Saturday, October 1, 2011

Exhibit A

If Michael Jackson is the king of pop and Kate is the new princess, Exhibit A is the Queen of Blushes!!!  Its considered a cult classic by NARS and makeup artists and I don't think 'any' other makeup company makes a blush this extraordinary!!!  Its one of those blushes that many people will walk by and say "no - thats way too bright for me, without even giving it a chance".  Yes. it takes confidence to wear this shade, but there is something to this blush that can look natural and pleasing to the eye, especially when it wear it with a certain balance with the rest of your makeup.  If you're into colour analysis and theory, this is the perfect blush for Clear and True Springs.  Its that perfect 'clear red' shade thats not muted, not too bluish and not too orangy, but at the same time its not a 'true red' - there is a slight yellowish, coral undertone.  I think this blush looks amazing with a clear or coral based red like MAC's Lady Danger or NARS Heatwave. In this photo I'm wearing it with Revlon's new lipstick shade 'Siren' - a coral shade that looks amazing with Exhibit A:

I tried to stick to a neutral eye to balance out the clear red lips and cheeks - I used a neutral brown shade from my lids into my crease (a colour similar to cork by MAC) and then used Smolder eyeliner by MAC, using Night Breed (NARS) to smudge into the upper lash line.  I then used Exibit A blush and finished off the look by using Auburn lipliner by MAC with Revlon's Siren lipstick - this liner/lipstick combination is awesome!!!

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