Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Best Everyday Red - NARS Banned Red

I think I've blogged about this colour before, but I think it deserves another post.  NARS Banned Red is a stellar natural brownish-red shade.  It has enough red in it to classify it as a 'red', but it also has enough neutral tones to classify it as a 'neutral deep' shade.  I love this colour because I can literally wear it on its own with just a touch of blush and some mascara.

I wanted to put my hair off my face for this look, so I have the messy bun thing going on :)  For this look, I'm only using 3 products: a brown-black mascara,  Bobbi Brown Tawny blush and NARS Banned Red lipstick.  I realized after taking this pic that the bright red softball shirt I'm wearing (in support of our varsity girls team who made it to Finals :) is slightly bright and overpowering.  I think that for a nice everyday look and even day into evening look, I'd pair this with an elegant mahogany toned top or even a soft white blouse.  I think that this is THE perfect everyday red, particularly with my skin tone and neutral-warm colouring.  This shade is going to become a permanent staple in my makeup bag :)

Sunday, May 29, 2016

The 5 Product, 5 Minute Makeup Look

As someone who loves makeup and enjoys applying it, there are some days when you are in such a rush, that you literally only have 5 minutes to put a look together.  So what's a lady to do?  It's actually not as difficult or rushed as you may think. The trick is 1) to be prepared for such days 2) to know which products suit you.  Here is what you 'really' need to know:

a) All you need is 1 eyeshadow that will bring out your eyes.  It's usually a colour that will compliment the natural tones that are already in your eyes.  You can even focus on the flecks/lightest shade within your eyes and pick a shadow to bring these shades out.  If you're having trouble, a sheer shadow is best - something champagne, gold if you're warm toned or a nice sheer silver-taupe if you're cool toned.

b) One blush that mimics the natural shade of your cheeks when you literally do 'blush'.  You can pinch your cheeks or your finger and the colour best for you will appear.  The stylist David Zyla refers to this as your best 'romantic' shade in his book 'Color Your Style'.

c) A lipstick that is your 'my lips but better shade'.  It's probably in the same colour family as your blush and it gives you just enough colour without looking overdone.  The key to look polished and effortless (think Parisian Chic).

d) A highlight shade that suits your skin tone and something that you can apply to your inner tear ducts or above your brown bone

e) A really great mascara

Once you have all of these products picked out, all you need to do is have them on hand.  Once you get used to applying these 5 products, it will take you 5 minutes or less to look chic and elegant:

This is my 5 minute look:

MAC Club eyeshadow (applied lightly with a fluffy brush), L'oreal brown-black mascara, Bobbi Brown Tawny blush and Estee Lauder Tiramisu lipstick :)

I know that no matter where I am going, this look will be polished and perfect.  These are my 'no fail' favourite shades and I know they compliment my skin tone perfectly.   These shades are also all colours in the Soft Autumn palette :)

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Revlon Rosedew Lipstick

Rosedew is such a pretty warm pink lipstick.  I really like this shade on its own or with a neutral/nude lipliner.  This shade matches my natural lip-tone perfectly.  I think that sometimes when we think of a perfect nude shade, we shouldn't always be going in the direction of beige or brown.  A pretty warm pink (if it compliments your natural skin tone) can be the perfect everyday nude/natural lis-shade.

 I decided to pair Revlon's Rosedew lipstick with MAC boldly bare lipliner.  I think this is a very pretty look for everyday-natural makeup.   I'm also wearing MAC club eyeshadow on the lid into the crease, Grey Utility eyeliner smudged with Soot shadow and a brown-black mascara.  I mixed two blush shades - MAC Melba and MAC trace gold.  I really love this look - it's natural, pretty and has just enough warmth to give off that golden glow, while still being soft and pretty :)

Friday, May 27, 2016

Soft Autumn vs Warm Autumn

One last request post - to do a comparison between soft and warm autumn:

Example #1

Soft Autumn:

Warm Autumn:    

Example #2:

Soft Autumn:

Warm Autumn:

Example #3

Soft Autumn (2 pics):

Warm Autumn (3 pics):

This is tougher than I thought it would be.  Once again, any feedback, comments are much appreciated :)

Soft Palette Comparison - Which Do You Prefer?

