Monday, October 31, 2011

Kibbie - Dramatic Classic???

Lately I've been reading a lot about the Kibbie style types - there are a variety of different styles like romantic, classic, dramatic, natural, gamine and then there are variations of each - theatrical romantic, dramatic classic etc

I took a quiz on the yuku website and most of my answers came out as romantic, but I can tell you right off the bat that the romantic frills and ruffles don't suit me in the least.  I decided to revisit the quiz and be completely honest and found myself more as a classic with a dramatic edge.  I then studied the various celebrity collages on the website and the dramatic classic type really resonated with me:

I was particularily inspired by this photo of Jackie O:

I'm not 100% sure if I'm a dramatic classic yet, but this is the style I resonate with.  I usually love wearing classic peices like pencil skirts, shirt-dresses, fitted dresses with a classic gold chain belt.  I've never liked big, clunky jewelery - in fact, I prefer delicate peices - diamond studs, gold ball stud earings, pearls, classic gold hoop etc.  However, when it comes to necklaces, I like something with a bit of drama - perhaps even a hint of avant-garde.  Here is a look that I wear to work often - a classic dress (now in my True Autumn colour) with leather chocolate brown boots from Nine West:

Curious to hear what you think about me as a 'dramatic-classic' type!!!

Here is the yuku website where you can read up more about the Kibbie style types:

Sunday, October 30, 2011

NARS Bengali Eyeshadow

Many cosmetic companies make a standard brown eyeshadow.  Some shades are warmer and have a tinge of red or orange, taking the colour into a true warm chocolate brown and others are very dark brown bordering on black.  I was looking for more of a choclate based brown, but on the neutral side - not too warm and not too deep.  NARS Bengali fits this description perfectly.  Its a standard dark brown, not too warm and not too dark - perfect!

Today I wanted to move the oranges from my eyes to my lips and clothes and decided to do a smokey-brown eye with Bengali as my feature colour.  I started with my basic concealer/foundation routine and then moved right into creating my feature eye look.  I started with ricepaper by MAC as a base and then used a round-fluffy brush to sweep Bengali from the lid up into the crease and outer corners.  I then blended NARS 'Silent Night' into the lid.  I lined my eyes with Teddy and smudged Galapagos into the upper lash line before finishing with mascara.  I was originally wearing Pretty Your World's blush in Goldfish, but went to department store and ended up trying on NARS 'Taj Mahal' Blush, so this is the blush I'm wearing in this photo.  I finished with MAC's So Chaud Lipstick + Make Up For Ever #17 lipstick:

For women who want to do the smokey eye look but find black too heavy - don't give up!  There are 'endless' smokey eye colour combinations - Everything from Plums and Greys if you're cooler toned to Browns and even Olives if your warm toned.  The most important thing is to play around and have fun - sometimes I've gone to do a natural look and it ends up smokey and other time its the opposite, I intend on doing something smokey and blended and it turns out very natural looking.  The best part about makeup if that it allows you to be an artist and what you create is endless possibilities with makeup!!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Silent Night - NARS

I'm rediscovering everything gold and golden these days!  Since my colour analysis I've been asking myself, how far can I take these true autumn shades?  I've been looking for intense versions of the colours in my palette.  So far 'Silent Night' is the most stunning, true gold shadow that I've found.  The interesting thing is, that I haven't really been weaing it as an 'eyeshadow' per se, but rather as a gold based powder.  Today I used it as a golden powder on my face, as well as mixing it into my blush.  What I love about 'Silent Night' is that its pure gold, but the end result is 'subtle' - its not a crazy sparkly, in your face gold - its absolute perfection.  I think this shadow would also be awesome blended into a lipstick or applied with an angled brush and smudged into an eyeliner.  I've had my eye on MAC's powersurge lately and have put it on my wishlist.  Anyhow - Here is a look I played around with today after doing my 'Elegant Brown' post - the makeup is exactly the same except for the fact that I applied 'Silent Night' as a face shimmer, re-applied my blush and then added 'Silent Night' as a pop of colour, blending it well into the blush.  I think this is perfect way to take a day look into evening:

Face: Loreal W4 true match concealer, Make Up for Ever HD Foundation in #155, Silent Night applied as a wash of gold over the entire face

