Sunday, December 8, 2013

My Makeup Journey!

I love blogging! Being able to combine blogging with expressing and sharing my makeup journey has been a true blessing and I'm grateful that I have a forum in which to do that! I have posted numerous things about makeup shades, taked about colour analysis, created different colour palettes and collages. I have been on a journey of thinking I'm a deep winter, soft autumn, true autumn, soft summer etc etc - I do not at all have any regrets when it comes to makeup and colour. I have no regrets with colouring my hair a burgundy red shade, cutting my hair short, wearing a bright fucshia lipstick or even sporting a teal eyeshadow. The time and energy I spent creating various colour collages, trying to 'figure it all out', going against what my intuition was saying - nope, no regrets at all, just genuine gratitude for where my journey has taken me. I have to say that I have been wearing the same look for a while now. I love the simplicity and the timeless classic feeling of having a signature look that 'works'. I have embraced the true autumn palette full force (which I was drapped in twice) and am really, enjoying just being happy with something that is authentically ME! I see myself taking this blog into a new direction. Its not going to be about 'my look', my journey into colour - I want it be more about a journey into what beauty and elegance truely are - really embracing the 'simple things' - finding the meaning behind 'authentic' beauty. I'm excited for what is to come with this blog. I want to leave this post with sharing with you my current 'look', the 'authentic me':

Amber lights eyeshadow by MAC combined with a warm brown liner (Mambo by NARS) has become my classic eye makeup look. NARS blush in Madly is just 'amazing' - I love how the colour looks on its own - its the prettiest warm shell pink shade. FOr the lips, nothing is better than the right shade of red - for me its a warm, brownish red shade - I love mixing a deep red like NARS Fire Down Below with Revlon's 'Copper Chrome' (seen in this pic) or with MAC's Chili! I have a wonderful feeling that this new year is going to bring amazing new makeup experiences. I can't wait to continue to share my journey with you!!!