Sunday, May 29, 2016

The 5 Product, 5 Minute Makeup Look

As someone who loves makeup and enjoys applying it, there are some days when you are in such a rush, that you literally only have 5 minutes to put a look together.  So what's a lady to do?  It's actually not as difficult or rushed as you may think. The trick is 1) to be prepared for such days 2) to know which products suit you.  Here is what you 'really' need to know:

a) All you need is 1 eyeshadow that will bring out your eyes.  It's usually a colour that will compliment the natural tones that are already in your eyes.  You can even focus on the flecks/lightest shade within your eyes and pick a shadow to bring these shades out.  If you're having trouble, a sheer shadow is best - something champagne, gold if you're warm toned or a nice sheer silver-taupe if you're cool toned.

b) One blush that mimics the natural shade of your cheeks when you literally do 'blush'.  You can pinch your cheeks or your finger and the colour best for you will appear.  The stylist David Zyla refers to this as your best 'romantic' shade in his book 'Color Your Style'.

c) A lipstick that is your 'my lips but better shade'.  It's probably in the same colour family as your blush and it gives you just enough colour without looking overdone.  The key to look polished and effortless (think Parisian Chic).

d) A highlight shade that suits your skin tone and something that you can apply to your inner tear ducts or above your brown bone

e) A really great mascara

Once you have all of these products picked out, all you need to do is have them on hand.  Once you get used to applying these 5 products, it will take you 5 minutes or less to look chic and elegant:

This is my 5 minute look:

MAC Club eyeshadow (applied lightly with a fluffy brush), L'oreal brown-black mascara, Bobbi Brown Tawny blush and Estee Lauder Tiramisu lipstick :)

I know that no matter where I am going, this look will be polished and perfect.  These are my 'no fail' favourite shades and I know they compliment my skin tone perfectly.   These shades are also all colours in the Soft Autumn palette :)

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Revlon Rosedew Lipstick

Rosedew is such a pretty warm pink lipstick.  I really like this shade on its own or with a neutral/nude lipliner.  This shade matches my natural lip-tone perfectly.  I think that sometimes when we think of a perfect nude shade, we shouldn't always be going in the direction of beige or brown.  A pretty warm pink (if it compliments your natural skin tone) can be the perfect everyday nude/natural lis-shade.

 I decided to pair Revlon's Rosedew lipstick with MAC boldly bare lipliner.  I think this is a very pretty look for everyday-natural makeup.   I'm also wearing MAC club eyeshadow on the lid into the crease, Grey Utility eyeliner smudged with Soot shadow and a brown-black mascara.  I mixed two blush shades - MAC Melba and MAC trace gold.  I really love this look - it's natural, pretty and has just enough warmth to give off that golden glow, while still being soft and pretty :)

Friday, May 27, 2016

Soft Autumn vs Warm Autumn

One last request post - to do a comparison between soft and warm autumn:

Example #1

Soft Autumn:

Warm Autumn:    

Example #2:

Soft Autumn:

Warm Autumn:

Example #3

Soft Autumn (2 pics):

Warm Autumn (3 pics):

This is tougher than I thought it would be.  Once again, any feedback, comments are much appreciated :)

Soft Palette Comparison - Which Do You Prefer?

Thank you for all the feedback on my recent posts.  It was really nice to get message for you expressing your preference for the softer autumn and autumn shades.  I also got a few requests to do a soft autumn and soft summer comparison, so here it goes.  I 'm going to try to give more than just one example so that there is variety in looks/shades:

Example #1:
                                                              Soft Autumn:

                                                                Soft Summer

Example #2                                                                                         

Soft Autumn:

                                                            Soft Summer:

Example #3

                                                          Soft Autumn:

Soft Summer:

I'm very curious to hear your responses/feedback :)


Have you ever had one of those moments where you literally sense a light bulb go off in your mind?  I have to admit that with my posts lately, it may seem like I'm contradicting myself.  I'm totally fine with people thinking "oh boy, here she goes again" when it comes to colour analysis.  One day I'm frustrated with colour analysis and the next I'm talking about Light Spring.  At the same time, I've also been receiving messages from people who have told me that they admire my constant desire to 'get it right' and learn about what works/doesn't.  It may seem like a roller coaster journey to some, but every time I come a self-realization, I learn something new. I wonder sometimes if this is how colour analysts and artists really learn the best - trial and error until you finally start to 'see' the truth.  Ok - so why this tangent?  What's the eureka moment?

