Monday, October 10, 2011

True Red Lip Shade

There are so many variety of red lip colours - everything from blue-red to orange red, to a more plum toned red.  I love them all, but I especially like a true, scarlet type red and I think I found the perfect combination:

I decided to go with a classic 'Winter' Palette with this look - I used Industry eyeliner by MAC and smudged Print eyeshadow into the liner and extended it into the crease.  I then lightly layered print into the crease/outer corners using an fluffy eyeshadow brush.  I used Gentle blush for a sheer pop of colour (I didn't want the blush to compete with the lips).  I then used MAC's Cherry Lipliner and MAC Red lipstick!

There is no other look that inspires confidence and sexiness at the same time as a beautiful scarlet lip!!!

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