Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shades of Plum

Plum is such a great makeup colour - be it for eyes, lips, blush - plum flatters a variety of skintones!  When it comes to makeup, plums can be cool-toned (and compliment cool berry shades,hints of burgundy, wine and jewel purple).  Plums can also work with warmer skintones (especially if it has a golden/bronze undertone and compliments warm burgundy-brown and various shades of gold and eggplant).  Here is my little tribute to 'Plum':

Breath of Plum Blush by MAC is one of my all time favourite blushes.  It is the perfect balance between plum and a beige-pink and works really well with a range of lip colours: berries, pinky-plums, raspberry, soft fuchsia and soft burgundy shades.  If you're looking for a more neutral plum blush shade without going for the 'purple streak across the cheek' look, try 'Breath of Plum' - its subtle and very pretty!!!

Julia Roberts and this model look stunning with plum toned eyemakeup.  Plum shadows look amazing on almost all eye-colours - they bring out blue and green eyes, but they also make brown eyes 'pop' - If you're going for a richer more jewel like plum-purple shade, I recommend keeping your lipcolour more natural.  However, if you want to go with a more neutral brownish-plum look, then wear a more plum, fuchsia or burgundy shade on the lips to compliment the neutral plums on the eyes.

Prunella eyeliner by MAC has always been a staple in my makeup-bag - its not a plum colour per se, but it compliments a lot of plum and plum-brown shadows.  I absolutely love this liner!!!

If you're looking for more of a true plum shade, I recommend that you try 'Perma Plum' eyeliner by MAC!!!

I tried to create a subtle plum-look for this picture - I'm wearing a neural greyish brown shadow called 'Charcoal Brown' by MAC on the lid and into the crease and lined my eyes with 'Prunella'.  I used the same cool brown shade to smudge the top liner (I wanted to create a plum-brown shade).  I'm wearing 'Breath of Plum' on my cheeks and my favourite 'Baroque' lipstick by Chanel (which has plum-brown and red undertones).  For evening, I would totally play up this look by adding a more jewel like plum-purple shade to the crease/outer corners and adding a fuchsia gloss to my lips.  I found an older picture of myself with plum toned makeup and my haircolour even had a 'subtle' plum tone to it - check it out:

I wish I could remember what lipstick that was!  But I wanted you to notice the plum undertones in my hair - I love adding the cooler red burgundy/plum shades to my hair - I think the next time I go to see my hair dresser I'm going to ask her to put the plum tones back into my hair!

Plums and purples can be very sexy for evening - don't be afraid to use purple, icy pink and blue colours to compliment the cooler plum tones.  In this picture I used the eyeshadow 'Swish' - an icy blue pink on my eyes, lips and cheeks.  For my eyes, I used a sheer light pink base, scene (a bluish grey colour) on my lid and into the crease and blended 'swish' into the shadow - this created a very pretty 'violet plum' shade (I'll have to work with that combination again).  I then lined my eyes with 'Blooz' - a royal navy shade and again smudged 'swish' into the upper lash line, creating a very pretty plum shade.  On my cheeks, I used 'Breath of Plum' and added Swish again to the centre of my cheeks.  I mixed Media and Brave on my lips and topped it with (yes, you guessed it) swish - the end result was an icy violet like soft plum/mauve shade!  I love playing around with different colours and mixing shades,  Sometimes if you're after a certain colour and you can't find it at the store, you need to create it yourself!
I hope you enjoyed my little tribute to plum toned makeup.  I just posted a few products that I like to use - but there are a ton of plum toned colours out on the market - I just think its such a pretty colour and you can find some variation of it that will suit your coloring and skintone - Out of curiosity - what are some of your favourite plum toned makeup products?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Euro Chic

We have all heard about a woman possessing the power to be fully feminine and alluring.  We very often attribute this to European women - its all about the 'je ne sais quoi' (or the 'I don't know what')!  I wish there was an answer to the question: What is it?  What makes these women so appealing - is it the clothes, the look, the style, the way they wear their hair - is it a makeup thing? a natural look thing?  What is it????  I guess 'je e said quois' best fits as an explanation - because it truly is: "I don't know what"!!!  Regardless of what makes a woman alluring, here is my tribute to the 'Euro Chic' woman - you know the one, shes the one we all inspire to become - the one we see in magazines and wish we were 'her' or had her look' - the one who oozes with femininity and makes us wonder, how did she think to put that look together? 

