Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Bronze Autumn Returns

My colour and style journey is very much parallel with that is going on in my spiritual/life journey.  In many respects, I love the idea of being the 'eternal student', always learning, always experimenting.  However, there is a saying that 'when the student is ready, the teacher will come.'  David Zyla is perhaps one of most influential stylists of his time.  His knowledge base on colour theory, palettes and archetypes is really extraordinary.  If you haven't read his book 'Color Your Style', it truly is a 'must read'.  I was very honored to get a personal response from David once when I was trying to discover my season.  He commented to one of my posts a while back:

"Hi. You are indeed a Bronze Autumn, Renata! Thanks again for all of your support of The Color of Style! Best, David". - David Zyla

I really value colour analysis and authors that help us discover our best selves.  I have put it on my bucket list to have an official color consultation with David one day.  I feel like I could learn so much from him!  In the meantime, I am very excited to be embracing the Bronze Autumn colour palette.  I wanted to create a classic 'diva' look that I feel embraces the Bronze Autumn colour palette.

I wanted to create a look that really represented the 'bronzed' look.  I used a concealer from Pacifica that is medium-warm toned.  I then applied a golden based CC cream from Arbonne.  On my eyes, I used MAC Woodwinked eyeshadow, Coffee eyeliner and smudged the upper lashline with Smut eyeshadow, creating a subtle smokey look. The blush shade was a key choice, as it needed to have that golden/bronze glow.  I decided to go with Sunbasque by MAC.  For the lips, I also used a MAC shade - 'Taupe'.  Taupe lipstick is such a beautiful shade for bronze autumns, as it really does say 'divine diva' but in a subtle and chic way.  It's a reddish-brown toned lipstick that really plays up the rest of the bronze autumn palette.  In fact, I'm almost positive that it would be one of my romantic shades.  I am wearing a warm teal sweater in this photo as well, it's part of my palette as well.  If you haven't read David Zyla's 'Color Your Style', reading his suggestions for finding your best colours will be very helpful in your own personal journey.  I feel very blessed to feel so good in my own skin and a lot of that is Thanks to the 'Color Your Style' book and to David taking the time to respond to one of my posts.  Thanks David - I really admire that the world has such an awesome 'color warrior'!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Honey, Amber and Gold - Oh My!!!!

Currently, I am obsessed with various colour combinations of honey, amber and gold.  I have been creating various looks based on the new golden, amber shades in my hair, as well as my fall-themed accessories and clothes.  I've been wearing mostly browns, golden browns and peach shades, which look stunning with honey toned makeup.  Today I decided to go for a very neutral look with a light peachy-nude lip:

I started with a sheer gold shadow from my pacifica eyeshadow palette and then used their brown eyeliner on the upper lashline.  I applied two coats of arbonne black mascara (my fave).  I added more golden-goodness with MAC trace gold blush and finished with ZuZu lipstick in Ultra Suede!  I think this is a very nautral, chic look for everyday or for a casual weekend.  If you want to deepen the lipstick slightly, a deeper lip-liner would be ideal.  However, I'm liking the option of a peachy-beige lip for a change, even if it is on the lighter side!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Warm Blush Pink

I absolutely adore the colour 'blush pink'.  To me, it's almost like a mix of sea-shell pink and rose gold.  I used to think that black was the only elegant neutral.  However, the more I'm studying the softer autumn palette, the more I'm realizing the power of this shade as a neutral.  It's even stunning when worn monochromatic with a few gold, rose-gold and soft white accents.  I decided to create a warm blush pink makeup look and pair it with a rose-blush scarf so that you can see how pretty this look is:

For this look, I started with my favourite base - Pacifica concealer and Arbonne CC cream in 'medium'.  I used Arbonne dusty pink - the perfect 'warm blush pink' shade.  For the eyes, I used the rose-gold eyeshadow shade in the Pacifica palette and then lined my eyes with Pacifica brown eyeliner shade before finishing off the look with Arbonne mascara.  For the lips, I picked MAC 'Kinda Sexy', as its the perfect warm soft blush pink lipstick!!!  I really like this look and I'm looking forward to getting a few more pieces in this beautiful blush shade - perhaps a shirt dress or cardigan sweater in this shade!!! :)

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Summer into Autumn Makeup

Fall is in the air and as the temperature begins to chill and the sweet summer heat is saying 'good-bye', I'm having such a good time creating new looks!!!  The best thing I've done is gone back to highlights, lighten my look, embrace the softness of autumn.  It makes me think that this is exactly the 'time' of soft autumn - the transition of summer into autumn is all about embracing the true essence of this seasonal colour type.  The 'coolness' of summer is actually 'warming' up in terms of colour temperature (which kinda cool when you think about it because it's the opposite in terms of the weather changes) - but all those cool blues, pinks and taupes are starting to embrace an element of warmth as the leaves will shortly begin to change colour and the intense mustard and olive green begin to emerge.  Right now, we're right in the middle - not quite 'cool summer' and not quite 'warm autumn'.  This is the beauty and elegance of Soft Autumn.  I wanted to create a look that represented this transition, so I went with autumn shades with a touch of summer brightness:

I began my look using my new favourite organic and cruelty-free makeup products - I'm currently using Pacifica concealer and Arbonne CC cream in 'medium'.  For the eye makeup, I'm also using a palette by Pacifica (I mix the lightest and rose-gold shadows) and then applied Pacifica eyeliner (the brown shade) and smudged it out with an angled brush.  I then used Arbonne black mascara - which in an incredible mascara.  I love it even more than the Dior!  I used Arbonne Dusty Rose blush (a great soft summer/soft autumn crossover shade) and finished my look with MAC 'Retro' lipstick!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Going Lighter

I finally found a hair stylist who knew exactly what to do without me even saying a word.  She is a colour 'expert' and I've never been happier with a hair colour.  I really love how my hair now has that these great honey/amber tones, perfect for my soft autumn palette!!!

Usually in the fall, people head towards a deeper, richer colour.  However, I'm loving this softer, lighter and warmer look!  I feel that it represts my personality a lot more these days - a clearer, fresher outlook on life - I'm definitely feeling the 'glow' happening!!!  

For my makeup with this photo, I'm wearing the Pacifica eyeshadow palette, Arbonne blush in dusty rose and MAC 'Ramblin Rose' lipstick :)  The one thing that I know for sure now is that the soft autumn is perfect as a palette for my colouring!!!  I'm also liking how my minimal makeup look seems so natural with my skintone and new hair colour :)  I am really very happy and myself - the true me is shining through!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Pacifica Makeup

One makeup line that I recently re-discovered is 'Pacifica' - it's a vegan, natural and organic makeup company.  I've been purchasing their products at whole foods, which is very convenient, as I can grocery and makeup shop at the same time!!!  I recently picked up the following products:

Pacifica Brown toned eyeliner in Fringe, Enlighten eyeshadow palette and lip gloss in beach kiss!  I created a look using these products today, along with Arbonne blush in dusty rose and CC cream in medium:

THis makeup feels so light against the skin that I literally don't feel like I'm wearing anything.  THe colours blend right into the skin, no streaks or heavy lines!  I'm very impressed with the Pacifica line!  I'm also completely in love with the Arbonne CC cream!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Be The Change!!!

I think its time that I introduce you to one of my mentors - Kris Carr.  A few years ago, I got my hands on her book 'Crazy. Sexy Diet'.  At that time, I had heard a lot about vegetarianism, but I didn't think it was 'me' or that I could do it long term.  However, there is 'something' about Kris Carr that kept calling out to me - I loved how her skin glowed, how she took so many make-up free pictures and was always smiling - she has this angelic-hippie vibe.  I remember when I first got the book 'Crazy, Sexy Diet', there was a picture of Kris drinking her 'green juice' and everything about her lifestyle just called to me - simple, plant based, living on a sustainable farm in Woodstock - I'm smiling just thinking about how awesome it is to be aligned with your own energy in that way!