I am most likely 'not' a spring colour type.  However, I was 'on to something'.  I began to understand that the truth does lie in your eyes.  In the colour and in the pattern.  The eyes are the windows to the soul, so what are they saying?  Well, I started to really examine all the various shades in my eyes, thanks to this amazing website:  - This is a great website, as it really does allow you to do a DIY experiment.  The key to take the best quality photos of your eye colour, skin tone, natural lip tone (without any lipstick/gloss) and wait to see what palette appears.  I started to notice that my eye colour was revealing shades of blue that are similar to the spring shades, but they were 'softer'.  They just didn't have that clear quality that spring really needs.  Secondly, using this website for my natural skin and lip shade, I was getting rose-coral shades, but once again, they weren't clear, but rather 'soft'.  The more experiments I did, the more I saw a softer version of the light spring appearing.  I began to read more and more about light spring and realized that there is a fine line between light spring soft and soft autumn.  Those who read my blog regularly will know that  I have loved the soft autumn palette and considered it for a very long time.  I've even had sci/art colour analysis tell me that if I was draped in sci/art, I would most likely be a soft autumn, so much so that my photo is included in the soft autumn collage on the 'My Color Tone' Facebook page:
When I look back at my journey, I realize that there is no palette that works better for me than the Soft Autumn palette.  When you compare the soft autumn palette and light spring palette, these really are a lot of similarities.  The key for me was recognizing that I just didn't have the 'clarity' to pull off light spring.  I needed 'softer' versions of the brighter spring shades.  This morning when I did my makeup using the soft autumn colours, I felt 'intuitively', this is 'perfect'!  I'm really hoping that I can finally say 'story over'. Welcome back soft autumn :)

For my 'eureka' makeup look, I started with Melba blush by MAC.  I then used Laura Mercier 
Rose highlight on my eyes, inner tear ducts.  I then used a medium soft brown shade in the crease of my eye.  I applied MAC phone number eyeliner and used NARS Galapagos to smudge into the upper lash line and finished the look with a brown-black mascara from L'oreal.  For the lipstick, I went with NARS Anita lipstick!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Eye Pattern and Colour - Reflection

Lately, I've been obsessed with the idea of determining personality and season based on eye pattern.  I love the 'eye'.  I include it in many of my paintings and I think it is a very strong and healing symbol. I purchased a macro-lens a few months ago and since that time have been having fun taking pics of my personal eye patterns.  This is one of the first pics that I took and it remains my favourite:

The interesting, yet difficult thing about this pic is that its still hard for me to determine a seasonal type based on my eye pattern.  I seem to have a little bit of everything.  One thing I do find interesting is just how much 'grey-blue' and 'sage green' is found in my eye.  I am especially in awe of the grey-blue :)  It's actually really amazing to be able to see your eye colour this close up!  Anyhow - if anyone is more of an expert on eye pattern and season, I'd love to hear more about what you think about my own eye pattern/colour :)

Light Spring Look - Rimmel 102 Lipstick

I wanted to put together a pretty, everyday light spring inspired look.  I wanted it to be warm, fresh, yet also something to wear everyday.  I wanted to focus on bringing out the eyes, wearing warmer blues and also complimenting the spring-smokey look with a warm pink lip:

I realized after taking these pics that black was perhaps not the best choice to wear.  However, our school is having our Eco-Audit today and so I wore our eco-club swag (which is a black sweatshirt with our school logo and 'eco club' sign).  Anyhow, that being said - my makeup look is based on the best that light spring has to offer.  I'm wearing Trish McEvoy peony pink blush (currently my all time favourite warm weather blush).  For the eyes, I started with MAC Goldmine eyeshadow and then used Prussian eyeliner.  I found a camel toned gold-brown shadow that was part of a Dior quad - I used this to smudge it into the upper lash-line.  The lipstick I chose was a recommendation for Light Spring - it's the Rimmel #102 from the Kate Moss Line.