Thank you for all the feedback on my recent posts.  It was really nice to get message for you expressing your preference for the softer autumn and autumn shades.  I also got a few requests to do a soft autumn and soft summer comparison, so here it goes.  I 'm going to try to give more than just one example so that there is variety in looks/shades:

Example #1:
                                                              Soft Autumn:

                                                                Soft Summer

Example #2                                                                                         

Soft Autumn:

                                                            Soft Summer:

Example #3

                                                          Soft Autumn:

Soft Summer:

I'm very curious to hear your responses/feedback :)


Have you ever had one of those moments where you literally sense a light bulb go off in your mind?  I have to admit that with my posts lately, it may seem like I'm contradicting myself.  I'm totally fine with people thinking "oh boy, here she goes again" when it comes to colour analysis.  One day I'm frustrated with colour analysis and the next I'm talking about Light Spring.  At the same time, I've also been receiving messages from people who have told me that they admire my constant desire to 'get it right' and learn about what works/doesn't.  It may seem like a roller coaster journey to some, but every time I come a self-realization, I learn something new. I wonder sometimes if this is how colour analysts and artists really learn the best - trial and error until you finally start to 'see' the truth.  Ok - so why this tangent?  What's the eureka moment?

I am most likely 'not' a spring colour type.  However, I was 'on to something'.  I began to understand that the truth does lie in your eyes.  In the colour and in the pattern.  The eyes are the windows to the soul, so what are they saying?  Well, I started to really examine all the various shades in my eyes, thanks to this amazing website: http://bighugelabs.com/colors.php  - This is a great website, as it really does allow you to do a DIY experiment.  The key to take the best quality photos of your eye colour, skin tone, natural lip tone (without any lipstick/gloss) and wait to see what palette appears.  I started to notice that my eye colour was revealing shades of blue that are similar to the spring shades, but they were 'softer'.  They just didn't have that clear quality that spring really needs.  Secondly, using this website for my natural skin and lip shade, I was getting rose-coral shades, but once again, they weren't clear, but rather 'soft'.  The more experiments I did, the more I saw a softer version of the light spring appearing.  I began to read more and more about light spring and realized that there is a fine line between light spring soft and soft autumn.  Those who read my blog regularly will know that  I have loved the soft autumn palette and considered it for a very long time.  I've even had sci/art colour analysis tell me that if I was draped in sci/art, I would most likely be a soft autumn, so much so that my photo is included in the soft autumn collage on the 'My Color Tone' Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.397163467015611.96675.154970047901622&type=3
When I look back at my journey, I realize that there is no palette that works better for me than the Soft Autumn palette.  When you compare the soft autumn palette and light spring palette, these really are a lot of similarities.  The key for me was recognizing that I just didn't have the 'clarity' to pull off light spring.  I needed 'softer' versions of the brighter spring shades.  This morning when I did my makeup using the soft autumn colours, I felt 'intuitively', this is 'perfect'!  I'm really hoping that I can finally say 'story over'. Welcome back soft autumn :)

For my 'eureka' makeup look, I started with Melba blush by MAC.  I then used Laura Mercier 
Rose highlight on my eyes, inner tear ducts.  I then used a medium soft brown shade in the crease of my eye.  I applied MAC phone number eyeliner and used NARS Galapagos to smudge into the upper lash line and finished the look with a brown-black mascara from L'oreal.  For the lipstick, I went with NARS Anita lipstick!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Eye Pattern and Colour - Reflection

Lately, I've been obsessed with the idea of determining personality and season based on eye pattern.  I love the 'eye'.  I include it in many of my paintings and I think it is a very strong and healing symbol. I purchased a macro-lens a few months ago and since that time have been having fun taking pics of my personal eye patterns.  This is one of the first pics that I took and it remains my favourite:

The interesting, yet difficult thing about this pic is that its still hard for me to determine a seasonal type based on my eye pattern.  I seem to have a little bit of everything.  One thing I do find interesting is just how much 'grey-blue' and 'sage green' is found in my eye.  I am especially in awe of the grey-blue :)  It's actually really amazing to be able to see your eye colour this close up!  Anyhow - if anyone is more of an expert on eye pattern and season, I'd love to hear more about what you think about my own eye pattern/colour :)