Eyes: Mediterranee eyeshadow duo by NARS, Galapagos in crease/outer corners. MAC's Teddy eyeliner with NARS Bengali smudged into upper Lash-line

Blush - Faces #134 blush (a russett shade) with the orange shade from the Mediterranee duo as a pop of colour and Silent Night blended as a pop of colour

Lips: Photo lipstick by MAC

Elegant Brown

When I first read MAC's description of 'Photo' lipstick as Golden-brown I thought 'ewww' - who would wear that colour on their lips???  It would look like 'mud'!  However, I started thinking about how I have golden brown as one of my power colours as a True Autumn.  I decided to be bold and give Photo a try!  To my completely suprise, I fell in love right away.  Instead of being a dirty, muddy brown - Photo was an elegant brown with subtle chestnut/chocolate undertones.  The shade didn't look clownish or out of place at all, in fact, it was awesome-ness in a tube.  I wanted to play up the golden/chestnut tones in the lipstick.  I was already wearing a lighter golden brown sweater, so I needed to balance the look out - I didn't want the look to be 'too' brown, so I decided to bring in some orange elements, especially with my eyeshadow and blush.  Here is the look I came up with:

Here is the makeup I used for this look:

Eyes: Mediterranee eyeshadow duo by NARS, Galapagos in crease/outer corners. MAC's Teddy eyeliner with NARS Bengali smudged into upper Lash-line

Blush - Faces #134 blush (a russett shade) with the orange shade from the Mediterranee duo as a pop of colour

Lips: Photo lipstick by MAC
I think there is a moral to this 'elegant brown' story - never tell yourself that a colour is 'off limits' if its part of your palette or you may miss out on an amazing 'find'.  If I was determined to only wear browns on my eyes and forget the idea of a golden-brown lipstick, I would have never discovered 'Photo' lipstick by MAC and I absolutely LOVE it!!!  Never be afaid of colour or trying unconvential shades or even mixing shades, you never know what you may come up with!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Amber Glow

Colours such as amber, rust, brandy, cognac are so insipational to me right now.  I love all the colours that suggest an amber or a dark warm gold glow.  What I like about these shades is that they are golden and glowing, but not overpowering.  I've always love the eyeshadow 'Amber Lights' by MAC - its the perfect golden shade to blend in with your makeup.  I'm always looking for multi-purpose makeup products - colours you can use on your eyes, lips, cheeks etc.  I tried creating such a look using Amber lights - In this photo, I'm wearing it on my eyes, as a pop of colour over my blush and mixed into my lipliner with a coat of lip conditioner on top:

Here is the makeup I used to create the 'Amber Glow' look I was after:

‎'Amber Glow' Makeup:

Face - HD Foundation in #155, Loreal True match concealer in W4

Blush - Pretty Your World Blush in 'Goldfish' with MAC's Amber Lights eyeshadow as a pop of colour

Eyes: Ricepaper shadow as a base, Amber lights from the lid to the cease, Teddy eyeliner (all MAC) with Galapagos smudged into the upper lashline (NARS)

Lips - Sienna lipliner (Chanel) + Amber lights shadow + MAC's lip conditioner
Its always fun to try and work with makeup that is multi-purpose - often I create the best lipstick shades this way.  If I can't find the perfect colour in the store - I'll mix different liners, lip-products, eyeshadows until I find the perfect combination!!! 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Soft Summer VS True Autumn

I'm excited to do this post because its a 'request' to see how the Soft Summer palette compares to the True Autumn palette against my skintone.  I want to specifiy that I'm completely confident in my True Autumn analysis and an super excited with my palette and colours.  Here are 2 photos of myself wearing soft summer colours, with a medium ash brown hair-colour:

And here are 2 recent photos of myself in the True Autumn palette:

The first thing I noticed about the Soft Summer shades is that taupe shades of brown do nothing for me - in fact, I find they drain me.  When I was playing around with the soft summer shades, it was all about muted greys and taupes.  In comparison to the chocolate browns I'm wearing in the 'true autumn'  photos, the taupes add an ashy-ness to my skintone.  Secondly, I didn;'t realize until just now how absolutely HORRIBLE ash brown hair colour tones are on me.  Talk about having an 'ewww - what was I thinking' reaction.  The warm chestnut base with butterscotch highlights in the True Autumn photos are much better.  I look forward to adding even more warmth within the next few weeks and taking my hair into a rich auburn tone.  I think that some people really liked me in the SS palette because the colours were neutral in comparison to other palettes, but now that I've discovered my golden warm palette and comparing those shades to the SS shades, SS makes me look ill and ashy!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Before and After