What I really like about this look, is once again how my eyes seem to really like the spring shades.  I'm also really liking the warm pink lipsticks and the Peony Pink blush is becoming a fast favourite.  I know that I don't fit in with the stereotypical spring seasonal type.  And perhaps by others standards, I'm some other type that works in that system.  I'm just having fun exploring this palette for now :)

Monday, May 23, 2016

The No-Lipstick 'Lipstick' Photo

Today I wanted to take a break from too much makeup, so I created a look that is natural.  I had the opportunity to be at my parents place today.  They have huge widows with lots of natural light, so I thought 'perfect' - lets take a few pics to really show the true colour of my skin-tone.  Here is one of the pics that I took:

I would say this photo is very representative of my natural skin tone (sans makeup).  I also noticed that I really like the colour of natural lip-tone here.  It's sort of a pinky-mauve, but with just a hint of coral.  I wanted to post this to get some recommendations from you (my readers).  What kind of lipsticks would YOU suggest to enhance my natural lip-shade?   I'm looking forward to hearing your responses!

Palette Fun

Creating colour palettes is something I've always loved to do.  Learning about colours, which colours work and harmonize together is something I'm completely obsessed with.  I also feel that the more I learn about colour, the more I realize that there is still so much to learn.  Colour truly is complex.  It's tricky, frustrating to determine a personalized palette at times, but in the end - it's fun.  I'm learning that colour really isn't a science in all cases.  There is no one true answer for everyone.  It's more like a journey and the person you become at your destination isn't the most important.  It's about what you learn along the way.  I have a lot to learn and reflect on.  I'm also going to really delve into my colour archetype a lot more.  I feel like I never really gave the Bronze Autumn/Divine Diva a fair enough chance.  I put colour palette before archetype and now I'd like to put the archetype before the colour palette.  This little comparison is just for fun,  It's one of my Bronze Autumn looks compared to my own do it yourself colour palette:

I love the look of these two photos combines.  It really is unique.  It also shows just how similar light spring and soft autumn can be as palettes.  Hmmmm - lots to think and reflect about now :)

What's in a name? What's in a palette???

I've been thinking about labels and names that we apply to colour palettes.  I think that has always been part of the frustration that I feel with colour analysis.  When you attempt to create a 'do it yourself' colour analysis - and really look at all the colours that suit you and are naturally found in your skin tone, many times there is type of 'hybrid' going on between many seasons and palettes.  I have to admit that since I've recognized that there is 'a lot' of colours in the light spring palette that work for me, I can't deny that there is also some type of hybrid going on between the soft autumn/summer palettes too.  At this point, this is where I feel people get the MOST frustrated.  I also feel that this is what happens during many colour consultations - people may notice a pattern about you and then are forced (because of the system that they follow) to put you into a palette.  What about women like myself who really do feel they are a hybrid of various systems/colour palettes.  I've been spending a lot of time using the following website (a colour palette generator) to generate some colours that are naturally found in my skin/eyes: - I also used David Zyla's book 'Color Your Style' to create a palette that suits me.  I keep jumping back and forth between trying to put myself into a palette or archetype and each time the SAME thing happens: frustration, self-doubt, irritation.  I feel like the closer I'm getting to my true palette, the further I'm moving away from colour analysis.  That being said, colour analysis has beautiful palettes and systems that I can't seem to stay away from.  This puts me in a somewhat awkward position - it's like saying that I love a system that I don't agree with.  I also have a lot of respect for the people who are colour consultants - it's fascinating. so much so, that I can't seem to part with it :)

Here are a few pics from the website colour palette generator and one photo I took of myself a few months go with makeup that I really like.  Again, this somewhat of a hybrid between light spring, soft autumn and a touch of summer:

Some of the main colours that I now see represent my (and using Zyla's system) is a warm seashell pink as an essence colour, peach-pinks, coral-pinks, soft blues, golden browns/spice, aqua.  In a certain respect, I find it so much more liberating creating my own system of colour analysis to use.  Who knows, perhaps I may even consider starting my own consulting business/system?  I am learning so much about colour through this process!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Trish McEvoy - Warm Pastel Look

I have officially discovered the beauty of Trish McEvoy makeup (thanks to the news Saks Fifth Avenue at Sherway Gardens Mall).  I had the pleasure of talking with Saks' beauty consultant today.  He showed me two products in particular that I am now officially in love with.  The first product that he introduced to me was the Sheer Lip Color in the shade 'Milan'.  It's a beautiful warm light coral pink.  To really enhance this shade, the Saks beauty consultant also recommended the 'Peony Pink' blush (a light pastel warm pink shade).  The combination of these two shades was so pretty and perfect for spring:

I decided to pair this makeup look with a pastel warm blue-green scarf and 'spring sea green' top.  For some reason my camera decided to pull the bright blue out (but the top is in fact a bright blue-green).

