Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Going Lighter

I finally found a hair stylist who knew exactly what to do without me even saying a word.  She is a colour 'expert' and I've never been happier with a hair colour.  I really love how my hair now has that these great honey/amber tones, perfect for my soft autumn palette!!!

Usually in the fall, people head towards a deeper, richer colour.  However, I'm loving this softer, lighter and warmer look!  I feel that it represts my personality a lot more these days - a clearer, fresher outlook on life - I'm definitely feeling the 'glow' happening!!!  

For my makeup with this photo, I'm wearing the Pacifica eyeshadow palette, Arbonne blush in dusty rose and MAC 'Ramblin Rose' lipstick :)  The one thing that I know for sure now is that the soft autumn is perfect as a palette for my colouring!!!  I'm also liking how my minimal makeup look seems so natural with my skintone and new hair colour :)  I am really very happy and myself - the true me is shining through!!!


Amyvdh said...

wow, looks wonderful!

Renata said...

Thanks Amyvdh - I appreciate the compliment!!! :)

Anonymous said...

You appear to be more cool.... Stay with soft summer! You look wonderful with subdued makeup. The warmer colors stand out and don't allow your inner beauty to shine.... And you have SO much inner beauty! Final verdict should be summer- autumn in my opinion in viewing your blog, tho you are pretty no matter, the softer, cool colors look wonderful, natural, elegant and approachable. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Don't rule out winter! Your earlier blog shows you with darker hair and cool colors.... They look nice on you.