Sunday, May 29, 2016

The 5 Product, 5 Minute Makeup Look

As someone who loves makeup and enjoys applying it, there are some days when you are in such a rush, that you literally only have 5 minutes to put a look together.  So what's a lady to do?  It's actually not as difficult or rushed as you may think. The trick is 1) to be prepared for such days 2) to know which products suit you.  Here is what you 'really' need to know:

a) All you need is 1 eyeshadow that will bring out your eyes.  It's usually a colour that will compliment the natural tones that are already in your eyes.  You can even focus on the flecks/lightest shade within your eyes and pick a shadow to bring these shades out.  If you're having trouble, a sheer shadow is best - something champagne, gold if you're warm toned or a nice sheer silver-taupe if you're cool toned.

b) One blush that mimics the natural shade of your cheeks when you literally do 'blush'.  You can pinch your cheeks or your finger and the colour best for you will appear.  The stylist David Zyla refers to this as your best 'romantic' shade in his book 'Color Your Style'.

c) A lipstick that is your 'my lips but better shade'.  It's probably in the same colour family as your blush and it gives you just enough colour without looking overdone.  The key to look polished and effortless (think Parisian Chic).

d) A highlight shade that suits your skin tone and something that you can apply to your inner tear ducts or above your brown bone

e) A really great mascara

Once you have all of these products picked out, all you need to do is have them on hand.  Once you get used to applying these 5 products, it will take you 5 minutes or less to look chic and elegant:

This is my 5 minute look:

MAC Club eyeshadow (applied lightly with a fluffy brush), L'oreal brown-black mascara, Bobbi Brown Tawny blush and Estee Lauder Tiramisu lipstick :)

I know that no matter where I am going, this look will be polished and perfect.  These are my 'no fail' favourite shades and I know they compliment my skin tone perfectly.   These shades are also all colours in the Soft Autumn palette :)

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