Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Soft Summer VS True Autumn

I'm excited to do this post because its a 'request' to see how the Soft Summer palette compares to the True Autumn palette against my skintone.  I want to specifiy that I'm completely confident in my True Autumn analysis and an super excited with my palette and colours.  Here are 2 photos of myself wearing soft summer colours, with a medium ash brown hair-colour:

And here are 2 recent photos of myself in the True Autumn palette:

The first thing I noticed about the Soft Summer shades is that taupe shades of brown do nothing for me - in fact, I find they drain me.  When I was playing around with the soft summer shades, it was all about muted greys and taupes.  In comparison to the chocolate browns I'm wearing in the 'true autumn'  photos, the taupes add an ashy-ness to my skintone.  Secondly, I didn;'t realize until just now how absolutely HORRIBLE ash brown hair colour tones are on me.  Talk about having an 'ewww - what was I thinking' reaction.  The warm chestnut base with butterscotch highlights in the True Autumn photos are much better.  I look forward to adding even more warmth within the next few weeks and taking my hair into a rich auburn tone.  I think that some people really liked me in the SS palette because the colours were neutral in comparison to other palettes, but now that I've discovered my golden warm palette and comparing those shades to the SS shades, SS makes me look ill and ashy!!!


Sneza said...

It's true that the palettes change your eye colour... in the top two your eyes look gray but in the bottom two they are so green (unless it's the camera and lighting).

Rachel said... look so young and fresh in the autumn pics! Any lines just disappear and your skin glows! Amazing. I need to get draped. :)