Saturday, January 29, 2011

Neutral Palette

Lately I've been playing around with a neutral-warm palette.  In this pic I'm wearing Brule and Cork eyeshadows with Teddy liner, Prism blush and Taupe lipstick (all from MAC).  I'd love to hear your feed-back about this look on me - its very simple for day, but as many of you know, I love that 'le no makeup look' effect.  I still love my 'cool winter' colours, but sometimes I feel like something a little softer and more natural. 

In the future I plan on exploring the neutral palette in more detail and even giving some celeb photo examples.  Right now my favourite neutral lip looks are: baroque (which I wrote about in my previous post about lipsticks for brunettes), Napoli and Blonde Venus (both by NARS) and Cinnamon (Laura Mercier) - Stay tuned for more info and pics about these colours!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lipsticks for Brunettes

I have a love affair with lipstick - I am 'obsessed' with finding the perfect lipstick colour.  I have gone through numerous lipstick phases, trying every colour imaginable, yet I always seem to return to my favourite 'brown-based' lipstick shades, which I am now convinced is the perfect colour family for Brunettes.  I've discovered something profound about lipstick - the perfect colour for you should pick up on the undertones of your hair, natural lip colour and skin-tone.  Brunettes often have a very 'rich' colouring to their hair (meaning it can often have a subtle reddish or chestnut tone).  The perfect colour will pick up on this subtle undertone.  It only goes to say that brunettes with that rich haircolour should try lipsticks that are brown based with red, plum and pink undertones.  Here are some of my favourite shades of lipstick - I've posted a picture of the colour itself, followed by a picture of me wearing that colour so that you can see how it brings out the natural tones in my hair, eyes and skintone.  I tried to keep the rest of my makeup neutral (wearing pewter eyeshadow my Laura Mercier on my eyes with a little black mascara and a neutral toned blush).  If you are a brunette, consider trying some of these shades - you won't be disappointed!

My absolute favourite brown toned lipstick is a colour called 'Baroque' by Chanel - it is the 'perfect' blend of brown-plum and red and will bring out the best in any brunette.  The colour may seem dark in the tube, but on the lips it morphs into the most amazing colour:

Another brown based plum colour that I love is a lipstick by MAC called 'Verve' - its such an amazing colour and perfect for any brunette:

I think that every brunette needs to own a brownish-pink colour - its the perfect go with anything 'everyday' colour!  My favourite bronwish-pink shade is 'Twig' by MAC:

Catherine Zeta Jones has always been an inspiration to me when trying to find that perfect 'brownish-red' colour.  This shade NEEDS to be in every brunettes makeup bag.  After seeing Catherine in 'No Reservations' it almost became my mission to find 'the' brownish-red lipcolour - I think I've come pretty close - the winner for me is 'Viva Glam 111' by MAC (note: this picture came out very dark for some reason, the viva glam doesn't usually look this dark on me - if you want the colour to come out more subtle, just blot on the colour or use a lipbrush):

I hope that you enjoyed my tribute to lipcolour shades that I think are the best for brunettes.  I find that Catherine Zeta Jones and Katie Homles are two actresses that have stayed true to wearing their favourite brown-based lip colour shades.  Check out Catherine and Katie in the following photos:

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Andrea Laliberte

I absolutely love Andrea Laliberte's art and posters.  I currently have the 'New York' poster hanging in my bedroom and just ordered 'Roma' and 'Paris' from
I think that Andrea really captures the essence of the fashionable, confident woman! 

This is the art peice that I have hanging in my bedroom - I love how Andrea encorperates timeless, classic fashion with highlights from the city in the background!

Love that light blue trench and the shoes - I just want to crawl into this art peice and talk to that woman (and possibly steal that trench coat - lol)

This woman just seems to personify what it means to be 'italian' - you can just feel it from looking at her - I love her long, flowing, feminine hair - in fact, once this arrives, I'm going to take it to the hairdresser  and say 'give me that cut and colour'!

Tres Chic!  I love how this woman is dressed - this to me is pure class and elegance!!!

I have this hanging on the wall in my kitchen - it inspires me everytime I walk by it or see it - Black and Red is one of my favourite colour combinations - I love the boat neck 'little black dress' and the pop of colour with the shoe, purse and lipstick - Once again, this is what means to be a stylish woman!!!

