Saturday, January 26, 2013

Toned Winter Makeup Look - Deep Muted Magenta Lip

Deep Muted Magenta Look:

For this look I had to do a lot of mixing, esp for the eyes. I started with my basic base of sheer foundation, concealer and translucent powder. I mixed MAC's mineralize love thing blush with Fever blush for the cheeks. For the eyeshadow base, I mixed area and goldmine, then for the lid into crease shade, I mixed copperplate and shadowy lady. I then used goldmine again on the lid and applied to the inner tearducts and along the bottom lashline. I applied smolder eyeliner and smudged shadowy lady into the upper lashline before finishing wth mascara (all MAC). For a deep muted magenta lip, I applied MAC's Magenta lipliner and then blended in Media lipstick!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Toned Winter - Deep Winter Soft - Experiment

I decided to experiement with one of the new 16 seasons - Deep Winter Soft also known as the Toned Winter - The blocks of colour on the right hand side of this collage are colours taken from my actual eye colour!  I just ordered the Toned Winter colour swatch fan from Lora Alexander's blog 'Pretty Your World' - I look forward to using this swatch to play around with a lot of new looks - I'm so excited!!!  Stay tuned for more Deep Winter 'Soft' experiements:

A 'Softer' Deep Winter Look

I know I've been doing a lot of uber dramatic deep winter looks, so I decided to do a look that is still consistent with deep winter shades, but on the 'softer' side of the spectrum.  I wanted to do a softer burgundy-brownish/pink lip with a smudged out black liner.  I decided to use copperplate by MAC on my lid into the crease and then used smolder eyeliner and smudged it out with carbon eyeshadow (also MAC) before finishing with black mascara.  I mixed my two favourite blushes (Raizin and Fever by MAC) and then used MAC's Burgundy lipliner with NARS Pigalle lipstick on the lips - I think this look is very 'everyday workplace' friendly - its still comes across as 'Strong and Confident', but in a softer, more assured way - I think this may just become a classic everyday look for me - I can also see myself using Mahogany lipliner instead of burgundy with Pigalle and Raizin blush - I think this may be my next look - can't wait to try it!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Red Lip

One of my favourite things about the Deep Winter season is the majestic, rich, jewel inspired tones.  I particularily love the combination of red and black - to me, there is nothing more sophisticated than red and black paired together and I'm so uber excited to be able to wear these shades - I created a makeup look that you can find in my previous post titled 'Ruby Woo - 2 Ways' (Here is the link:

I decided to create a visual/colour collage using the same makeup look (Ruby Woo on its own) - I also included a little photo comparison of my makeup look with a photo of a younger Joan Collins, who oozes DW charm - I think that she may just become my new DW makeup muse!

Ruby Woo - 2 Ways

I decided to experiment a little with the Deep Winter Reds.  I decided to wear Ruby Woo on its own, since a true red lip IS the most glamorous look on the Planet!!!  I then decided to pair Ruby Woo with MAC's deep red liner called 'Nightmoth' - this liner verges on a dark blackish-purple red, the ideal shade for a 'deep' winter season - In both looks I'm wearing the same makeup, except for the change in lipliner.

To achieve this look I started with a basic makeup look:
Mineral Fusion Foundation in Olive, NC 30 concealer by MAC and translusent powder.  I then mixed MAC's Fever and Raizin blushes (it created a stunning shade and I think I'm going to use this mix as my signature blush look - I absolutely LOVE it).  For my eyes, I used the cover girl eyeshadow quad in urban basics - I mixed the two lightest shades as a base and then used the cool-taupey shade on the lid.  I then used MAC's copperplate and smut eyeshadows mixed and applied to the crease and into the outter corners.  I finished with Smolder eyeliner, smudged with Marcelle's Cabaret eyeshadow (a dark steel grey colour) and black mascara.

Check out the looks:

RUBY WOO (on its own)

RUBY WOO (With MAC's Nighmoth lipliner):                                                           

Winter Comparison

I decided to do a little visual photo comparison of me in the three winter palettes - Bright Winter vs True Winter vs Deep Winter - I think this illustrates really well the difference between the three winters and how the more 'neutral - Deep' season seems to fit me the best of the three:

Deep Winter Collage

Here is a collage I created where I'm definitely wearing 'Deep' Winter makeup shades - I really like the colour harmony found in this collage - One thing that I noticed about my eyes in this collage is just what a deep hazel shade they really are - I always had a hard time defining my eye-colour - There is definitely an element to them that is 'neutral' - a lot grey-geen with some amber.  I think that they are too rich a deep to be considered 'clear' and although I thought that perhaps they could be 'soft', again there is a quality about them that is slightly too 'strong' to be part of the soft palette!  I love making new discoveries and I love the journey of finding my perfect season.  Many people ask me (and even get irritated) about me having a sci/art draping - although I know it would be fun and a very valuable experience, there is something about exploring the seasons myself that I love - I love the journey, the process, the self-discovery, connecting to my colour friends on facebook, experiementing etc etc - I have to say that so far, Deep Winter seems like a very strong possibility for me and I'm excited about this new chapter in the colour 'self-discovery' journey!

I believe that in this photo I'm wearing Brule, Espresso (lid to crease), Coffee eyeliner smudged with embark on my eyes, Fever blush and Burgundy + Media lipstick (all MAC)