Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tribute to Elegant Short Hair

I have been really inspired by the elegance of short/medium hair.  I've been looking at a lot of the images in hair style magazines and studying the before and afters of haircuts where women have gone from long to short or medium length hair - and it became clear to me that not everyone suits long hair.  There is a freshness and youthfulness that is created by going shorter.  Short hair is stunning and even sassy.  Here is a little tribute to women who have cut their tresses and look absolutely amazing:

The model in this Chanel fall 2009 cosmetics ad looks so chic in her short pixie hair style.  She looks really sophisticated and elegant.  I also love the lipstick she's wearing - its called 'Amusing' - great colour!

Audrey Tautou works that 'Tom Boy' Sex appeal so well - in fact, she may even 'own' this look!  I think she should be the poster girl for going 'short' - she looks fabulous with shorter hair in comparisson to long hair - remember when her hair was longer in the movie 'The DaVinci Code'?  Audrey is beautiful regardless of her hair length, but she looks so much sexier and sassier with a shorter-do! 

Rachel Mcadams is one of those stunning women who looks great with blond hair, red hair, short hair, long hair etc- she just looks good period!  I love her hair in this picture - its short/medium and has that sexy, textured, slightly wind-blown look, like she just came back from a walk along the beach!  Can't you just see her with this hair, red lips, wearing pearls with a white blouse and a pencil skirt or a little black dress - she would be oozing with elegance!!!

Check out Jessica Alba's short, layered style - does she not look uber-classy?  She looks so feminine and her hair shows off her soft and romantic appeal!  I have to say that Jessica looks equally stunning with long. wavy hair, but this look gives her that sophisticated edge!

I think that the world fell in love with Katie Holmes when she cut her hair short - she went from being a young, sweet actress to a classy, modern fashonista!  In fact, she became a style icon.  Katie a perfect example of how "cutting it all off" can change your life!!!

 Selma Blair is another great example of someone who gained instant 'chic' with going shorter.  She looked okay with longer hair, but Selma gained glam and sophistication as soon as she cut her hair short.  She looks 'tres' sexy with this style!!!

I wanted to blog about short hair because I think that many people still have the misconception that short hair isn't sexy - that people won't take them seriously and they will be considered 'cute' instead of sexy.  There is also the misconception that going short is for new-moms who simply don't have the time to take care of their hair, giving short hair the bad name of being for women who don't have time to look elegant. I wanted to expose the truth - that short hair is in fact sexy, sophsticated and beautiful!  It is for a woman who is ready to claim her power in the world and define her own sense of elegance!!!

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