Don't you just want to jump into this art piece and be in Vienna wearing that dress?

Do you know what I really love about Andrea Laliberte's art?  It focuses on the strong, classy, sophisticated, european, CONFIDENT woman - this is the woman I want to be - perhaps I see myself in her art or see the self that I aspire to be - but there is something that really speaks to me and this time i'm going to 'listen'!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

European Women and their Allure

It feels like forever since I've blogged something.  I went through some 'heart-ache' just before the Christmas season began (with a breakup) and then re-discovered myself in 'New York' during New Years and now I'm in a very content place again.  It brings me back to how I felt after my Europe trip 2 summers ago - there is something so appealing and alluring about Europe and its people.  Everyone seems so laid back and they really live the philosophy that "its about the journey, not the destination".  They also value love and feeling 'loved' - something my ex wasn't able to provide me because of his own personal difficulties - but I don't hold anything negative against him - in fact, I really believe he was in my life as a 'teacher' - he taught me (through what he wasn't able to give me) that I deserve to know and live my worth and be with someone who sees my true value!  And that's what I want to blog about in the new year - topics that inspire me to value myself!  For some reason, I have always seen European women as the type who know the secret of valuing themselves -they often look so comfortable in their own skin and I think the world sees them as beautiful because they know this about themselves on the 'inside' and that inner sense of beauty shines outward for the rest of the world to see - so here is my tribute to European women:

I think 'simplicity is elegance' is the true philosophy that European women live by - they are never 'overdone' with their clothes, makeup and their look is often so simple, yet we are in 'awe' of how they create that look.  Maybe its because we try too hard to look a certain way, that the end result is forced.  With European women, the look is never forced, but its always classy, feminine and naturally 'sexy' - There is no clevage showing in this photo, yet she looks so sexy - its all in her attitude about what it means to be a women!

I have always been inspired by Latetia Casta's look - she has that 'pouty lip' French thing going on - I think this is a perfect example of that unspoken 'mystery' that European women seem to master so well - I think it has to do with self-respect and self-restraint.  They don't give themselves away on the first meeting - you don't hear their life story the first time you meet them - they are self-controlled and let you in only a little bit at a time - but its this very self-control that makes them so alluring!

Monica Belluci is definitely the poster girl for the beautiful and alluring Italian woman - she owns her look so well - She embraces her rich, espresso brunette hair and always looks feminine.  I love her look - she is somewhat of a modern Sophia Loren - she seems to look better and better as she ages and this a huge lesson that we should embrace and learn - learn to love yourself at every stage of your life!

Audrey is such a 'classic' French woman and actress - she embraces the casual-sexy look!  I remember reading in a magazine an interview with Michael Kors - he was asked what makes a woman 'sexy' and his reply sparked a 'lightbulb' moment in my mind - he said that men don't necessarily want the 'bombshell beauty' - instead they want a woman who can embrace the tom-boy within and be more casual with their sexiness - Audrey is completely like that - she works her short gamine hair style and her makeup is always fresh and classic.  Many european women have that 'tom-boyish' sex appeal and I think Michael Kors is right - it is 'sexy'!

Audrey Hepburn became an icon in American Film, but her roots will always be 'European' - Audrey completely embraced the 'tom-boyish' sex appeal and her class and allure are still an inspiration to women today.  Her style is simple, elegant, casual yet so feminine, alluring and elegant - She is definitely one of my favourite style icons and muses - I just love her!!!

Carla Bruni - Actress, singer, wife of the French President - oozing with European sophistication and class - this woman has it going on!!!  She knows how to work her beauty and be poised and stylish.  Check out the next photo of her:

I love how simple her hair and makeup are in this photograph - she isn't trying to be a 'bombshell' yet she looks uber-sexy.  She plays up her features every so slighly but just enough to let her true beauty come through.

I think that we can all embrace the style and lessons of European women, regardless of where we were born or who we are or what we do - This New Years I've decided to embrace my sense of self and make this the year of valuing myself.  This year I embrace my inner casual 'tom-boy' sex-appeal!!!  Enjoy being a woman, value it - respect it and when it comes to men - be with one who values who you are and know that happiness doesn't depend on something or someone outside of yourself - you need to own it - thats what it means to be sexy and alluring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!