Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Project Lipstick Declutter

The past few days I've spent decluttering my apartment - getting rid of clothes I don't wear/need, throwing away old magazines, donating items I no longer use etc.  The entire process felt sooo good - I realized I had so much 'stuff' that I didn't need or use and getting rid of all that 'stuff' was very liberating!  As I was cleaning and decluttering my bathroom accessories I realized that my makeup bag needed a good cleaning too - I took everything out and sorted things by categories: liners, shadows, lipsticks etc.  I honestly couldn't believe how many lip products I had and how much money over the past few months I've spend on these products (many of which were impulse buys and were only worn once).  I decided right then and there that I no longer need dozens of lipcolours and I figure that I could save a whole lot of money if I just stick to a few tried, tested and true colours.  So here it goes, I'm decluttering my makeup bag once and for all - I have yet to decide on my favourite evening shades, but here are my 2, never fail day lipcolours - I'm going to challenge myself to stick with these two!!!

One colour that I keep on coming back to is 'Baroque' lipstick by Chanel - I always get compliments when I wear this colour!  Its the perfect combination of brown, plum and red and it morphs with my clothes - when I'm wearing red, the red tones in th lipstick come to life, when I wear something purple or pink, the plum tones shine through - its a fantastic colour and its a keeper - here's a recent picture of me wearing Baroque:

My second, tried, tested and true lipcolour is 'Cinnamon' by Laura Mercier.  Its my all time favourite neutral toned lipstick.  Its a classic colour for day - I feel very elegant wearing it because it goes with everything and creates a very fresh and polished look:

I can honestly say that the 'search' for the ultimate, perfect, holy grail lipstick is over!!!  I'm saying 'goodbye' to the world of makeup marketing and I'm sticking with what works.  I've always been a makeup fanatic, but its time for me to move away from trends and create a signature look for myself - I want to look polished, graceful and elegant and I think these two neutral shades achieve that look for day.  Now the hard part is going to be deciding what colours to keep for evening/glam looks - I can tell you now that 'red' will definitely be one of them - its such a classic shade for evening!  Stay tuned for my evening pics!!!

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