Sunday, October 30, 2011

NARS Bengali Eyeshadow

Many cosmetic companies make a standard brown eyeshadow.  Some shades are warmer and have a tinge of red or orange, taking the colour into a true warm chocolate brown and others are very dark brown bordering on black.  I was looking for more of a choclate based brown, but on the neutral side - not too warm and not too deep.  NARS Bengali fits this description perfectly.  Its a standard dark brown, not too warm and not too dark - perfect!

Today I wanted to move the oranges from my eyes to my lips and clothes and decided to do a smokey-brown eye with Bengali as my feature colour.  I started with my basic concealer/foundation routine and then moved right into creating my feature eye look.  I started with ricepaper by MAC as a base and then used a round-fluffy brush to sweep Bengali from the lid up into the crease and outer corners.  I then blended NARS 'Silent Night' into the lid.  I lined my eyes with Teddy and smudged Galapagos into the upper lash line before finishing with mascara.  I was originally wearing Pretty Your World's blush in Goldfish, but went to department store and ended up trying on NARS 'Taj Mahal' Blush, so this is the blush I'm wearing in this photo.  I finished with MAC's So Chaud Lipstick + Make Up For Ever #17 lipstick:

For women who want to do the smokey eye look but find black too heavy - don't give up!  There are 'endless' smokey eye colour combinations - Everything from Plums and Greys if you're cooler toned to Browns and even Olives if your warm toned.  The most important thing is to play around and have fun - sometimes I've gone to do a natural look and it ends up smokey and other time its the opposite, I intend on doing something smokey and blended and it turns out very natural looking.  The best part about makeup if that it allows you to be an artist and what you create is endless possibilities with makeup!!!


Anonymous said...

Renata, I really like the warm browns on your eyes. You might also like Dior's Couture Gold 554 quint (though maybe it's not warm enough). Did your PCA say if you are TA leaning SA or DA?

Renata said...

My PCA found that SA was too light and washed me out a bit and that the DA was way too dark - she didn't really say I flowed into another autumn season, she just said that I'm a 'True' Autumn that looks best in the golden, spicy, warm colours - so I guess that makes me a true/warm autumn! Thanks so much for the eyeshadow recomendation - I'll have to check it out!!!