Monday, October 10, 2011

Cool/True Summer Palette

Usually people of warmth as comforting, but I also think that soft blue-greys, lavenders and soft greys also carry a level of comfort to them.  To me, this palette brings a sense of elegance and ease that is very unique.  Not everyone can pull off the blue-muted greys, in fact, I'm not even sure that I can, but regardless, I wanted to play around with these shades and create a look that is smokey, cool and summery.  I hope you like it:

For this look, I started with my basic face (concealer, foundation, no bronzer this time or warm blushes).  I used Navajo by Bobbi Brown as a base, then used a very heavy hand to create a thick layer of eyeliner - I used MAC's Phone Number for this look.  I then took an angled brush by MAC and smudged Bobbi Browns Lavender shadow into the liner and smudged up into the crease. I then took a big, fluffy eyeshadow brush and used lavender in the crease and blended in onto the lid.  I used a lighter hand to apply Phone Number to the lower lash liner and finished with black mascara (I used DiorShow).  For blush, I used NARS Dolce Vita (a dusty rose) and then used MAC's Gentle mineralize blush as a pop of colour.  For my lips, I used Magenta lipliner and filled them in with Pervette lipstick by MAC.

This is definitely a look I would sport if I have a nice shimmery grey evening dress or blouse - I'm wearing a vivid magenta top in this photo to bring out the cool undertone in my skin!


singularfocus said...

I've noticed that when you wear cool colors the whites in your eyes get REALLY white!

Anonymous said...

I like this. You look young and pretty.

Renata said...

Thank you very much Anonymous - I am currently re-visiting this season and liking it very much - I hope to do a few new posts on it soon!!!