Recently, I took a look at all my photos within the past year that I have stored in a folder on my computer.  It was really interesting to see how many looks I've created and how much fun I've had with colour.  There were a few photos that really made an impression on me because I now see they either drained the glow from my skintone or dulled my complexion.  I'm really starting to 'get it' - your best colours "bring to the surface" your inner beauty - the wrong colours "create a dullness and hide/supress your life-force".  I wanted to share some of my observations with you:

The first thing I noticed about these summery shades is that my skintone looks pale vs enhancing my inner golden glow - I appear like I have a milky-film covering my face.  Secondly, I noticed that my eyes look grey and the warm green seems to be lost because the 'grey' is in competition.  I can't say that this is a 'bad' look per say, but its definitely not my best!!!

This was my 'deep' phase when I was playing around with the deep winter shades.  Again, the look isn't bad, but my eyes seem to blend into the shadow/eyeliner and look dull/grey vs the warm green that they have the potential to be.  Most importantly, the makeup stands out more than I do in this photo.  Its almost a look that says "cool makup, nice look, but where's Renata???"

No this is not my Halloween makeup, although I do look corpse-like in this photo!  This photo is proof in itself that the Winter shades drag me down and totally take away my natural golden glow!!!

These summery powdery shades create just that - a powdery finish on my face - nothing blends, nothing works in harmony.  Cool pastel shades are 'not' my friends!!!

One thing that really came across in my colour analysis was how blotchy my skin appeared in the cool pink shades - my skin almost seemed discoloured in a few areas.  If you look at my eyes really closely in this photo you'll see that the green is 'screaming' to get out, but is overpowered by the grey - you'll notice how this all changes in the next few photos - check out how warm and green my eyes become:


Ahhh - Home Sweet Home - what effect do these colours have - health, youth, vitality, warmth etc - The warm green is my eyes are no longer fighting with the grey and all of a sudden you get that true 'pop' effect vs a dull-grey effect - Also, compare this orange-reddish-brown lipstick to the cool winter red - the cool red just sits on my lips - this orange shade blends harmoniously with the rest of my face!

Someone commented on my facebook page that this is the most 'polished' they've ever seen me - what an amazing compliment!!!  I think that the polished-classic look is something we all strive to attain and I used to think it was all a 'look', but I realize now that there is more to it, its about colour as well - can you picture this look with those summer pastels that drain me???  THe polish would be gone - its the spicy, warmth of these shades that create that golden-glow that in turn, give off that polished feel!!!

True Autumns run in the direction of Orange vs running away from this complex, warm shade.  If you compare this photo with the one where I'm wearing a fuchsia lipstick, you'll see that the white blotchy spots are 'gone' - instead of discoloration, you now have harmony!!!

This post was so much fun for me to do - I'd loved be able to go back and look at the looks I've created in the past - its nice to now officially know my best colours because it makes comparison intesting and fun!!!

Revlon's Sandalwood Beige

Sandalwood Beige lipstick is the perfect 'your lips but better' lipstick for those who have a warmer skintone - its the perfect subtle, terracotta shade without being too orange or too brown.  The blog 'Truth is Beauty' recommends this shade for anyone who is a True Autumn.  When I put this colour on, it reminded me of the lipsticks that Isla Fisher was wearing in the film 'Shopaholic'.

I liked this look, but at the same time I'm also so attracted that spicy element of Autumn, so I decided to pair Sandalwood Beige with Chicory lipliner.  I'm wearing the exact same makeup as in the previous 'Copper/Orange Makeup' post (

Just for comparison, here is another photo of me wearing Sandalwood Beige, but this time without any lipliner:

If you're looking for nice neutral, everyday warmer lipcolour, I would give Sandalwood Beige by Revlon a try!!!

