Friday, November 27, 2015

MAC Ravishing Lipstick

I am so happy that I recently rediscovered Ravishing lipstick by MAC.  It is truly my perfect 'peach' shade.  In fact, I like this shade even better then the Revlon Peach Me that I blogged about previously.  Ravishing is warmer, medium depth and more consistent with my Warm Autumn Palette.  I decided to wear a warm peach toned sweater with this look and I absolutely adore all this amazing 'peach-love' going on!!!

For this look, I created my standard warm toned eye makeup - using MAC amber lights mixed with a touch of patina eyeshadow.  I then applied Urban Decay 'Scorch' eyeliner and a touch of mascara.

I decided to complete the look with MAC coppertone blush and the Ravishing lipstick!!!

I really feel that with all the warm autumn experiments that I've been doing that I keep coming closer and closer to my best looks.  I'm excited to try this lipstick at night with a warm smokey eye look as well!  I really feel amazing in my custom colours and palette.  :)

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Rimmel Coral Garden Lipstick

To be honest, Pink has never worked for me in terms of a lip colour.  However, I love the idea of wearing a pink lipstick.  I was looking at my warm autumn custom swatch book and realized that the 'salmon rose' swatch is the perfect pink shade for anyone who is 'warm' toned.  I was swatching some lipstick shades and my Rimmel 'Coral Garden' lipstick was the PERFECT match to the salmon rose swatch.  I was so happy to make this discovery!!!  I tried to create a look that is very 'everyday casual'.  I always want to wear something pink when I go out for a lunch date or have a casual day event to go to.  This was the look that I created:

I started with my basic concealer and tinted moisturizer, then used a blend of MAC amber lights and cork eyeshadow on the lid into the crease.  I applied Scorch eyeliner by Urban Decay on my top lash line and finished the eye look with some mascara.  For blush, I went with MAC Coppertone, my favourite warm toned blush.  I then applied the Coral Garden lipstick by Rimmel!

I really like this look for a spring/summer look - I think that with a more bronzed complexion, this lipstick will be the perfect warm weather shade.  

Monday, November 23, 2015

MAC Photo Lipstick

Every season needs their own 'deep' lipstick colour.  For the longest time, Burgundy and Oxblood have been getting all the credit.  However, the more I study the warm seasons, the more I'm loving a deep, golden hazelnut shade.  It's Warm Autumn's answer to a deep red lip.  My personal favourite is: Photo lipstick by MAC.  Photo matches my personalized Warm Autumn Palette:

I wanted to create a Warm Autumn look that is 'deeper' without it being 'deep autumn'.  I used a mix of soba and patina shadows in the lid into the crease, then used a medium brown shadow as a liner with an angular brush on the upper lash line.  I used NARS Madly blush in this photo, but wished I had used MAC Copperplate.  Madly is slightly too light and doesn't balance out the look as well as I'd hoped.  However, the feature of this look is definitely Photo lipstick.  It's a stunning deep toned lipstick which I look forward to wearing a lot more now that Winter is soon approaching :)  My next venture is to find the perfect Warm Autumn Red that leans 'red' - I already have a few matches going so stay tuned:

Monday, November 16, 2015

Chanel Antoinette Lipstick

Every time I find a lipstick I 'LOVE', I', always afraid that they are going to discontinue the shade.  I try to go out and find a 'back up plan' lipstick.  I recently wrote about finding my signature, all time favourite lippie 'Leslie' by NARS.  This past weekend, I walked by the Chanel counter and was pulled towards a particular shade.  I recognized it for some reason and the realized that it was very similar to 'Leslie'.  I swapped them side by side - Leslie is slightly more 'red' and a brighter shade of mahogany.  Antoinette, the Chanel shade, is still in the mahogany family but leaning towards the 'cognac'/orange-spice shade.  I thought, how perfect!  Now I have two lipsticks, in the same colour family - one I can wear 'everyday' and one is perfect for those polished, elegant evenings out!  I like Antoinette lipstick for day, since its slightly more brown-orange and goes well with all my Warm Autumn neutrals vs the NARS Leslie, which is more 'classic' and will look amazing with the brighter/more intense Warm Autumn shades like: tomato, all the WA greens, teal and hazelnut brown shades.  Antoinette by Chanel, has that cognac feel to it - its rich and elegant, compliments my hair colour 'perfectly' - exactly what I'm looking for in a day lipstick!!!

