Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Revlon Softsilver Rose

I am embracing the beautiful sunshine that is beaming from the sky today.  I was thinking about what colours and look to create today and realized that I wanted to wear the spring greens.  I pulled out my true green cardigan and lime green scarf.  What better way to play up the beautiful warm weather greens than a warm pink lip and coral peach blush :)

The first thing I realized when I embraced this look, was 'wowzers' look how the greens bring out the blue-green tones in my eyes.  I'll have to start wearing these greens more often.  For this makeup look, I decided to try a new lipstick shade that I picked up on sale a few days ago - it's Revlon Softsilver Rose.  It's such a unique colour because it's not quite pink, peach or coral, but rather an interesting combination of all three (if that even makes any sense).  It also morphs on my lips depending on the different lighting.  It appears lighter peach-pink in some lights and then a brighter rose-coral in others.  I decided to wear Chanel Angelique blush and a coat of black mascara to finish off the look.  I still have a tearing issue with my allergies, so I'm going very minimal with my eye makeup these days.  Anyhow - this is my spring-greens look :)

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