Copper/Orange Makeup Look

Since my recent colour analysis, I've been getting myself aquainted with the True Autumn palette.  I'm really loving the variety of orange based colours - true orange, orange-red, brownish-orange and copper-orange.  I was at my local drugstore today and came across a Cover Girl lipstick called 'Temptation' - it was a true orange colour with a copper undertone. I couldn't resist, I had to get it!!!  I decided to create a makeup look with copper as a theme - check it out:

For this look, I started with Pretty your World's Buddah and Goldfish blush.  I lined my lips with MAC's Chicory Lipliner and then used Cover Girl's - 'Temptation #285' lipstick (a true orange-copper shade). On my eyes I'm wearing the copper shade from cover girl's 'dazzling metallics' trio from lid to crease and then a warm brown shadow in the crease that I got in a gift set (colour reminds me of Soba by MAC).   I lined my eyes with Teddy eyeliner and smudged Galapagos eyeshadow into the upper lash line to create a smokey effect.

I'm planning on looking into various auburn/copper hair colours as well - I'm thinking that by Mid November, I may just be a red-head and then really embrace those warm, spicy copper colours!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Whole-Lotta SPICE

The more I read about the True Autumn shades, the more I realize 'Spice' is such a key word for this palette.  I basically RAN to Sephora and MAC today when the mall opened - I'm surprised I didn't trip over myself because my feet were walking so fast - lol.  The first thing I noticed at Sephora was an eyeshadow shade called 'Galapagos' by NARS - its the perfect mix of dark golden brown with gold flecks - I knew as soon as I saw it, it had to be mine - actually, it was 'love at first sight'.  Who needs a man when an eyeshadow can make you feel this great??? LOL:

I didn't want to go crazy shopping at Sephora because I knew I'd be heading over to MAC right after!!!  As soon as I got to MAC, I had to get 'Chili' - I've been told this is the 'perfect' red lipstick for True Autumns - the name itself implies a sultry spicy 'paprika' type red.  I also decided to pick up woodwinked - a beautiful brown-based gold.  As soon as I got home I got to work creating a look and this is what I came up with:

I started with my basic face - HD Foundation in #155 and used two blushes (a rust/orange shade from Faces and 'Goldfish' blush from 'Pretty Your World' as a pop of colour).
For the eyes:  I started with Navajo as a base (Bobbi Brown) and then used MAC's Woodwinked from lid into the crease.  I applied NARS Galapagos in the crease and outer corners.  I then lined my eyes with Teddy eyeliner and smudged Galapagos into the upper lashline.
On my lips, I very lightly applied Brick Lipliner by MAC and then used Chili.

I'm really liking how all the warm, spicy colours are working together in this look - I think this is going to become a classic look for me.  I tried to tie in the Autumn palette even more with a rust/golden brown top that matches my TA swatch - I'm loving this palette!!!

Maria Sidorova - Colour Analyst in Toronto

My colour analysis experience - I'm a TRUE AUTUMN!!!

I wanted to write a blog post to say 'Thank-you' to Maria Sidorova for my recent colour analysis.  I came across Maria's website because I was looking for a colour analyst in the Toronto area.  I really liked the before and after photos on Maria's website, so I decided to e-mail her.  She gave me more information about the colour analysis appointment through e-mail and I finally made the big decision to just 'go for it'!!!  Maria was very professional when I met her - she explained everything she was doing 'step-by-step' during the process and answered every question I had. 

The whole process started by me putting on white lab type coat and cap (to hide my hair and the colour of the clothes I was wearing that day).  Maria started by determining whether I was cool or warm - I was draped in both silver and gold metallic drapes.  She explained in detail the effects of the drapes on my face and why the gold (warm) drape was better - it harmonized with my skintone vs the silver drape that showed white patches, fine lines and wrinkles on my face.  The gold seemed to erase all these imperfections.  The next step was to be draped in the palettes of the warm seasons - spring and autumn.  Maria showed me the spring's blue and then the autumn blue - the autumns warm teal blue was clearly the better choice,  She also compared the cooler blues to show me once again how all the fine lines and white patches become visible with the cooler tones. 

Once Maria determined that I was an autumn - it was then time to get draped in the various autumn palettes - Soft Autumn, Deep Autumn, True Autumn.  The deep palette was way too dark and you saw the depth before you saw me.  The Soft palette seemed to wash me out - it was too light and muted.  The true autumn was 'perfection' and Maria did such a fantastic job in actually 'showing' me why its the best palette for me.