For this look, I'm wearing very minimal makeup, just some Scorch eyeliner by Urban Decay and Coppertone blush by MAC.  You can really see in this photo how the Antoinette shade pulls out both the mahogany and orange-spice shades vs Leslie by NARS:

Leslie is more of an intense mahogany, matte and has more of that classic/polished look which is great for 'day into night' or an evening event.  Either way, I'm SO happy to have discovered these two shades.  They are my go-to's - I've always wanted to have that feeling that I'm content and happy with a certain shade that really represents the BEST of me!!!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Custom Made Confidence

Here's the deal as I've come to understand it:  We are bombarded by images and marketing that encourage us to buy a certain look, be a certain way and wear a certain colour.  However, when you look at all the style 'icons', they have one thing in common - they created a custom, original look that suited them and their personality.  They have an intuitive knowing of what looks good on them.  They step out of the line of trends and create a 'custom made look'.  I find it disheartening that so many of us admire these 'style icons', but dismiss creating a unique iconic style for themselves.  I think that we really need to shift our perspective and use the best of fashion and style to make it our own.

One of the ways that we can really stand out and 'own' our style is by knowing our best colours.  Ever since I was draped as a Warm Autumn in the 16 seasonal colour analysis, I really feel that I'm taking a step closer to being my true 'iconic self'.  Knowing my best colours has made shopping easier and I can buy that 'warm hazelnut' jacket and know that it's a true reflection of ME.  Similarly, with makeup (my true passion), I can wear that warm reddish brown lipstick and know that it symbolizes more than just a 'colour', but a shade that is a reflection of my custom colours.  The 'reddish brown' red lipstick, in a sense, has become my iconic shade.  I'm wearing it all the time and have noticed that that 'desire' to keep buying lipsticks is 'gone'.  I don't have a need to continue trying to define myself because I feel so confident in knowing what suits me.  It's this very confidence that every style icon has.  It's saying to the outside world 'this is me':

I can appreciate and understand how women become more confident as they get older and how their style really becomes manifest as they embrace their authenticity.  As we move closer to knowing our 'self', something in us begins to move away from all things that no longer 'fit us'.  We embrace our 'truth' and that is a very beautiful space to be in!!!

Monday, November 9, 2015

I Have a Favourite Lipstick

Wow - who knew that this day would come?  Since I've started this blog, I've been on a search to find my best colours and my best lipstick shade.  Now, I'm excited to say, I've found BOTH!!!  For those who haven't followed my last few posts, I was recently analyzed under the 16 seasonal colour types as a WARM AUTUMN.  Jelena Heger who lives in Stoney Creek, Ontario did the colour analysis and I was so blessed to have her figure out my best/custom palette.  Now that I've had a chance to really look at my palette and study it a bit, I've realized that the reds with a brownish undertone or 'Mahogany' shades are truly amazing on me!  I've been swatching various lipstick shades and in my last post, I wrote about Leslie Lipstick by NARS and how it matches the natural red tones found within my skin/body.  Since wearing this shade, I've been receiving so many compliments and I have that 'inner-knowing' that this colour is truly that signature shade that I've been looking for.  That doesn't mean that I'm not going to wear other colours or create other looks, it just means that I've found my no-fail, go-to colour.  It's also a colour and look that I 'LOVE' - what can be better than loving your best colour:

For this look, featuring 'Leslie' lipstick by NARS, I kept the rest of my makeup fresh and natural.  I'm wearing Soba eyeshadow on the lid (MAC) and Coppertone blush (also MAC) - I applied a coat or two of mascara and my lipstick - Voila - a perfect classic, elegant look!!! :)

Sunday, November 8, 2015

NARS Leslie Lipstick

I mentioned in my previous post that I am trying to see how my warm autumn palette fits into various systems, including David Zyla's archetypal system in 'Colour Your Style'.  I have determined that my best 'red', or as Zyla would say, my 'Romantic Shade', is a warmed mahogany colour.  It matches the mahogany swatch in my customized warm autumn palette:

I was able to find a few lipsticks that matched this shade, including MAC Brick-O-La and Polished Up, but my favourite match was NARS Leslie Lipstick - it had the perfect depth and chroma.  When I wore this shade out, I got multiple compliments within the first hour and really feel that when it's worn together with other warm autumn shades, it looks really polished and elegant:

I kept the rest of makeup minimal for this look because I really wanted the emphasis to be on this rich mahogany colour.  I used amber lights and soba mixed as eyeshadow (MAC), a touch of mascara and just a pop of MAC Coppertone blush.  :)  I feel that with my new customized warm autumn palette, I am finally at peace - the warm autumn swatches are all so harmonious and this colour journey can only get better and better!!!