Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tribute to Cobalt Blue

For someone like me who loves colour, its easy to say "I love this colour - this is my favourite blue, or green or red etc etc etc", but I do have to admit, that when it comes to blues, Cobalt blue truely is a favourite!  What I absolutely love about it, is that its not quite navy and its not quite royal blue - its somewhere right smack dab in the middle.  To me, its such an elegant blue - its a blue that is rich in colour, yet also slightly muted - I simply love this colour and I'm so happy that its showing up in all the stores lately - it seems to be the perfect transition colour from winter to spring!  Here is a little visual dedication/tribute to cobalt blue (I have also heard this colour described as 'Ink blue' if thats helpful at all):

I hope that you enjoyed this little visual tour of everything that cobalt blue has to offer - I particularily love cobalt in the form of a wrap dress or cardigan to layer over a blouse - cobalt is truely one of my favourite blue shades!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Deep/Toned WInter Collages

I wanted to post some collages that I have put together of both the deep winter and toned winter palettes - I'm going to try some soft summer palettes as well, but for now I'm still playing around with Toned Winter and feel the most at home here:

Navy meets up with Deep Berry

I think I am starting to develop a slight obsession with a deeper toned lip - I'm loving that rich burgundy, wine, mahogany and deep berry lipstick look - there is something mysterious, sophisticated, elegant, yet uber-creative and dramatic about it.  This look can be both rocker-chic and elegant city chic - its all in how you carry yourself, what you choose to wear and accessorize with this makeup look.  I decided to create a nice harmony by pairing the deep berry lipstick shade with a burgundy blush shade and navy/muted greys on the eyes - check it out:

Here is the makeup I used for this look - I started with my basic 'face' (mineral fusion foundation in olive, mineral fusion concealer in warm and translucent powder).  I then mixed MAC's Fever and Raizin blushes for the cheeks.  On the eyes, I started with brule as a base, used Smut on the lid into the crease and then applied Blooz eyeliner - I smudged the upper lashline with Nehru shadow and used Smolder eyeliner on the lower-lashline before finishing with mascara (all the eyemakeup products are MAC) - For the lips, I used MAC's Mahogany lipliner with Hang-Up lipstick!  Hang up is one of my all time favourite deep berry/burgundy shades - its slightly more 'berry-purple' than Diva, but looks amazing with Mahogany and Burgundy liners - LOVE this look!!!