Sunday, October 16, 2011

Warm Aqua and Teal Eye shades

I recently got a new eyeshadow palette from a cousin of mine (the palette is called 'BR', I've never even heard of it before) - her sister works at a salon and every so often the makeup artist there declutters her product line and gives away her makeup to the people at the salon.  My cousin got a whole bunch of free stuff, a lot of which she knew she's never wear, so she passed it on to me (I of course took it gladly)!!!
I immediately was attracted to the aqua, periwinkle and warm blue-green shades in the palette.  I decided I wanted to create an almost 'tropical' look with these shades.  I know we're in the autumn season right now, but I decided to have fun anyway and just play around.

I mixed a lot of the shade on the left hand side of the palette (pictured here) - I used MAC's Indigo eyeliner and smudged these shade into the upper lashline and used the darker warmer aqua shades in the crease/outer corner.  I used Benefits 'Coralista' blended with MAC's ambering rose blush and then added smashbox's flamingo as a pop of colour in the centre of the cheeks.  I then put on a quick swipe of Revlon's Kiss me coral. 

I took this first photo with flash lighting so you can really see the intensity of the aqua shades.  Paired with the coral shades on the lips and cheeks, this look is balanced - it would also work with peaches and perhaps a coral red lip for evening, but anything too orange or pink and this look would be 'off' - the corals and peaches really work well with the aqua shades - an awesome combination!!!

THis second photo is taken without flash in natural light and is more representative of what the effect of the actual look.

Its fun to do something out of the ordinary - often people expect oranges and browns for autumn, but why not try something different?

I hope you enjoyed this look!!!