Saturday, October 1, 2011

Clear Spring

The Saga Continues:
For months now I've been going back and forth between Cool Winter, Soft Summer and Clear Spring as the best palettes for me.  I really liked a lot of the cool winter colours, but I really, really feel that there is a level of warmth that is missing from that palette that I need.  Also, the blue and grey tones seemed to drain me, especially when I wore them as eyeshadows (I got comments that I looked tired or people would ask "are you sick or coming down with something?).  I tried really, really hard to make the cool winter work for me, but there was something that just didn't fit.  Clarity is something that I definitely need (I get endless compliments when I wear a very bright golden yellow, coral, warm aqua and orange-red shades).  The clarity combined with warmth was something that was missing from the Soft Summer palette - the natural makeup tones of Soft Summer seemed okay, but when it came to clothes and accessories, the Soft Summer shades were blah, too muted and to dull for me.  I started to post pictures of the clear spring shades on my facebook 'makeup album' and the compliments started coming in - I even started to get more compliments from people at work, saying that I look healthier, fresher, one person even said "I wish I could wear those bright colours so well, they look great on you, but would over-power me".  I think what really makes the Clear Spring palette work for me is that I'm a spring that flows into winter, so I still have my black and grey basics, along with my coral, peach and clear orange reds that I adore and knew in my heart always looked great on me.  I don't at all regret my journey with the cool winter shades - but I have to say, I feel at home with the clear spring palette.   Here is one of the pics I have with clear spring makeup (and I'd love to hear your feedback):

Clear - Spring makeup:

Face:  I started with Loreal's N4 concealer and then used Make Up For Ever's HD Foundation in #155.  I applied NARS Orgasm Illuminator all over my face after my foundation set (I love the subtle peach glow it gives)

Eyes: I used the gold shade in cover girls 'dazzling metallics' trio as a base. Then used a shade called 'faux pas', which was in a quad I got from Lancome in a gift set. For the lid, I used MAC's amber lights. Clinique's black-brown eyeliner was used on the top lid only and smudged with 'chic' eyeshadow by lancome. I used MAC's Indigo eyeliner on the lower-lash-liner, finishing with Dior-show masacara in black.

BLush: I used NARS Exhibit A with Smashbox's 'Flamingo' eyeshadow as a pop of colour.

Lips: I used Lancome's Bronzelle lipliner and filled in my lips with MAC"s Impassioned lipstick. I then used 'Flamingo' again to dab onto the lips and give it that peachy-melon sheen

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lauermar said...

I love the makeup, Renata. I think NARS created his best-selling orgasm line just for clear springs!