Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bright Winter

There is one colour missing from the Clear Spring palette that I love and admire - True Red.  I've blogged about this incredibly feminine and sensual shade before and I keep on coming back to it as one of my favourites.  After a few amazing recommendations and conversations, I decided to give bright or 'clear' winter shades a try and much to my surprise, I really like this palette.  Today I did my makeup using colours from this palette and had an opportunity to take a photo outside is very natural light - I'm at my schools football field/track setting up for an 'Bocce Tournament' my school hosted.  I snaped this photo early this morning and I really like the effect of the makeup:

For this look I used Exhibit A blush, a mix of NARS ashes to ashes and lola-lola eyeshadows on the eyes with Marcelle's Cabaret in the crease/outer corners.  I used MAC"s Blooz as a liner and smudged Cabaret into the upper lash line.  For my lips, I used MAC's Cherry lipliner and Russian Red Lipstick.


Margo said...

Renata, which MAC lipstick "Russian Red" or "Chili" is better for you? Thank you!

Renata said...

Margo so sorry for the very late response, i just saw this comment now - i actually have started mixing the both of them together with auburn lipliner by mac!