Sunday, October 23, 2011

Maria Sidorova - Colour Analyst in Toronto

My colour analysis experience - I'm a TRUE AUTUMN!!!

I wanted to write a blog post to say 'Thank-you' to Maria Sidorova for my recent colour analysis.  I came across Maria's website because I was looking for a colour analyst in the Toronto area.  I really liked the before and after photos on Maria's website, so I decided to e-mail her.  She gave me more information about the colour analysis appointment through e-mail and I finally made the big decision to just 'go for it'!!!  Maria was very professional when I met her - she explained everything she was doing 'step-by-step' during the process and answered every question I had. 

The whole process started by me putting on white lab type coat and cap (to hide my hair and the colour of the clothes I was wearing that day).  Maria started by determining whether I was cool or warm - I was draped in both silver and gold metallic drapes.  She explained in detail the effects of the drapes on my face and why the gold (warm) drape was better - it harmonized with my skintone vs the silver drape that showed white patches, fine lines and wrinkles on my face.  The gold seemed to erase all these imperfections.  The next step was to be draped in the palettes of the warm seasons - spring and autumn.  Maria showed me the spring's blue and then the autumn blue - the autumns warm teal blue was clearly the better choice,  She also compared the cooler blues to show me once again how all the fine lines and white patches become visible with the cooler tones. 

Once Maria determined that I was an autumn - it was then time to get draped in the various autumn palettes - Soft Autumn, Deep Autumn, True Autumn.  The deep palette was way too dark and you saw the depth before you saw me.  The Soft palette seemed to wash me out - it was too light and muted.  The true autumn was 'perfection' and Maria did such a fantastic job in actually 'showing' me why its the best palette for me.

After the colour analysis, I spent time looking at books that Maria created what explained the seasons in more detail - we did a makeup session where Maria taught me to create a 'day look' using the colours in my palette.  I left with a swatch book of all my colours to use when I go shopping or try various makeup shades.  I was honestly so happy and I enjoyed every minute I spent with Maria during the analysis!!!

If you're looking for a colour analyst in the Toronto area - I highly recomment Maria Sidorova - Please check out her website:

If you're curious about the makeup I'm wearing in the top photo - its FACES orange/rust blush with Pretty Your World's 'Goldfish' blush as a pop of colour.  On the lips, I'm wearing MAC"s Brick lipliner and then mixed MAC's So Chaud and 'O' lipsticks.  For the eyes, I kept them neutral with Navajo as a base (Bobbi Brown) and a sheer gold shadow (from the Dazzling metallics Cover Girl Trio) - I then used MAC's Teddy eyeliner and smudged the top lashline with an angled brush!

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