This woman is the personification of 'seductive' - I love everything about her look - from the clothes to the purse to the sunglasses to her hair - this is how a woman should dress!  When I look at this woman, I think 'Italian goddess' - she has that Monica Belluci meets a young Sophia Loren appeal about her - this woman inspires me to put on a pair of heels and be my best 'euro chic' self!

This look has a much more casual feel about it, but its very alluring - I think that a nice pair of heels is a woman's best friend - and wearing heels with jeans takes them from 'comfort pants' to 'sexy asset pants'.  I love the jacket this woman is wearing, it reminds me of a jacket I picked up when I was in Milan - you can dress it up for evening or use it for a day look to add some serious allure!

I just adore hats - they  can be such an elegant accessory and completely take a look from 'okay' to 'amazing' - I have talked to so many women who are afraid of wearing hats - they feel that hats just don't work for them and so they give up on finding one that may be perfect for them.  My grandmother owned many hats and she was known for having exquisite, colourful and elegant hats.  She was a true 'Euro Chic' woman in her day:

Here is one picture that I found of her from the 1940's - I think that this picture can be used as proof that allure is timeless, be it 1940's or 2011 - its all about how you carry yourself!

This woman 'has it' - I love her black dress and knee high boots and that purse is amazing!  I think this is a classic example of a woman who can take a timeless wardrobe essential (the black dress) and make it her own (notice how the detail of the sleeve give this dress that avant garde look while still retaining the timeless allure of the LBD) - This woman is stunning and you can tell by her pose that she owns this look - she understands style!!!

The scarf, the neutral palette, the black purse, the big sunglasses - this is what 'euro chic' i all about!!!  I love channeling this type of look - its actually a very simple look, but its in that simplicity that one gains that 'european' allure - When you begin with a neutral coloured wardrobe (greys, white, black, soft white, taupe, pewter etc) you give yourself the opportunity to build on a look - you get the essentials and go from there - this is a big key in acheiving that alluring mystery - you always look put together and people notice and remember 'you'

The next time you go shopping or want to embrace that inner 'euro chic' woman, remember that this style is about being your best self - its about being fashionable, not trendy - its about creating your own allure, not trying to be someone else -  I guess that in the end, simplicity is elegance because you give yourself the possibility to 'shine' versus 'hiding' in your clothes,  Clothes and style should bring you to life, not weigh you down!  So embrace life ladies and love who you are - because you 'have it'!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Timeless Style

I adore wardrobe essentials that are timeless and classic.  There is something to be said about a particular item of clothing that looks just as stylish today as it did 50+ years ago.  Part of the allure of style is that a woman can make it completely her own, using inspiration from the past and making it work for her today, regarless of where she lives or what she does!  I wanted to write a little post about some essentials that I see as timeless:

The belted trench coat with a neutral toned scarf is so timeless and classic!  I think that every woman should have this coat in her closet and wear it with pride, elegance and charm - accessorize it with jackie O sunglasses or a chic pair of gloves - this look will 'never' go out style and will 'always' be tres chic!!!

The simple black pencil skirt with matching black pumps is so feminine and classy - this is another look that has remained an important wardrobe essential to the sophisticated and alluring woman.  The pencil skirt has a way of flattering a womans form and I especially love this look when its worn with a crisp white shirt (Jessica Alba has the right idea when it comes to dressing with timeless elegance)!

Pearl, diamond and silver ball studs are so elegant and simple for both day and evening!  These earings add just enough glitz to enhance an outfit without being overpoweing.  Sometimes when the look is simple and classic, the accessories need to match and balance that - this is why stud earings made it on my list for timeless style!

When it comes to sleepwear mixed with comfort, nothing beats a pair of silk or flannel pajamas - I think the slightly oversized silk pajamas are timeless because they envoke a sort of tom boyish sexiness that both men and women find alluring - I think men love the idea of a woman wearing only her pajama top - it can be just as sexy as lace lingerie!

Pearls will forever be timeless - you can wear them with the little black dress for evening or play up a crisp white shirt.  Pearls create a vibe of elegance that oozes class and sophistication.  I love to wear a simple and short pearl necklace with pearl drop or stud earings and a pencil skirt with a white shirt - this is my #1 favourite outfit for work or a classy dinner date - long live the elegant pearl!!!