For my eye-makeup, I wore a sheer swipe of NARS Orgasm blush on the lid into the crease and then used Urban Decay eyeliner in Mushroom.  I finished the look with L'oreal mascara in a brown-black shade.  I find that the brown-black has a certain elegance vs the black which is better for a more dramatic, evening look.

I really like the warm pastel coral-pinks.  I think they will be a staple for me this spring/summer :)

Friday, May 20, 2016

Revlon Candy Apple Lip Butter

I've been experimenting with some clear reds lately, as it's such a perfect look for spring colour types.     I also wanted a look that isn't 'too bright' for everyday.  I wanted a 'classic', wear and go red.  When I learned that Revlon's Candy Apple is a spring toned red and that it's a 'lip butter' texture, I thought perfect!  Tonight I'm going to a local theatre to see some awesome Ukrainian dancing, so I decided to put together a look of a warm cream top and a red blazer.  I went with some pearl accessories and thought that the Candy Apple would be perfect - it most definitely is pure spring chic!

For this look, I used NARS Orgasm blush, Urban Decay Mushroom liner and black mascara.  I decided to forgo the lip-liner and simply apply the Candy Apple lip butter by Revlon :)

I am very happy with my self-discovery of the light spring colour palette.  It feels so weird to even say it because I feel so far removed from the stereotypical light season, but there is something so accurate about this palette for me even though I'm a dark brunette :)  Perhaps I'm just one of those rare colour types!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Do It Yourself - Light Spring

I don't know if I'm just inspired by the light spring palette because 'spring is in the air', or if there really is something to be said about 'intuition' when it comes to colour.  A few weeks back I got very frustrated with the 'business of colour analysis'.  I always enjoyed the experience of getting draped, but my own conclusions always ended up different than the results of my analysis.  Anyhow, long story short, I 'gave up', surrendered, saw that colour is subjective and that you already intuitively know what palette works for you.  I decided to TRUST my own advice and something really 'profound' started to happen.  I began to 'listen' to how I feel around certain colours, really look at the colours that were presenting themselves in my skin.  I even asked myself - what are your favourite colours?  I kept getting light peach, camel, tan, light aqua.  I was taken aback because all these colours that I intuitively loved I never considered before as a palette because I never thought of myself as a 'light' season.  I mean, how can I be???  I have dark hair!  Right?

Well, since listening to my own advice, this has happened - a new look that I absolutely LOVE:

These photos are taken in as natural light as possible - I've 'never' seen my eyes pop like this, not even in my autumn drapings.  I would never have 'seriously' considered Light Spring as an option for myself, but this just feels SO right.  The best part about this - I did it myself.  I listened to my own inner voice, I didn't ask anyone any advice, my opinion wasn't 'swayed' by someone else's opinion.  I think that any woman can do this herself - it just takes patience, self-trust and a desire to wear your best colours.  Wow - Welcome Light Spring!!!

For this look I'm not wearing 'any' foundation/concealer.  I used a mix of NARS Torrid and MAC Warm Soul blush on my cheeks, a touch of Laura Mercier 'rose' highlight.  For the eyes, I used MAC expressive pink shadow, Urban Decay Mushroom eyeliner and black mascara.  For the lips, my classic NARS Barbarella lipstick :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Revlon Softsilver Rose

I am embracing the beautiful sunshine that is beaming from the sky today.  I was thinking about what colours and look to create today and realized that I wanted to wear the spring greens.  I pulled out my true green cardigan and lime green scarf.  What better way to play up the beautiful warm weather greens than a warm pink lip and coral peach blush :)

The first thing I realized when I embraced this look, was 'wowzers' look how the greens bring out the blue-green tones in my eyes.  I'll have to start wearing these greens more often.  For this makeup look, I decided to try a new lipstick shade that I picked up on sale a few days ago - it's Revlon Softsilver Rose.  It's such a unique colour because it's not quite pink, peach or coral, but rather an interesting combination of all three (if that even makes any sense).  It also morphs on my lips depending on the different lighting.  It appears lighter peach-pink in some lights and then a brighter rose-coral in others.  I decided to wear Chanel Angelique blush and a coat of black mascara to finish off the look.  I still have a tearing issue with my allergies, so I'm going very minimal with my eye makeup these days.  Anyhow - this is my spring-greens look :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Natural Spring Look

