Sunday, June 16, 2013

Deep Winter Collage

I've been working on this deep winter collage - I used the picture from my 'Tribute to Dubonnet' post, as well as a photo from my childhood and a close up photo of my eye - I'm finding that the deep winter is actually quite harmonious with my natural colouring and I'm going to enjoy delving into the palette!  I know that a lot of people are used to seeing me in the true and soft autumn palettes - but I just can't away from the richness and strength of deep winter that I feel that I need - true red, burgundy, sapphire/royal blue, navy, black and white, charcoal grey - these shades have become my new neutrals and I embrace them fully - here is my newest collage in tribute to the Deep Winter palette:

Tribute to Dubonnet

Its been a while since I've posted any new makeup looks - I was itching to get back into playing with the palette that I love the most right now - Deep Winter and Deep Winter Soft.  Lately, I've fallen in love with MAC's Dubonnet lipstick - its such a gorgeous colour - I decided to deepen it and add a little deep rose richness by using Beet lipliner underneath - this is the finished look - Loving this:

For this look I started with a subtle smokey eye - I mixed shades of brown and taupe - starting with arena as a base, Espresso mixed with Coquette from lid to crease, Smolder eyeliner smudged with embark on the upper lid (All MAC) - I then used black mascara by Makeup for Ever.  I applied Raizin blush by MAC - its currently my all time favourite blush - I wear it every day and I have a hard time returing to any other colour - its become my 'holy grail' of blushes.  FInally, I finished off the look by applying Beet lipliner and Dubonnet lipstick!!!