Saturday, October 31, 2015

Going, Going GREEN (Warm Autumn Style)

During my most recent colour analysis draping, I discovered for the first time one of my 'Power' colours.  Just a few days ago, I was draped in the 16-seasonal colour types.  With 100% certainty, I am a WARM Autumn (not a 'true' autumn), WARM!!!  I was finally able to see the difference between the two and realized the muted, neutrality if True Autumn vs the Medium Chroma clarity of the Warm Autumn.  I think that I'll be writing another post just on this subject.  Since WARM came out the definite winner, I began to see why I liked certain Spring colours, especially the greens, teals and turquoise shades.  I will say right now that the Warm Spring didn't work only because anything 'too bright' created a sallow look - it the Warm 'Medium' Clarity that I needed.  There were only a few (literally 3 or 4) drapes out of the true autumn that were also included into my palette, but EACH and every one of the Warm Autumn shades was 'perfection'.  In terms of a customized palette, mine looks very much like a 'clear autumn', warm autumn leaning into spring hybrid with a few true autumn accessories.

Getting back to my POWER colour - GREEN!!!  The true green, light true green and warm emerald shades were my absolute WOW colours. Everytime I was draped in a true, warm green shade, both the analysis and I almost automatically said 'I love this' at exactly the same time.  It was 110% apparent that this colour was 'amazing' against my skin:

I realized that I'm 'green with envy' over my own palette and really need to start wearing this colour more often.  Now that I know that this type of warm-medium clarity works so well, I'm not going to be afraid to create new warm autumn colour combinations.  It's time to 'green it up'!!! :)

I found a photo of a dress in this lighter, warm true green shade (  I would have walked by a dress like this before, but now, I see how majestic it is and how perfect it is as part of the Warm Autumn palette, especially in my own personalized palette:

As you can see, my personalized WARM AUTUMN palette includes so many amazing shades of true and warm greens - I'm feeling very 'blessed' to have been draped in the 16 seasonal palette types.  I've never felt more connected to a set of colours before and its like colour finally makes 'sense' for the first time.  I'm excited to begin my Warm Autumn journey!!!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Exciting News!!! I'm a WARM AUTUMN :)

This past Thursday - October 29th, I got draped in the 16 colour analysis system.  My draping was done by Jelena Heger - an amazing colour analyst in Stoney Creek, Ontario.  My analysis was 'very' in-depth, with every season being draped over me until the winning season became very apparent.  I will begin by saying that I am a WARM AUTUMN!!!  In the last analysis that I had done many years ago, I was draped as a 'True Autumn', but something was still a little 'off'.  It was determined in the 16 palette analysis, that the True Autumn palette was too muted, neutral and grey.  The Warm Autumn, on the other hand, was: warm, medium chroma, clearer and 100% perfect!!!

I recently wrote a testimonial for Jelena which I shared on her facebook page 'Unique to You Colour Consultation':

My experience with Jelena Heger provided me with a new found confidence and appreciation for the world of personalized colour theory draping. I have been draped twice before, but each time. I felt something or some part of the palette was ‘off’. Both precious times, I was draped as a ‘true autumn’, but Jelena saw what the others didn’t – I was in fact a WARM Autumn. When I met with Jelena, one of the first things that I noticed, is that she was genuinely interested in helping me find my best colours. She took the time to go over each and every drape from ‘all’ of the 16 seasons and really explained to me what was happening to my face as each colour was draped around me. The other analysts that I had seen, although leaning in the right autumn direction, didn’t provide me with the explanation I needed to understand my palette. Furthermore, Jelena ‘Customized’ my palette for me. There were a few shades from the true autumn palette that worked, but ALL the Warm Autumn shades worked. Jelena created a swatch fan for me that included ALL of my best shades. I really loved hearing Jelena’s amazing expertise, as she commented on each drape. I walked away understanding WHY the lighter, muted shades didn’t work and why true autumn didn’t work – it had too much grey/neutrality for me. I needed a medium contrast warmth, combined with the brighter autumn shades! It made so much sense to me why I was attracted to the sci-art warm spring palette – the bright warm greens and turquoise shades were some of my best and they were part of the Warm Autumn customized palette that Jelena made for me. I just wanted to personally thank Jelena for being so kind, authentic, truthful and helpful during the draping. If you live in or around Ontario (especially the GTA, Niagara or even if you’re near the Buffalo U.S./Canada Border), I would HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend going to see Jelena to get your colours done – she is truly amazing and a GIFTED colour analyst!!! Thank you once again Jelena!!!

I wanted to share one of the photos from the draping:

Here are some photos of my personalized custom palette:

These were the ONLY  True Autumn shades that worked - Jelena explained why the True Autumn didn't work:

 "One thing I would like to add about the True Autumn palette in relation to what you wrote is that the most low-chroma colours were too muted/soft for you. Addionally, there was a handful (bright oranges) that were too bright. The key point about Warm autumn is the medium chroma. Warm autumns do best in medium bright warm tones as opposed to extremely bright or soft colours and this was definently the case with you. In contrast, the neutrality of the neutral autumn tones did not work due to the coolness and these colours were pushing your skin to become more sallow, same with some of the true cool tones."

