Thursday, May 19, 2016

Do It Yourself - Light Spring

I don't know if I'm just inspired by the light spring palette because 'spring is in the air', or if there really is something to be said about 'intuition' when it comes to colour.  A few weeks back I got very frustrated with the 'business of colour analysis'.  I always enjoyed the experience of getting draped, but my own conclusions always ended up different than the results of my analysis.  Anyhow, long story short, I 'gave up', surrendered, saw that colour is subjective and that you already intuitively know what palette works for you.  I decided to TRUST my own advice and something really 'profound' started to happen.  I began to 'listen' to how I feel around certain colours, really look at the colours that were presenting themselves in my skin.  I even asked myself - what are your favourite colours?  I kept getting light peach, camel, tan, light aqua.  I was taken aback because all these colours that I intuitively loved I never considered before as a palette because I never thought of myself as a 'light' season.  I mean, how can I be???  I have dark hair!  Right?

Well, since listening to my own advice, this has happened - a new look that I absolutely LOVE:

These photos are taken in as natural light as possible - I've 'never' seen my eyes pop like this, not even in my autumn drapings.  I would never have 'seriously' considered Light Spring as an option for myself, but this just feels SO right.  The best part about this - I did it myself.  I listened to my own inner voice, I didn't ask anyone any advice, my opinion wasn't 'swayed' by someone else's opinion.  I think that any woman can do this herself - it just takes patience, self-trust and a desire to wear your best colours.  Wow - Welcome Light Spring!!!

For this look I'm not wearing 'any' foundation/concealer.  I used a mix of NARS Torrid and MAC Warm Soul blush on my cheeks, a touch of Laura Mercier 'rose' highlight.  For the eyes, I used MAC expressive pink shadow, Urban Decay Mushroom eyeliner and black mascara.  For the lips, my classic NARS Barbarella lipstick :)

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