The soft white monocromatic look that Audrey Hepburn is wearing is fabulous!  This is such a timeless look because it brings together key 'classic' wardrobe peices in a harmonious way - the scarf, the gloves, the trench - this look should be an inspiration for all women who want to channel class and elegance - I just adore Audrey Hepburn - she had impecible style!!!

If there is one wardrobe essential I simply can't live without - its the crisp white shirt - worn with a pencil skirt, jeans, layered under a v-neck or tucked into a pair of dress pants with a detailed wide belt, nothing is more inspiring and timeless than the white shirt!

Finally, as endless magazine articles and fashion books have stipulated, no wardrobe should be without the 'Little Black Dress' (LBD) - the key to making the LBD timeless, is that you need to find a dress with good quality material and that is taylored to fit your body like a glove - once you have that perfect, form fitting dress, the world will be putty in your hands and you can finally relax because you've just attained 'timeless style' status!!!

The key to style is making it your own - its not about following trends, its about finding out what works for you and what makes you feel your best.  Timeless style is about knowing that what you're wearing today still be in style years from now - its about knowing you are admired because you're classy, elegant and sophisticated and you bring this to life with the clothes you choose to wear!!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sassy Scarves

Scarves can really add flair to any outfit!  Regardless if you wear a scarf as an accessory, to keep warm or protect your head from the sun, the scarf is a timeless and classy wardrobe essential.  Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Jackie O have all helped to give the scarf that 'classy' and 'elegant' appeal.  French women know how to work the scarf, tying it and wrapping it in such effortless, yet classic ways!  I personally love to wear a scarf with a trench coat and pair of jackie O sunglasses!!!  Here is my little tribute to the 'Sassy Scarf':

Grace Kelly had such a soft, feminine look and she knew how to wear a scarf to compliment her elegant look.  She looked particularily feminine with a head scarf - it became a look she was remembered for and a look many women have channeled since!

This women looks fantastic in her head scarf - I love how the colours in the scarf compliment the grey toned suit she is wearing - I also admire how sexy her hair looks, with soft, long peices caressing her face - it looks so feminine and timeless!

I 'Love' how this white scarf is tied around this models hair! Its a variation of the head scarf, but its a whole other look - its very elegant, yet at the same time it carries an element of drama and sophistication.  I also love how this model is wearing a low cut. almost backless top - it really accentuates the look of the scarf and makes her earings a central focus!  I just love this look!

What a chic way to tie a scarf! - This is a great example of using a scarf as an accessory - it relaces the need to wear a necklace - it adds such flair and I love the pattern of this scarf!!!

Katie Holmes really knows how to use a scarf to add flair to her outfits - she often uses them to accessorize a more casual jeans and sweater look.  I've been paying attention to Katie's 'look' recently and she has that balance between Euro-chic and Urban New York flair - I love how she can channel elegance and comfort both at the same time!!!

I just adore this grey, ruffled scarf!  I love how some scarves are casual, while others (like this one) are more dramatic and elegant.  This scarf would look amazing over a feminine dress or flowing skirt.  I could also see it working with a pair of flaired black dress pants and a crisp white shirt with pearl drop earings.  I want this scarf!!!

Last but not least, I needed to pay tribute to how classic a scarf can look on a man!  I love how Brad Pitt works this scarf - he looks so handsome and so sophisticated in an old Hollywood kind of way - it reminds me of that Carey Grant, Gregory Peck look!  I think more men should be sporting and wearing scarves - its a very appealing accessory and its totally sexy!!!

I hope that you enjoyed my little tribute to scarves - Scarves are not just for a cold, winter day, they should be celebrated and worn often - tied simply or wrapped elegantly around the shoulders!  The best part is, there are so many different patterns and prints for a scarf and you can really compliment any look with a scarf.  You can play up a casual look or enhance an already dramatic look, adding that extra bit of sophistication!  Regardless of the look you are trying to achieve, give the 'sassy scarf' a chance to transform your wardrobe!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Project Lipstick Declutter - Part 2

There is nothing more seductive on a woman than a classic red lipstick - add a string of pearls and a pair of knee high boots and you have sensuality personified!  Decluttering my makeup case has been very liberating and today I decided on my favourite evening and glam lip shades.  Each of the three shades I picked is some variation of red - the first is a soft, almost pinky-based red.  The second, a classic 'true' red and the third, a deeper, more dramatic burgundy red lip!  I recently went to Sephora and got this fantastic makeup bag - its super-cute and I love the fact that all the makeup I have chosen to keep fits so neatly into the case - I love that I am simplifying my life and my routine.  I especially love the fact that I'm creating a look for myself vs purchasing colour after colour after colour.  I love the idea of neutral lips for day and red for evening! 

