Saturday, July 9, 2016

Not Impressed with MAC Cosmetics - A bloggers Vent Post

Today is a very sad day.  It's a day that I've lost a lot of respect for MAC Cosmetics.  For YEARS I have been a loyal MAC customer and have had my Pro Membership card.  I have purchased a lot of money worth of their products and have promoted them throughout this blog.  Recently MAC has changed it's application process and the qualifications that you must now have in order to keep and use the MAC Pro Card.  Apparently, being a makeup artist, promoting their products on this blog and not being 'agency branded' is their reason to 'decline' my membership.

What is happening to the face of MAC and what it used to stand for???  I guess just like every company, money and elite membership takes centre stage.  To be honest, I'm not surprised.  I'm just really hurt and upset!  I know the MAC product line like the back of my hand.  I've recommended MAC products as a makeup artist and being declined because I'm not 'agency branded' is a slap in the face!!!

Personally, I've always believed that everything happens for a reason.  Perhaps, it's time to move away from MAC products, as I can no longer support them knowing that I've spent so much time, energy, money promoting their products with nothing in return.  MAC has declined me and now it's time for me to decline MAC!!!

There are so many wonderful other makeup companies and products that are available on the market. Products that stand for something other than corporate gain.  :(

Boooo MAC - you've really disappointed me!!!


Anonymous said...

I am glad i found your blog. I share the same feelings and the same has happened to me. My guess is that MAC is trying to figure out a way to support their declining sales. Lets face it, their is way more competition in the makeup game. They see they are sliding down fast and getting rid of pro-members discount is there tactical way so of saving money..WRONG! Its not going to work. Don't they know this will decrease their sales more than anything. I am a freelance makeup artist and I have pro discounts with other companies but MAC would always be first..Not Anymore!

Renata said...

Wow - I really appreciate your response and support! I agree with everything you just mentioned. It's sad that MAC cosmetics doesn't realize just how many clients and money they have just lost. I'm glad that others are expressing their views! Thanks again!