate shade.  I think that a brunette that wants to try going red, but still wants to have that natural look, should try a shade like this!

Finally, I couldn't talk about the perfect chocolate brunette shade without mentioning Katie Holmes.  Her hair colour is just so gorgeous and looks so natural, it really is the 'ideal' shade for her.  I also admire Katie Holmes because she has stayed true to her rich, chocolate locks.  I think she has learned to work with what she has and not fight mother nature - a lesson that I am learning to accept and adopt into my own life!!!

Here are a few photos of myself with my natural chocolate mane:

I wanted to find a variety of photos since the lighting and natural wear and tear of the photo can alter the colour a little bit - but basically I am a natural chocolate toned woman and its time to embrace my inner 'truffle'!!!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Beautiful Brunette

Finding that perfect shade of  brunette can be so tricky - there are many brunette shades that are too ashy, too golden, too reddish, too dark, too 'flat' etc etc!  To me, the perfect shade of brunette is a colour that is rich, medium to dark toned with a subtle warmth, leaning towards chestnut.  I've always had that colour in my mind, but was never able to find a visual of that perfect shade, until today.  I came across this photo while doing a google image search for brunette hair colours:

Not only do I love this hair colour, I love the makeup shades that this model is wearing as well - If I had to describe the ultimate brunette look, this would be it!!!  The colours are rich, medium toned, neutral leaning warm, with a sultry eye and elegant lip shade.  I love finiding photos that are inspirational for makeup and hair and I am in love with this entire 'look'!!!