Chanel makes a beautiful soft, pink-red shade named 'sexy' and thats exactly what the lipcolour is ' sexy' - it gives you that look that you've just bitten your lips, but with a hint more drama:

'Russian Red' by MAC is my all time favourite go-to red lipstick.  I love how classic, timeless and glamorous it looks and I always feel sultry and sassy when I wear it.  If I could only have one evening lipstick, this would be it:

And finally, every woman needs that ultra-glam, vixen, deep burgundy shade.  For me, that colour is 'Media' by MAC - this colour evokes high drama and elegance - I love wearing this colour when I'm going to a restaurant or lounge type place and I know the lighting is going to be soft and dimmed - it makes me feel sultry and sexy:

I hope that you've enjoyed my journey into decluttering my 'lipsticks' - I now have 5 tried, tested and true shades that I'm sticking with: Baroque-Chanel and Cinnamon-Laura Mercier for day and Sexy-Chanel, Russian Red and Media (both MAC) for evening!  I love these shades - they are so timeless and classic and you can never go wrong with neutrals for day and sexy reds for evening!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Project Lipstick Declutter

The past few days I've spent decluttering my apartment - getting rid of clothes I don't wear/need, throwing away old magazines, donating items I no longer use etc.  The entire process felt sooo good - I realized I had so much 'stuff' that I didn't need or use and getting rid of all that 'stuff' was very liberating!  As I was cleaning and decluttering my bathroom accessories I realized that my makeup bag needed a good cleaning too - I took everything out and sorted things by categories: liners, shadows, lipsticks etc.  I honestly couldn't believe how many lip products I had and how much money over the past few months I've spend on these products (many of which were impulse buys and were only worn once).  I decided right then and there that I no longer need dozens of lipcolours and I figure that I could save a whole lot of money if I just stick to a few tried, tested and true colours.  So here it goes, I'm decluttering my makeup bag once and for all - I have yet to decide on my favourite evening shades, but here are my 2, never fail day lipcolours - I'm going to challenge myself to stick with these two!!!

One colour that I keep on coming back to is 'Baroque' lipstick by Chanel - I always get compliments when I wear this colour!  Its the perfect combination of brown, plum and red and it morphs with my clothes - when I'm wearing red, the red tones in th lipstick come to life, when I wear something purple or pink, the plum tones shine through - its a fantastic colour and its a keeper - here's a recent picture of me wearing Baroque:

My second, tried, tested and true lipcolour is 'Cinnamon' by Laura Mercier.  Its my all time favourite neutral toned lipstick.  Its a classic colour for day - I feel very elegant wearing it because it goes with everything and creates a very fresh and polished look:

I can honestly say that the 'search' for the ultimate, perfect, holy grail lipstick is over!!!  I'm saying 'goodbye' to the world of makeup marketing and I'm sticking with what works.  I've always been a makeup fanatic, but its time for me to move away from trends and create a signature look for myself - I want to look polished, graceful and elegant and I think these two neutral shades achieve that look for day.  Now the hard part is going to be deciding what colours to keep for evening/glam looks - I can tell you now that 'red' will definitely be one of them - its such a classic shade for evening!  Stay tuned for my evening pics!!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tribute to Elegant Short Hair

I have been really inspired by the elegance of short/medium hair.  I've been looking at a lot of the images in hair style magazines and studying the before and afters of haircuts where women have gone from long to short or medium length hair - and it became clear to me that not everyone suits long hair.  There is a freshness and youthfulness that is created by going shorter.  Short hair is stunning and even sassy.  Here is a little tribute to women who have cut their tresses and look absolutely amazing:

The model in this Chanel fall 2009 cosmetics ad looks so chic in her short pixie hair style.  She looks really sophisticated and elegant.  I also love the lipstick she's wearing - its called 'Amusing' - great colour!

Audrey Tautou works that 'Tom Boy' Sex appeal so well - in fact, she may even 'own' this look!  I think she should be the poster girl for going 'short' - she looks fabulous with shorter hair in comparisson to long hair - remember when her hair was longer in the movie 'The DaVinci Code'?  Audrey is beautiful regardless of her hair length, but she looks so much sexier and sassier with a shorter-do! 

