Tuesday, August 25, 2015

How To Create an Elegant Day Into Night Look

There is something to be said about finding an elegant day into night look.  I find that this look always comes in handy, particularly if you want to wear something natural at work, but then need to go out afterwards.  The 'easiest' way to achieve this (and this is coming from years of observation - seeing various women in films, observing people at restaurants etc etc) is to keep your day makeup, but switch to a deeper lipstick.  I've posted before that MAC Retro is my favourite 'day red' - but it can also be the ideal 'crossover' colour, meaning it can easily cross over from a day to evening look.  The other KEY element to achieving the perfect day into night look actually has 'nothing' to do with makeup at all - its all about your accessories, the colour of shirt/dress you wear.  If you wear neutrals with minimal jewelry during the day, simply swap your studs for an elegant hoop earring, switch your work bag to a classic clutch, put on a funky bracelet and voila, you've completely changed your look. Similarly, if you wear very neutral shades to work, put on a pop of colour for evening - change your beige shirt to a pretty periwinkle, or add a gold scarf to your plain T - creating a great day into night look isn't complicated - it's about 'tweaking' what you already have for day!

Here is my day into night look:

I decided to keep my usual day makeup - concealer/tinted moisturizer, MAC Trace gold blush, a swipe of woodwinked shadow on the lid, some black mascara and Retro lipstick.  I then decided to put on a pair of glamed up gold hoops (they didn't really turn out in the pic because of my hair).  I put on a classic periwinkle toned top, kept my black pants and added a more dressy shoe (again, sorry didn't make it into the pic) - but basically, an evening look doesn't have to be outrageous - it should still be simple and 'You', just an enhanced version :)

Monday, August 24, 2015

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3..................

Well, 'almost' 1,2,3....................... I've basically discovered that a minimal/simple and classic makeup look requires very little time and a simple application of essential shades and products.  I think that a tinted moisturizer with SPF is definitely an essential - it a skin-protector, as well as evening out your skin tone is a very sheer and natural way!  Secondly, finding a blush/lipstick combo that complement one another is key - you can even get one of those 2 in 1 products, which minimizes your routine even more.  I just decided to use what I had at home and went with MAC Trace Gold blush and Kinda Sexy lipstick.  Next, your eyes can be as simple as a swipe of shadow and a touch of mascara.  I went with a very natural shade on my eyes that practically blends perfectly into my skin tone - Soba eyeshadow by MAC and then just a touch of Dior black mascara.  If you think of 1,2,3 in terms of skin, eyes and lips/cheeks - you can literally transform your makeup routine to 5 minutes and 'Go'!  Makeup really is about enhancing your natural features vs hiding behind a mask!  One trick that I want to share with you that has literally changed my skin and makeup routine, is applying Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to the skin in the evening - I wake up with luminous skin and it feels 'amazing'!!! :)

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Light Lemon Yellow

I absolutely adore the shade of light lemon yellow.  It's such an elegant shade of yellow and it makes me happy just looking at it :)  Finding the right shade of yellow for yourself is like finding your best lipstick colour or discovering your best neutral.  Yellow is a colour that I used to shy away from because I didn't know quite how to wear it.  I liked the mustard shades, but something was always 'off' when I wore it.  Now that we are in the final summer stretch and most stores are already thinking 'fall/autumn' clothes, I can't help but want to embrace this shade of yellow as the perfect summer-ending shade.  I decided to keep my makeup fresh, but with a pop of rose-gold and warm pink.  I started with my basic concealer/tinted moisturizer and applied MAC Trace Gold to the cheeks.  I then swiped MAC Sable eyeshadow onto the lids, applied a few coats of mascara and used Ramblin Rose Lipstick (also MAC) - voila - fresh, pretty and 'Happy' :)

Saturday, August 22, 2015

MAC Retro Lipstick - The Perfect 'Day' Red

I wrote a blog post about MAC Retro lipstick not too long ago, but now that I'm experimenting more with a simple-natural makeup look, I wanted to show how nicely Retro compliments this!  Retro truly is a perfect day Red shade because its not a true, bold and bright red, but rather a more muted, soft red with peach and earthy undertones.  It's also easily blends in well with lipliners that correspond well to the Red lip - like MAC Auburn/Mahogany tones, but this will take Retro to a deeper, more dramatic look.  Simply swiping on Retro on its own, is ideal for everyday:

I kept the rest of my makeup very minimal (in fact, its the same look as my last post) - MAC woodwinked shadow on the lid, some mascara and Blushbaby blush by MAC!  This is such a classic look and I can't wait to pair it with some classic clothing looks, perhaps a navy blazer or a camel toned shirt dress.  Retro is definitely chic and polished, so loving this lipstick right now!!! :)

MAC Woodwinked and Kinda Sexy

There are plenty of pretty colour combinations for a natural-minimalistic look.  The trick, I think is to find some soft, elegant shades that really harmonize together.  I went for a muted gold and warm pink for this look - MAC Woodwinked on the eyes and Kinda Sexy Lipstick on the lips.  For my minimal look, I just used a little mascara and Blushbaby blush (also MAC) to finished up this look.

