Friday, June 8, 2012

Beautiful Brunette

Finding that perfect shade of  brunette can be so tricky - there are many brunette shades that are too ashy, too golden, too reddish, too dark, too 'flat' etc etc!  To me, the perfect shade of brunette is a colour that is rich, medium to dark toned with a subtle warmth, leaning towards chestnut.  I've always had that colour in my mind, but was never able to find a visual of that perfect shade, until today.  I came across this photo while doing a google image search for brunette hair colours:

Not only do I love this hair colour, I love the makeup shades that this model is wearing as well - If I had to describe the ultimate brunette look, this would be it!!!  The colours are rich, medium toned, neutral leaning warm, with a sultry eye and elegant lip shade.  I love finiding photos that are inspirational for makeup and hair and I am in love with this entire 'look'!!! 

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