After the colour analysis, I spent time looking at books that Maria created what explained the seasons in more detail - we did a makeup session where Maria taught me to create a 'day look' using the colours in my palette.  I left with a swatch book of all my colours to use when I go shopping or try various makeup shades.  I was honestly so happy and I enjoyed every minute I spent with Maria during the analysis!!!

If you're looking for a colour analyst in the Toronto area - I highly recomment Maria Sidorova - Please check out her website:

If you're curious about the makeup I'm wearing in the top photo - its FACES orange/rust blush with Pretty Your World's 'Goldfish' blush as a pop of colour.  On the lips, I'm wearing MAC"s Brick lipliner and then mixed MAC's So Chaud and 'O' lipsticks.  For the eyes, I kept them neutral with Navajo as a base (Bobbi Brown) and a sheer gold shadow (from the Dazzling metallics Cover Girl Trio) - I then used MAC's Teddy eyeliner and smudged the top lashline with an angled brush!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Drapes Don't Lie

WOW - thats the only word I can think about right now!!!  You can read as many books about colour analysis as you want and try to figure it out on your own OR you can have the amazing experience of getting draped.  The whole experience of getting draped is so worth it - regardless of cost, its just something worth doing.  Its one think to think about what colours look good and its another to actually 'see' and 'witness' your best colours draped over you:

First, I have to start by saying that all these photos were taken 'after' the actual analysis - During the draping, I was wearing a white toned coat and my hair was pulled back into a white cap - my skintone did all the talking!!!

I really loved this teal blue shade - compared to all the other blues, especially the cooler blues, this one was the most amazing and harmonious with my skintone.  I feel like I don't even need any makeup, this teal blue adds a youthfullness to my face and skintone!

This rusty-red really made my skintone glow - One thing that was brought to my attention is that my haircolour is 'off' right now - the highlights are nice because they are warm, but I need a deeper reddish brown shade to really shine - I can just imagine this spicy red drape with a deep auburn haircolour!!!

Eggplant is one colour I never really considered for myself, but I actually really like it - its a fantastic neutral shade for me - I'd love to be able to find a nice coat/jacket in this shade!!!

Next to the teal, the brown shades were my favourite - I was convinced that black was my best deepest shade, but when I saw the dark brown drape, I was convinced that it was much better than the black.  This brown is a little lighter than the darkest brown of my palette - I think it really makes my skintone 'pop'!

I am so very happy that I finally got draped - I honestly wasn't expecting the result of True Autumn - I had it stuck in my mind that I was some sort of winter or clear spring, but THE DRAPES DON'T LIE!!!

I can't wait to start playing around with these makeup shades - stay tuned for more!!!

Today is the Day

This afternoon I'm going to Toronto to see a woman who does the colour analysis draping.  I've always been interested in knowing what my best shades are and today I'll have the opportunity to find out.  I'm really excited actually and I can't wait to finally put the 'mystery' to rest!!!  The past year I've been playing around with Soft Summer, True Winter, Bright Winter and Clear Spring.  It will be interesting to see if I actually fall into one of these categories or will the result be something totally different and un-expected???

I guess I'll just have to wait and see............................

I will keep everyone posted!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Warm Aqua and Teal Eye shades

I recently got a new eyeshadow palette from a cousin of mine (the palette is called 'BR', I've never even heard of it before) - her sister works at a salon and every so often the makeup artist there declutters her product line and gives away her makeup to the people at the salon.  My cousin got a whole bunch of free stuff, a lot of which she knew she's never wear, so she passed it on to me (I of course took it gladly)!!!
I immediately was attracted to the aqua, periwinkle and warm blue-green shades in the palette.  I decided I wanted to create an almost 'tropical' look with these shades.  I know we're in the autumn season right now, but I decided to have fun anyway and just play around.

I mixed a lot of the shade on the left hand side of the palette (pictured here) - I used MAC's Indigo eyeliner and smudged these shade into the upper lashline and used the darker warmer aqua shades in the crease/outer corner.  I used Benefits 'Coralista' blended with MAC's ambering rose blush and then added smashbox's flamingo as a pop of colour in the centre of the cheeks.  I then put on a quick swipe of Revlon's Kiss me coral. 

