Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sultry, Smokey Grey Eyes

                                                  SHADES OF GREY:

Grey, Smokey eyes are the epitome of 'sexiness'!  For evening, you can go uber dramatic with extra black or charcoal liner and for day, you can keep it simple with a sheer wash of silver-grey smokiness.  Many people stay clear of grey - thinking its too much of a complicated colour.  However, the best thing about grey is that its a 'neutral' colour and looks good on everyone!!!  There are also many variations of grey - silver grey, plum grey, blue tinted grey, charcoal, warmed grey - the key is to find the best grey for you.  If you're still not convinved that grey is for you, but want to play around with the colour, try using an angled liner brush and dipping it into a grey shadow, then smudging it into your favourite liner - you may be surprised at the end result.  Here is my little tribute to GREY!!!

Nichole Richie sports a dramatic silver grey in this photo - The black liquid liner really compliments the sheer silver undertone of the shadow - I also love her nude-pink lip in this photo!

Playing around with the darker shades of grey can create such a sultry, sexy look - I love how the deep charcoal tones bring out the green in this woman's eyes - she looks so doe-like, yet so tiger-like all at the same time.  

Since grey is a neutral shade you can wear it with any other makeup shades.  I think grey becomes boring when its always worn with pink lips (although this is a terrific look as well) - check out how sexy it is to wear a light peach/coral lip shade with grey - its such a fresh contrast and looks so natural!

I think that brown and hazel eyes look amazing with a bluish-grey toned shadow - Blue-grey can either look amazing or like someone just punched you in the eye.  Its important not to 'over-do' this look - keep the blue-grey soft and add some extra 'omph' with lots of black mascara!!!

Blue eyes look stunning in the blue-grey shades as well - the look is effortless, natural and 'pretty'!!!

Grey is the new black!!!  Sometimes black liner is way too heavy and dark - charcoal and granite may just be the colours you're looking for to create that edgy, sexy eye without looking like a racoon!!!

Last but not least, here I am sporting my favourite smokey grey eye look.  I used Maybelline's "Impeccable Greys" Trio and lined my eyes with MAC's smolder liner (an intense black) and then used Marcelle's "Cabaret" (a dark granite grey) to smudge into the liner - I decided to balance the smokey grey look with a neutral lip with a slight pink undertone - I used "Modesty" lipstick by MAC.  I then used MAC's "Gentle" mineralize blush and NARS 'Sin' on my cheeks - this is one of my favourite looks because it works for both day and evening!!!

I hope you all enjoyed my tribute to 'GREY' - stay tunned for more colour tributes in the future!