Monday, October 31, 2011

Kibbie - Dramatic Classic???

Lately I've been reading a lot about the Kibbie style types - there are a variety of different styles like romantic, classic, dramatic, natural, gamine and then there are variations of each - theatrical romantic, dramatic classic etc

I took a quiz on the yuku website and most of my answers came out as romantic, but I can tell you right off the bat that the romantic frills and ruffles don't suit me in the least.  I decided to revisit the quiz and be completely honest and found myself more as a classic with a dramatic edge.  I then studied the various celebrity collages on the website and the dramatic classic type really resonated with me:

I was particularily inspired by this photo of Jackie O:

I'm not 100% sure if I'm a dramatic classic yet, but this is the style I resonate with.  I usually love wearing classic peices like pencil skirts, shirt-dresses, fitted dresses with a classic gold chain belt.  I've never liked big, clunky jewelery - in fact, I prefer delicate peices - diamond studs, gold ball stud earings, pearls, classic gold hoop etc.  However, when it comes to necklaces, I like something with a bit of drama - perhaps even a hint of avant-garde.  Here is a look that I wear to work often - a classic dress (now in my True Autumn colour) with leather chocolate brown boots from Nine West:

Curious to hear what you think about me as a 'dramatic-classic' type!!!

Here is the yuku website where you can read up more about the Kibbie style types:


Fil said...

Renata, I actually liked Romantic for you, not so much frilly, but more sophisticated "Edwardian/Lady of the Manor". Like those cowl/high necks that you wear so well, that have a je ne sais quoi to them. This look is too minimalistic for you, I think. I want to see "richer"!

Renata said...

Thanks Fil - perhaps I need to study Romantic more in depth - I wish there were more celebrity photos and collages!

Fil said...

Renata, if you get a chance, look up "The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style": Euro Chic and American Classic (Classic styles) and Posh Ecclectic, which may correlate with one of the Kibbe Romantics, perhaps one of the combination styles.

Renata said...

THanks Fil!!!