Monday, October 28, 2013

Amber 'Glow'

I currently have an obsession with anything amber, particularily makeup shades that give off that golden amber glow. It fits in with my true/warm autumn palette perfectly. For this look I started with my basic face of concealer, tinted moisturizer and Coppertone blush my MAC. I then applied Brule mixed with retrospeck as a base shade on my eyes, used 'uninterrupted' eyeshadow from lid to crease and blended amber lights onto the lid (all MAC)- I lined my eyes with coffee eyeliner and smudged with NARS galapagos shadow! For the lips, I mixed in NARS honolulu honey with MAC Chicory lipliner. I can't even say in words how great it feels to be wearing my true autumn shades again!!!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Warm, Muted Copper Tones

Embracing the True Autumn palette again has been so inspiring and liberating. I have been reading a lot of style books and articles and trying to come up with makeup looks that encorperate both my colour palette and my dominant style type, which lately has had more of a gamine mixed with avant garde flair. For evening, I am still sporting the red lip, but going for a spicier, warmer red and for day I have fallen in love with copper tones that are warm, yet muted and soft vs shimmery and glittery - I think this is the idea natural/neutral look for true autumn 'gamine' - check it out:

For this look I started with a warm golden concealer/foundation, Coppertone blush my MAC (which has literally become my absolute favourite shade), Sandalwood Beige lipstick by Revlon and for the eyes, I mixed MAC's espresso and soba, lined my eyes with NARS mambo eyeliner and smudged the upper lashline with NARS Bengali eyeshadow - I finished off the look with mascara!!!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Accessorize with Colour - Mustard/Marigold!!!

I love accessorizing with the brighter and warm yellows of the true autumn palette. WHat better way to add a splash of colour to an olive or warm chocolate base, then adding a mustard toned scarf - now imagine adding a pair of mustard toned gloves too? THat's autumn perfection!!! Now is the time to invest in autumn toned accessories, so wild - think scarves, belts, gloves, purses!!! CHeck out the makeup look I created to wear with the mustard/marigold tones of the TA palette!!!

I started this look with my favourite base - NARS GInger concealer with St. Moritz tinted moisturizer. I used NARS Madly blush because I wanted a natural warm shade that wouldn't overpower the rest of the makeup!. For the eyes, I used era as a base, mixed retrospeck and saddle and applied from the lid to the crease (all MAC) and lined my eyes with NARS Mambo liner, smuding the upper lash line with NARS Galapagos before finishing with mascara. I then applied MAC Chicory lipliner and swiped on Spice is Nice lipstick!!!

Emerald Turqouise

Emerald Turqouise is a warm green-blue that looks STUNNING against True Autumns other warm shades such as terracotta, gold, olive etc. I decided to pair a emerald turqouise sweater I just picked up at Old Navy with a warm olive green eye and terracotta lip - the combination is gorgeous - its really fun pairing different shades from the Autumn palette and seeing what stunning combinations you can come up with. Emerald Turqouise + Olive green is a keeper!!!

FOr this makeup look I started with NARS ginger concealer and St. Moritz tinted moisturizer. I skipped the bronzer, but used a bronze toned shade as a blush - Sweet as Cocoa by MAC. FOr the eyes, I acheived the olive toned shades by using YSL #10 eyeshadow quad (I used the lighter and deeper olive shades only). I use Sephora olive eyeliner and applied mascara to finish. I then lined my lips with Mahogany lipliner and used Strength lipstick - both by MAC

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

True Autumn........wins yet again!!!

True Autumn..........its a season I love, its a season I always seem to come back to and its a season that just works. I've been draped twice as a true autumn and recently walked into a cosmetics store where the makeup artist kept giving me colours like burnt sienna toned lipsticks and copper-brown blush - when I asked her why she was choosing these colours, she said "well, you're a typical autumn". I think for a while I was so hopeful for Soft Autumn to work because I loved the soft, delicate look of the season, but then I ventured into a whole different direction, partly because I had an on-line consultation where I was told I was a deep winter soft! ummm....NO, I'm not! I get that now - I also 'GET' that its time to stop fighting the answer thats been right in front of me this whole time - TRUE AUTUMN. Its interesting that after all my colour experiements, true autumn keeps re-appearing - after two drapings and having David Zyla himself confirm that I'm a 'bronze autumn', you'd think that would be enough to say "hello, why would you consider any other season???" - my answer, I have NO clue - Its time to finally step into true autumn!!! THe proof is in the pudding: