Monday, October 31, 2011

Kibbie - Dramatic Classic???

Lately I've been reading a lot about the Kibbie style types - there are a variety of different styles like romantic, classic, dramatic, natural, gamine and then there are variations of each - theatrical romantic, dramatic classic etc

I took a quiz on the yuku website and most of my answers came out as romantic, but I can tell you right off the bat that the romantic frills and ruffles don't suit me in the least.  I decided to revisit the quiz and be completely honest and found myself more as a classic with a dramatic edge.  I then studied the various celebrity collages on the website and the dramatic classic type really resonated with me:

I was particularily inspired by this photo of Jackie O:

I'm not 100% sure if I'm a dramatic classic yet, but this is the style I resonate with.  I usually love wearing classic peices like pencil skirts, shirt-dresses, fitted dresses with a classic gold chain belt.  I've never liked big, clunky jewelery - in fact, I prefer delicate peices - diamond studs, gold ball stud earings, pearls, classic gold hoop etc.  However, when it comes to necklaces, I like something with a bit of drama - perhaps even a hint of avant-garde.  Here is a look that I wear to work often - a classic dress (now in my True Autumn colour) with leather chocolate brown boots from Nine West:

Curious to hear what you think about me as a 'dramatic-classic' type!!!

Here is the yuku website where you can read up more about the Kibbie style types:


Fil said...

Renata, I actually liked Romantic for you, not so much frilly, but more sophisticated "Edwardian/Lady of the Manor". Like those cowl/high necks that you wear so well, that have a je ne sais quoi to them. This look is too minimalistic for you, I think. I want to see "richer"!

Renata said...

Thanks Fil - perhaps I need to study Romantic more in depth - I wish there were more celebrity photos and collages!

Fil said...

Renata, if you get a chance, look up "The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style": Euro Chic and American Classic (Classic styles) and Posh Ecclectic, which may correlate with one of the Kibbe Romantics, perhaps one of the combination styles.

Renata said...

THanks Fil!!!

Anonymous said...

I believe Classic suits you well, specifically, how about considering his category of Soft Classic; even tho my opinion is obviously in the minority, I hope it helps you in some way to determine your type. Thank you for the links! Although I was analyzed by him personally many, many years ago, and also own his book, I believe it's convenient seeing the celebs' photos versus only their names as in the book. I am a Soft Natural, Vibrant Autumn according to his analysis.