I took this first photo with flash lighting so you can really see the intensity of the aqua shades.  Paired with the coral shades on the lips and cheeks, this look is balanced - it would also work with peaches and perhaps a coral red lip for evening, but anything too orange or pink and this look would be 'off' - the corals and peaches really work well with the aqua shades - an awesome combination!!!

THis second photo is taken without flash in natural light and is more representative of what the effect of the actual look.

Its fun to do something out of the ordinary - often people expect oranges and browns for autumn, but why not try something different?

I hope you enjoyed this look!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

My journey to true inner beauty - from Cinderella to Princess

I love knowing that there is something so much greater than myself in the universe.  I love having this blog where I can post various makeup looks and I feel good about it!  Playing around with different colours makes me happy - makeup in general, makes me happy - even when I walk into MAC or Sephora, I get that welcoming inner 'buzz' and a feeling of excitment overcomes me - the only way I can describe it, is pure 'joy'!!!  BUT - and here's the big 'but', when you're having an 'ugly' day (i.e. that day where you just feel gross, ugly and unloved), no amount of makeup seems to help and instead, you're forced to look at yourself at your 'core' - the person behind the makeup and behind the masks.  As hard as those days can be, they serve a purpose - they help us see and love who we really are. Makeup is great, shopping is great, getting a new haircolour is great, but in the end, these are the material things that we use to express who we are, they are not at their true essence who we are on the inside - that part is much deeper!!!

 I recently watched the movie 'Ella Enchanted' with Anne Hathaway and the message shook me to the core - I had a lightbulb moment.  Basically, in the movie, when Ella is a baby, she is cursed by her fairy 'godmother' to be obedient.  Everytime she is asked to do something (even if its not what she really wants to do), she is obedient and does the thing she is asked.  Her life mimics Cinderella's story where her mother dies, her father remarries a woman who has two daughters of her own (who are the wicked stepsister types) - one of Ella's stepsisters figures out the curse and uses it to her advantage, getting Ella to do all sorts of things that get her into trouble knowing she will be obedient.  Ella decides to jouney and find her fairy godmother in hopes of reversing the curse.  On her journey she meets all kinds of interesting characters and of course, like in any fairytale, falls in love with the prince.  She somehow gets caught and the wicked king, who learns of her curse from her stepsister, tells Ella she must kill the prince so he can remain King.  Ella in the meantime finally meets up with her fairy godmother who basically refuses to reverse the curse, telling her that this curse is for her own good.  Ella, loving the prince, is about to literally stab him (like the king obeyed her to do) and then had a flashback of her mother telling her on her deathbed that what she beleives in her heart is stronger than any curse.  Ella in that moment, tired of people telling her what to do and herself obeying, proclaims with force and authority "I will not be obedient anymore, I am free". In that moment, Ella breaks her own curse and realizes that the answer was always within her and that her fairygodmother was right - she was given that curse for a reason - to recognize her own power within!!!

OK - so why did I just give you a whole synopsis of the movie on my makeup, beauty and elegance blog???  Well, how many of us are women who live with the Cinderella complex?  Being obedient to make others happy?  How many of us get an opportunity to break free from this people-pleasing curse?  When it comes to men, how many of us are obedient to what they want us to be vs being ourselves in the relationship???  We try to be the perfect wives and girlfriends, but in the meantime, we give ourselves away!!!  Isn't it time that we, as women, reclaim our power???  Isn't it time that we crown ourselves as princesses instead of enslaving ourselves as Cinderella?  AND most importantly, isn't it time that we give gratitude to the universe for showing us the lessons that we need to get to this point and recognize our own power???