I am VERY happy with my WARM Autumn analysis and I really look forward to experiementing with some new looks.  Today I created a look that represented the best Warm colour palette colours from my draping - I am wearing Urban Decay gold toned liner, a blend of NARS Madly blush and MAC Sincere and the classic Chili lipstick by MAC:

Sunday, October 18, 2015

NARS Madly Blush and Blonde Venus Lipstick

I'm all about re-discovering the classics these days.  By classics, I mean the shades that I always have on hand, no matter what colour experiements I'm doing.  Two of my tried and tested favourites are: NARS Madly blush and Blonde Venus lipstick.  I figured, why not put them together and create a natural autumn day look:

The only other makeup I added to this look: MAC Patina eyeshadow on the lid and a swipe of Arbonne black mascara.  I wanted the look to be very fresh and natural!  

I've always loved Blonde Venus - I was happy to see that it fit in perfect with the deep autumn palette as well - its the most versatile warm-neutral lipstick I've ever come across, which is why I love it so much!!!  I think this shade is a keeper!!!  NARS Madly blush - is just perfection!  It's my go to everyday, go with everything blush - it never fails me!!!  When you find shades like these, its important to never let them go :)

Saturday, October 17, 2015

MAC Dubonnet

Dubonnet is a beautiful, rich wine red!  It's currently my favourite lipstick.  I re-discovered it while searching for a deep autumn red shade.  I couldn't resist picking it up.  When I researched the shade even more, I was happy to discover that it fits both the deep autumn and winter palettes.  I've been enjoying the deep autumn palette and really love that this is a shade I can carry over into the winter months as well.  I think this is going to be my 'go-to' shade this year!

I decided to create a look that showcases how 'chic' Dubonnet can be.  I think a black scarf with gleams of gold is perfect to show how stunning Dubbonet is as a red.  It also works very well with the teal sweater underneath.  I kept the rest of my makeup warm, yet neutral.  I applied Patina eyeshadow on the lid into the crease, used Coffee eyeliner (both MAC) and then applied Arbonne black mascara.  I then applied NARS Madly blush, which is a perfect shade to pair with Dubonnet, as both are neutral-warm shades.  For an even more glam look, you can also use a black eyeliner and add a gold shimmer shade to the lid of the eye.  To take Dubonnet even more into the red family, you can always pair it with various red liners: MAC cherry, auburn, he said/she said etc.  Dubonnet truly is the most versatile red - simply stunning :)

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Deep/Dark Autumn Lipsticks

Regardless if you follow colour analysis theory at all, there is something to be said about finding the perfect seasonal hues.  I absolutely love autumn colours and makeup, lipsticks in particular.  I decided to swatch my three favourite shades.  Two are my 'go to' everyday shades (Taupe and Taupe by MAC) and one is a deep, rich, red shade that is absolutely 'glorious'!!!

MAC Taupe:

MAC Taupe is your classic 'cinnamon' shade.  It's described as a muted taupe red by MAC, but it's so much 'more' than that.  This is the perfect everyday polished up, classic lipstick - it applied matte and it looks perfect with any warm toned makeup or neutral outfit.  I 'adore' this lipstick!!!

MAC Touch:

Touch is my absolute favourite lipstick (which is crazy for me to admit because I adore lipsticks), but when it comes to a swipe and go colour, this is it for me!  One of the reasons that I love Touch is because it's a 'lustre' formula/finish.  When you first apply it, it's often more intense, but as the day goes on, it perfectly adjusts to your natural lip shade.  

And when it comes to an elegant evening look, nothing beats NARS Fire Down Below:

This is seriously an uber SEXY shade!  It's the perfect deep burgundy, oxblood lipstick.  It's a very luxurious and rich shade and needs to be worn with confidence and respect.  Be prepared to get complimented and feel very 'chic' when wearing this lipstick, especially when you pair it with a little black dress and some elegant accessories!!!

These are currently my go-to favourite lipsticks - I think that if I could only have three, I'd choose these.  The only shade that I would include to really make my lipstick wardrobe complete is a true red lipstick.  I'm currently in the process of deciding which is my absolute favourite!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

MAC Creme In Your Coffee Lipstick

Creme In Your Coffee lipstick by MAC is quickly becoming one of my go-to everyday shades.  It's a very natural 'polished up day' lipstick.  I've been wearing MAC Touch and Taupe for my everyday neutral looks, but Creme In Your Coffee is definitely becoming a new favourite!

I really like the balance of warmth, depth and hue of this shade.  It works well with virtually every outfit I have and blends in very harmoniously with the rest of my makeup.  For this look, I started with using Copperplate eyeshadow on the lid and then layered Patina over the lid and into the crease. I later used Copperplate again when I mixed it with Smut eyeshadow to blend into my liner.  All the eyeshadows that I used are from MAC.  For the eyeliner, I went with a basic black shade from Annabelle and used Arbonne black mascara.  For the blush, I went with NARS Madly (one of the shades that I keep coming back to again and again).  Last but not least, I applied MAC Creme In Your Coffee!!!