Saturday, September 12, 2015

Summer into Autumn Makeup

Fall is in the air and as the temperature begins to chill and the sweet summer heat is saying 'good-bye', I'm having such a good time creating new looks!!!  The best thing I've done is gone back to highlights, lighten my look, embrace the softness of autumn.  It makes me think that this is exactly the 'time' of soft autumn - the transition of summer into autumn is all about embracing the true essence of this seasonal colour type.  The 'coolness' of summer is actually 'warming' up in terms of colour temperature (which kinda cool when you think about it because it's the opposite in terms of the weather changes) - but all those cool blues, pinks and taupes are starting to embrace an element of warmth as the leaves will shortly begin to change colour and the intense mustard and olive green begin to emerge.  Right now, we're right in the middle - not quite 'cool summer' and not quite 'warm autumn'.  This is the beauty and elegance of Soft Autumn.  I wanted to create a look that represented this transition, so I went with autumn shades with a touch of summer brightness:

I began my look using my new favourite organic and cruelty-free makeup products - I'm currently using Pacifica concealer and Arbonne CC cream in 'medium'.  For the eye makeup, I'm also using a palette by Pacifica (I mix the lightest and rose-gold shadows) and then applied Pacifica eyeliner (the brown shade) and smudged it out with an angled brush.  I then used Arbonne black mascara - which in an incredible mascara.  I love it even more than the Dior!  I used Arbonne Dusty Rose blush (a great soft summer/soft autumn crossover shade) and finished my look with MAC 'Retro' lipstick!!!


Anonymous said...

IMHO you look fabulous in the softer summer- autumn or autumn to summer colors.... Everything about you is soft, elegant and not tense or deep/ dark. Hope this helps. Best wishes.

Renata said...

Thank you Anonymous!!! I will have to play around with Soft Summer shades some more, although I'm currently wearing the deep autumn palette. I always appreciate feedback and I never rule anything out!