I've had the book 'Crazy Sexy Diet' for many years now and I always return to it.  It's my go-to nutrition and feel good guide.  I've made a few recipes from Kris' book, but I've also created my own.  When your eyes are opened to the truth about sustainable food and living (and mine were after watching 'Cowspiracy', you learn that the meat/dairy industry just can't sustain our human species on this planet - we'll destroy ourselves and the earth in the process.  In order to grow food for the cattle in slaughter houses, forests and natural ecosystems are being destroyed at a level like never before.  Returning to a plant based diet allows for our forests and ecosystems to flourish.  Cowspiracy was a huge wake up call for me and Kris Carr has been a leader is helping people transition to a plant based diet.  Her nutritional charts/meal plans and recipes make plant based living not just 'doable' for everyone, but you will feel amazing!!!  On Kris Carr's website, you can also download a 'Crazy, Sexy' Starter Kit for free - how awesome it that???

As you can see, the things that I value are really beginning to change at a very rapid pace, yet I feel the most at ease as I've ever been because I want to continue to live in a world where my mentors help inspire me to change and become my best self.  Materialist living based on buying the latest colours just doesn't do it for me anymore.  I need to think bigger than myself - I want to think bigger than myself and step into being an advocate for our earth.  I feel that this will perhaps change the nature of my blog - I hope to find and write about more sustainable cosmetic companies based on using plant based products!  Stay tuned for that!!!  However, I want to finish this post by asking each and every one of you:
What do YOU value?  Who are your mentors?  Is your lifestyle in alignment with your values???  Keep Glowing and Being of Service - Our Earth needs it!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Get Your GLOW On.....................................

My secret to the ultimate Healthy “Summer” glow??? It's not just about makeup all the time.  This post may be a little different than what you're used to, but it's important for me to express myself and the things I am learning about.  I recently had a 'huge' a-ha lifestyle moment and transformation.  I've made new choices that have affected the way I feel, the way my skin looks and feels and even has me questioning - why so much makeup?  Why not take a break!  I look at my skin as needing a vacation, just like the rest of my body, mind and spirit do sometimes - it ignites the 'restful glow' look!!!

 I want to personally share my summer skin story with you because this Summer in particular, I have made one of the most important decisions of my life.  I've embraced and adopted a Plant-Based/ Vegan lifestyle!  I've tried and attempted to 'go vegan' before, but it was always for a reason that was based in 'ego' - I wanted to loose weight, be 'cool', be different!  More recently, I have really struggled with the ethical issues surrounding animal agriculture and then after I watched the documentary 'Cowspiracy', my old lifestyle just wasn't an option.  I believe more than ever that the sustainability of our earth and planet is at risk if we continue to rob it of its natural resources to grow more 'grains' to feed the cattle in factory farms.  

I have recently been introduced to a company called 'Aloha' who is working hard to create a healthy living website, magazine and products using the natural resources at to them.  What a great concept - sustainable and healthy living embraced with 'community support' and a common vision.  I was so happy to learn that they include many vegan recipes on their website and I wanted to share one of them with you.  My personal trick to a glowing skin, is to eat a vegan diet that is 'balanced' - whole grains, vegetables and healthy fats at every meal is key and eating a variety of different foods is also a great way to keep your skin 'glowing'.  That glow that we all look for, it comes from the inside out.  What you put into your body shows on your skin and body, so feed it a whole bunch of goodness.  This is currently my favourite Vegan pizza recipe - check it out on the 'Aloha' website or check out more of their   healthy recipes!

I hope that you enjoyed reading this post!  I'm really excited to be supporting new makeup and lifestyle companies that support my vision for a better world :)  I'm excited to share more posts like this in the future as well :)