What I really like the most about this colour combination is that it's so natural that it literally blends into my squinting, but at the same time, it highlights with a subtle sheen.  I forgot to mention that I used NARS Rue Bonaparte eyeliner just in the inner tear ducts and rim of the lower lash line. I wanted to really open and brighten up the eye.  Woodwinked eyeshadow is the 'perfect' everyday eyeshadow - it's warm, yet at the same time leaning neutral, so it really goes with everything.  I think that for a more polished look and to slightly deepen the lips, I'd wear the MAC Boldly Bare liner!  The great thing about creating this look for everyday is that when you're ready to go out, the base of your makeup is complete and pretty, so anything goes from here!!! :)

Friday, August 21, 2015

Minimal/Natural VS Smokey/Dramatic

I'm definitely on a roll when it comes to 'a-ha' moments!  I've recently started to take the advice of some of my readers to try a more natural/minimal makeup look.  I'm surprised as how much I really like it.  However, it wasn't until I took this comparison photo that I can really see the difference.  Now, that's not to say that the smokey/dramatic look doesn't have a place in my future.  I just think that it's definitely a look reserved for evening or a special event.  However, for everyday, I'm really preferring the 'le no makeup look'.  I'm almost kicking myself a little for not really seeing the difference.  I think I was so caught up with creating an alluring smokey eyed, dramatic look, that I failed to see the elegance of 'unmasking' the drama and using makeup to enhance my features in a 'Delicate' way.  I think that Delicate is doing to my be my new makeup word/look - a delicate, soft elegance.  In a way, this a-ha moment is linked with coming to terms with my soft autumn palette once again.  Wearing shades that are soft, warm, Renoir-esque, has inspired me to create a different type of look.  However, those of you who read my blog and comment, give me feedback - you have all inspired me as well, so Thank-you!!! :)

The first thing that's obvious right away is that I look much younger without makeup.  Now that i'm getting older and am in my late 30's - that's a very good thing!!!  I also feel that my face 'glows' with less makeup - although I haven't changed my concealer/tinted moisturizer routine.  The liner on the lower lash line definitely closes in the eye as well!  I still like the smokey look for a glam event, but even then, I think I'll try to create a look that is somewhere in between these two looks!!!  I'm very inspired and happy to be creating some more natural-minimal makeup looks soon :)

Minimal, Simple, Just a 'Touch' of Makeup!

I've been getting a lot of positive feedback from my 'Le No Makeup Look' post!  I very much appreciate that many of you like my look 'makeup free'!  I wanted to try and create a look where I'm wearing just a 'touch' of makeup.  One of the comments that I got a lot was 'why not try just wearing mascara?'.  I've been an eyeliner woman for a 'very' long time - so its a little foreign to me to just wear mascara.  However, I have to admit, I 'love' the idea of a simple, minimal, swipe and go look.  Even more, I like the idea of going 'makeup free' more often.  I had an interesting conversation with a young teenager recently, where she told me that she feels makeup is a mask.  I was taken a-back because I've been wearing and blogging about makeup for so long, that I sometimes forget that not everyone likes the look and feel of makeup and the definition of femininity isn't always a gorgeous makeup look.  Femininity, beauty and elegance are about so much more!  Makeup is simply 'one' factor, its not the 'whole'!  I really admired this young teens opinion on makeup!  So here is a very simple, minimal makeup look that I hope to sport more often:

I used only a few products for this - I started with my typical concealer/tinted moisturizer combination - I like tinted moisturizer so much better than foundation.  It's so light and sheer.  My favourite it Laura Mercier's oil free TM in 'Ochre'.  I then blended two blush shades - MAC Trace Gold and Bushbaby for a very natural flush.  I applied a light sweep of Sable eyeshadow, just on the lid and used black mascara - a swipe or two!  For the lips, I decided on a soft, pretty shade - Ramblin Rose by MAC!!!  I have to admit that looking at these photos, I really like the shape of my eye!  Maybe I have been masking myself with too much of a dramatic look or perhaps I need to reserve that look for a different event/evening.  Either way, I like the idea of 'taking off the mask' once in a while!!!  It's like I'm shedding a makeup skin and the real me is coming through!!! :)