Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Lipstick, a year in review...............

This year, its been a CRAZY ride - busy and inspiring are two key words. One thing that has really transpired this year, is my settling into a makeup routine that I fell comfortable and inspired by. Perhaps some of that has to do with the Deep Autumn Palette that I've been wearing - It just seems to fit so well. I also think that my look has matured over the years - I know what works, what doesn't, what I like, what I don't............. its really about finding a personal style, which is the key to true beauty and elegance!!! Find YOURSELF amist the makeup chaos :) ANyhow, as promised, here are some looks that I've been inspired by lately and I'm finding that I've really settled on 3 lipsticks which I wear consistently - MAC's Mocha and Taupe and most recently, Revlon's Rum Raisin:

Lets start with my favourite shade, perhaps of ALL TIME which is a 'huge' statement coming from me, considering that my journey throughout this blog has been on finding that perfect, signature shade. For everyday, Taupe has everything I need - the right depth, the right colour, the right consistency, the right price :) - the 'only' thing that I could change about Taupe is the name - it deserves a more sophisticated name!!!

Ahhhh, Mocha, what can I say about this shade - its been by my side the entire time I've been playing around with all the autumn shades and it still works. Its got that beautiful balance between peach-brown and a hint of pink! Its an everyday staple for me!!!

Finally, for that richer, more dramatic shade, Rum Raisin by Revlon is simply divine. It's like a 'day into night' shade, one that works with 'everything', yet it also seems to pull everything together - maybe because it leans deeper, but still quite natural/neutral looking! Its not a bright red or even in the red family, but it has that elegant effect!!! So, here is it, my top lipstick picks, the shades that have been by my side this year. I can't end this post, by also writing about the other makeup that I've been wearing - I've been sticking to the SAME routine and loving the freedom of having 'signature shades' that work with everything. So here is goes - in every photo above, I'm also wearing the following: Physicians Formula Gold/Bronze Highlighter Sunbasque blush by MAC, its by new 'holy grail' blush - its actually the ONLY one I wear these days - I love it!!! Smolder eyeliner smudged with Brun eyeshadow by MAC (this is literally ALL I use on my eyes, other than a light swipe of the Physicians Formula highlight - I guess you can say I'm taking a break from heavy shadows these days) Black Mascara - I'm wearing MAC mineralize mascara, but my absolute favourite is my standard Loreal Voluminous mascara!!! I would love to hear from you - what are some of your stand by shades? What new things that you discovered this year? I look forward to blogging A LOT more in the new year!!! :) Merry Christmas to all those Celebrating today - Tis the Season to be MERRY!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2014


I haven't written a post in about a month, but please don't get discouraged - I did put this blog 'on-hold' a while back, but I am back in business and I have so many new ideas and things I want to write about. With everything going on at work and home, its sometimes hard to find the time to complete a post, but I've been playing around with so many new looks - stay tuned for some great looks. Before I start posting my looks, I have a question for all of you - HOW MANY LIPSTICKS DO YOU THINK A WOMAN REALLY NEEDS??? I look forward to hearing your responses to this question!!!