Rachel Mcadams is one of those stunning women who looks great with blond hair, red hair, short hair, long hair etc- she just looks good period!  I love her hair in this picture - its short/medium and has that sexy, textured, slightly wind-blown look, like she just came back from a walk along the beach!  Can't you just see her with this hair, red lips, wearing pearls with a white blouse and a pencil skirt or a little black dress - she would be oozing with elegance!!!

Check out Jessica Alba's short, layered style - does she not look uber-classy?  She looks so feminine and her hair shows off her soft and romantic appeal!  I have to say that Jessica looks equally stunning with long. wavy hair, but this look gives her that sophisticated edge!

I think that the world fell in love with Katie Holmes when she cut her hair short - she went from being a young, sweet actress to a classy, modern fashonista!  In fact, she became a style icon.  Katie a perfect example of how "cutting it all off" can change your life!!!

 Selma Blair is another great example of someone who gained instant 'chic' with going shorter.  She looked okay with longer hair, but Selma gained glam and sophistication as soon as she cut her hair short.  She looks 'tres' sexy with this style!!!

I wanted to blog about short hair because I think that many people still have the misconception that short hair isn't sexy - that people won't take them seriously and they will be considered 'cute' instead of sexy.  There is also the misconception that going short is for new-moms who simply don't have the time to take care of their hair, giving short hair the bad name of being for women who don't have time to look elegant. I wanted to expose the truth - that short hair is in fact sexy, sophsticated and beautiful!  It is for a woman who is ready to claim her power in the world and define her own sense of elegance!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Shorter is Sexier!

Today I made a decision to say 'goodbye' to my long layered hair.  My ends were always looking fried and my hair simply didn't have any shape or movement anymore - it was starting to look lifeless.  I always had the notion that only long hair was sexy on a woman and then I realized, "hell no" - some of the most attrative women and celebrities have short to medium length hair and they are oozing with sexiness.  I think that a woman who cuts her hair with confidence and allows her hair to become a trademark of her strength, femininity and courage is the epitome of 'sexy'!!!  I wanted to "cut off" all the "dead ends" in my life (pun intended) - I want my life to be uncluttered and not weiged down by circumstances and things that aren't necessary and working for me.  In the movie 'Coco avant Chanel" - Chanel cuts her hair at the exact moment when she defines herself to the world and her lover turns to her and says "A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life".  That quote really spoke to me - I had been toying with cutting my hair for a while, but never did because someone would always say "guys like long hair" or "short hair isn't as attractive as long hair" - I say "screw what everyone else thinks" - I'm reclaiming my power - I'm cutting off all the things that weigh me down and I'm embracing change!!! 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A little about me

One of the blogs I follow posted these series of questions and I really enjoyed reading the responses - it made me feel like I had a certain connection to the author of the blog.  I decided that I wanted to answer these questions as well so that I can share a little bit about myself with you!

1. What time did you get up this morning?

5:30 - I always wake up at the time to get ready for work (a little nutty on my part, but I'm more of a morning person and I like to relish in my morning routine)
2. How do you like your steak?

3. What was the last film you saw at the movies?

The King's Speech
4. What is your favorite TV show?

Brothers and Sisters

5. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

Zurich - I fell in love with Switzerland when I traveled to Europe two summers ago - Zurich really made an impression on me, as did the Lake Como region of Italy and the Alps
6. What did you have for breakfast?

Cinnamon and Raisin 'Eizeikeil' english muffin with homemade nutella (a healthier version made of hazelnut butter, maple syrup and a dash of cocoa powder) with some hebal tea

7. What is your favorite type of food (i.e. cuisine)?

I love all food, but I have to say that my favourite type of food is a cross between healthy-comfort food with gourmet flair - I love a nice cut of lamb where the meat if fall off the bone (like a braised shank or leg of lamb) - but I also have days where I go vegetarian (I love this one restaurant in Toronto called 'Fresh' - they make the best bean burrito wrap i've ever tasted) .  One of the best food memories I had was in Zurich where the hotel I stayed at made an amazing salad with hard-boiled egg, goat cheese and this amazing dijon-honey dressing - to this day its the best salad I've ever had!  I could write about food forever, so I'll stop now - lol

8. What foods do you dislike?

Anything that is unhealthy or processed - I'm not a big fan of fried foods or fast/junk food - I haven't eaten at McDonalds or another fast food joint for 'years' - after you grow to love healthy, real, fresh food, the fake stuff just doesn't cut it anymore!