I want to share something very deep about myself and its part of the reason I decided to blog about this 'owning your power' message.  I was bullied in elementary school, I spent my entire highschool life being over 280 pounds, unhappy, never having a boyfriend and seeing myself as unworthy, unlovable and ugly!  It wasn't until I hit my later twenties that I decided to read up about healthy eating, exercise and positive thinking.  I then discovered hot yoga, adopted a semi-vegetarian diet (I consider myself a flexitarian -eating meat sometimes, but also trying to eat vegan at least 2-3 times a week) - I cut out gluten, sugars and all processed, toxic foods, lost a lot of weight, gained some confidence and started to reclaim some of that lost power from the years I was bullied and didn't believe in myself.  However, I was still Cinderlla - I was still only 1/2 beleiving I was beautiful.  I will never forget one memory I had from when I was in elementary school, sitting on a bench (ALONE), minding my own business, when a group of girls from an older grade wanted the bench for themselves, so one of then sat beside me (pretending to be my friend), then another one, then another one, until I was literally on the edge of the bench and finally the last girl sat down and I literally fell to the ground - I was 'pushed' off the bench and in that 'moment' - I felt so small, helpless, POWERLESS.  After hearing Ella proclaim "I will no longer be obedient, I am free" - in some strange 'cosmic', spiritual way, I recognized the lesson from that moment - all these years, I have allowed people and things to 'push me off' my rightful place.  I have let my own feelings of unworthiness and fear "push me off" my rightfull place.  Well today I've decided to be Ella and today I proclaim "I will no longer allow myself to be pushed around.  I am free".  I am free to be 100% myself in all my relationships and if someone doesn't like who I am on the inside or doesn't value me, that person has no place in my life!  I've decided to reclaim my throne and put on my crown of confidence, self-worth and self-love.  I've decided to become my own princess (with or without Prince Charming) and I'm leaving the cinderella complex behind.

Yes, its absolutely true - every woman needs to believe the words "You are Beautiful" because YOU are!!!  I love blogging about makeup, but I am more than just the makeup I put on me face!!!  I am more than the dress I put on before I go out on a date!!!  I deserve to be with a 'prince' who sees me and my inner beauty and wants to be with me because of who I am on the inside vs what I wear on the outside!!!  I love the fact that colour inspires me - I love the fact that makeup and creating looks bring me joy - I love this blog!!!  More importantly, I love who I am on the inside - I love and am grateful for all the lessons I've learned along the way and have made me who I am today.  I even love those girls who pushed me off the bench all those years ago because if it wasn't for them, when I fell to the ground, I also wouldn't have recognized that its up to me to pick myself back up, dust myself off, recognize the lesson and RAISE MYSELF UP and reclaim my power!!!  Finally, I love God, this universe and all the experiences I've been blessed to have because behind each and every painful experience is the lesson to never give up!  Never give up hope that you are meant for greatness because you are - sometimes you need to get pushed off that bench by a bully to see the value within yourself to fight back and say "I will never be bullied again' - sometimes that lesson comes right away, sometimes that lesson comes 20 years later - but that lesson comes, and when it does, listen, claim your greatness and go forth with faith and hope, knowing that you are loved simply for being YOU!!!

I want to acknowledge that the photos I posted are from 'The Inspiration Situation' Facebook Page!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Soft White VS Pure White

Its difficult to find your 'perfect' white - some people look pale, washed out in a pure white, but look incredible in an ivory or oyster white (especially the warm seasons).  Similarily, the cooler seasons look washed out in any kind of beige toned white and need that crisp, clear pure white colour to come alive.  Neutral seaons can handle both.  I always assumed I was some type of neutral, but now I'm wondering - is the pure white better? worse?  I'm slightly confused and would love your input:

Here I am drapped in a warmed toned white - its smiliar to a soft white but with a warmer undertone.


Here I am wearing a crisp, clear true white - its interesting, the natural sunlight brings out the natural bluish, cool undertone of the pure white!!!

I feel great in both shades of white, but as you know, I love feedback!!!

True Red Lip Shade

There are so many variety of red lip colours - everything from blue-red to orange red, to a more plum toned red.  I love them all, but I especially like a true, scarlet type red and I think I found the perfect combination:

I decided to go with a classic 'Winter' Palette with this look - I used Industry eyeliner by MAC and smudged Print eyeshadow into the liner and extended it into the crease.  I then lightly layered print into the crease/outer corners using an fluffy eyeshadow brush.  I used Gentle blush for a sheer pop of colour (I didn't want the blush to compete with the lips).  I then used MAC's Cherry Lipliner and MAC Red lipstick!

There is no other look that inspires confidence and sexiness at the same time as a beautiful scarlet lip!!!