Ahhh Spring - the lovely season of fresh flowers, warmer weather and 'allergies'!!!  I don't know about anyone else, but this season has been brutal for me.   So brutal in fact, that I've been tearing almost constantly and my regular makeup routine has gone out the window.  I haven't been able to wear concealer, foundations, heavy liners because I'm constantly putting drops in my eyes or wiping away tears.  In a way, it's been a little bit freeing, sort of a makeup break.  My look lately has been about a neutral blush, a touch of shimmer, black mascara and a natural lipstick, which is exactly what I created here:

For this look, I by-passed by regular makeup routine.  Instead, I'm wearing just a touch of Laura Mercier shimmer powder in rose, bobbi brown blush in sand pink, black mascara.  For the lips, I applied Lancome Bronzelle lipliner and then applied L'oreal Ballerina Pink lipstick.

One thing that I've noticed is just how interesting my natural skin tone is without applying any concealer, foundation.  It's definitely a neutral shade with a blend of yellow and a touch of pink.  My eyes, most definitely leaning grey,  It's interesting how wearing a lot of makeup makes you biased towards wearing a certain makeup palette.  However, when you're able to be more natural and get to know yourself in a more 'natural light', you discover a whole new concept of beauty and makeup :)

Monday, May 9, 2016

The 'Dark Brunette' Returns

Although I enjoyed playing around with the copper-browns, reds and highlights, I was happy and ready to say 'good-bye' to those hair colour experiments.  I decided that I wanted to return to what feels natural and right - a dark brown shade.  I wanted a colour that matched my eye-brows and brought out my natural skin tone.  After I got my colour done, my hair stylist was amazed and how much my skin-tone literally transformed.  With the colour I had before, I looked very 'yellow'.  The dark brunette, brings out the neutral-rose glow that my skin naturally has. Even my makeup looked much better with the dark brunette vs the brassy copper-brown/highlights.  I look forward to embracing this shade long-term :)

It's always amazing to my how much hair colour can transform your look.  The wrong hair colour can weight you down and you literally 'feel' drained.  With this shade, I automatically felt uplifted, like a weight had been listed off my shoulders.  I felt immediately 'myself'.

My makeup in this pic: Chanel Angelique blush, Adrienne lipstick, a plum liner from rimmel and black mascara.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Neutral Makeup - Chanel Inspired

Today I had an amazing shopping experience.  I decided to check out the new Saks Fifth Avenue store at Sherway Gardens in Toronto.  I was of course in awe of the makeup counters and had to check out the Chanel counter.  I ended up having the best conversation with the makeup artists there and learned so many interesting things about myself.  At first, my intention was to have a 'casual look around' the store.  I ended up with a whole new makeup wardrobe :)

One of my a-ha moments today came when I realized that I actually don't need a ton of products, but rather the right ones.  It was so clear to me today that the colours that really accented my facial features the best 'neutrals' that lean warm.  The Chanel artist noticed that something very 'pretty' happened to my face and eye colour when she applied the soft coral/peach shades.  In the past, my mind would have gone straight to the question "What season would this palette be?".  However, instead, I realized that my skin tone truly is 'unique' - the makeup artist pointed out that I'm not olive toned (as I originally thought), but rather a yellow-neutral skin tone which has a touch of pink.  She explained that the neutral-warm shades are the best.  A cooler complimentary lipstick for evening would be very chic.  The look that she created on me today was very simple, yet everything I always wanted in a look - natural, fresh, day classic:

For this look, I'm wearing two products that aren't from Chanel.  The first is a Dior eyeliner in a brown/black shade.  The second is a Laura Mercier highlight shade that the Chanel makeup artist recommended.  I always appreciate when a makeup artist is honest like that and recommends a product that works for a client, even if its from another line.  The shade she recommended is the Baked blush illumine in 'Rose'.  She applied this shade on the bridge of the nose and above my cheekbones.  She then applied Chanel's Angelique blush and Natural lipliner.  The lipstick she adored on me the most was a shade called 'Adrienne'.  I'm not wearing it in the photo, but I will most definitely do another post with that shade.  In this photo, I simply applied the Natural liner.  

I've decided to really embrace this more natural me.  My hair has turned a little bit brassy with my last colour combined with the fact that I've been coaching a girls varsity softball team and the sun has created an orangey tinge that I'm not liking right now.   However, the good news is that I'm getting done this next week and it's back to my natural dark brown :)  I really feel that my look is starting to really fall into place in a very natural, yet chic way.  I'm embracing this new me without getting caught up with having to fit into a certain season.  It's a new feeling of freedom :)