9. Favorite place to eat?

As I mentioned before, I love 'Fresh' and I had a fantastic experience at a restaurant called 'The Rosewater Supper Club' in Toronto - it was during Toronto's Wintelicious week and on their specialty menu I ordered the braised lamb shank - it was out of this world!!!
10. Favorite salad dressing?

I really like a dijon honey type of dressing or a dressing with asian flavours like sesame oil and rice wine vinegar!

11. What’s your favourite car?

I've always found jaguars to be very classy

12. What are your favorite clothes?

I like clothes with a classy edge but also on the urban chic side - I like stores like Banana Republic, Rw and Co and I like the looks of Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren.  Nothing beats a crisp white shirt with a black pencil skirt and some basic pumps or knee high boots and a trench coat for the cooler weather- I 'love' that look
13. Where would you visit if you had the chance?

One place I have not yet been to is Paris and I'd love to be able to explore that city and take it in.  However, I'd also love to go to Tibet and Nepal - I love the idea of going on a spiritual journey somewhere!  Experiencing my own 'Eat, Pray, Love' type of adventure
14. Is your cup 1/2 empty or 1/2 full?

ALways 1/2 full
15. Where would you want to retire?

I would love to retire to a villa in Tuscany or somwhere in Fance - and live a very simple life, cooking, going for walks in nature, sitting at a cafe and people watch all day - this would be the ultimate retirement experience for me!
16. Favorite time of day?

I'm a morning person and I love lazy mornings, where you lounge around in your p.j.'s until noon drinking tea, reading, pondering the meaning of life - lol

17. Where were you born?

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

18. What is your favorite sport to watch?

Soccer and Hockey
19. Are you a morning person or a night person?

Morning - 100%
20. Do you have any pets?

Yes, I'm a pround new mama - I adopted a kitten from my local humane society and I just adore her - I named her 'Duchess' and her personality totaly suits that name - lol - I just love her to bits
21. Any new and exciting news you'd like to share?

Yes, my best friend just found out she's pregnant for the second time - I'm sooooo happy for her and wish her only the best!

22. What did you want to be when you were little?

I always wanted to be an author - perhaps one day I'll write that best selling novel!!!

23. What is your best childhood memory?

Going to Miami with my grandparents - they had  condo there and I went to stay with them twice a year - I have a lot of great memories being on the beach, swimming etc
24. Are you a cat or dog person?

Both - I love all animals!

25. Do you ever want to get married?

Only if I meet the right person - I don't want to get marrried for the sake of getting married - i'd rather be single and happy and self-fulfilled than stuck in a loveless marriage.
26. Any pet peeves?

People stuck in a poor me, pitty party attitude and 'negative' people and attttudes

27. Favorite Pizza Toppings?

I tend to put a lot of veggies on my pizza and create different kinds of pizza - one of my faves is to make a greek type of pizza with goat cheese, kalamata olives, tomato and red onion - mmmmm!!!

28. Favorite Flower?


29. Favorite ice cream?

I like plain vanilla frozen yogurt (but it has to be on top of apple crumble or sauteed apples with cinnamon and brown sugar - mmmmmm)
30. Favorite fast food restaurant?

I'm not a fan of fast food, but if I 'had' to choose something fast, I'd probably go to subway or some type of deli sandwhich shop

31. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card?

Tiffany's or Nine West (I love their shoes and boots, they fit my foot like a glove and are so comfortable regardless of how high the heel is)

32. Do anything spontaneous lately?

Getting a kitten was a pretty spontaneous choice for me - but one of the best choices I've ever made!

33. Like your school/job?

I really enjoy being a teacher, but I'm the type of person who loves to pursue other things as well, so I'm going to be doing my yoga teacher training soon and I'd love to take some more cooking classes!
34. What was your last vacation?

New Years in New York!!!

35. Last person you went out to dinner with?

I went out with a group of friends for  a fantastic dinner in the city
36. What music are you listening to right now?

Smooth jazz (Sinatra, Dean Martin, Michael Buble) - I love that genre of music!

37. What is your favorite color?

I love delicate shades of blue and navy
38. What are your favourite hobbies?

Cooking, Yoga, painting, reading and anything related to self-discovery
39. Coffee or tea drinker or other?
I'm a huge herbal tea fan!!!
I really hope that you ejoyed reading my answers - I'd love to hear back you and even read some of your answers and responses!