Tuesday, July 30, 2013

'Parisienne' Makeup Look

Here is a makeup look that I ceated using the colours that were chosen for me when I visited the House of Chanel in Paris. As I mentioned in my previous post, I met a really kind and 'tres chic' woman named Caroline Ghisolfi who helped me pick out shades that complemented my skintone and that also were 'elegant'. The colours were: Prelude eyeshadow quad with Gris eyeliner, Frivole blush, Rouge Profond lipliner with the classic #19 Gabrielle lipstick!!! Oh La la - Tres Chic!!! I had a lot of 'a ha' moments about beauty while I was in Paris. This year I've really come to discover that beauty actually has more to do with inner beauty. You see my new philosophy is that beauty works in a system of 'layers' and it all starts at the same core - your soul/spirit! When your spirit shines forth from witin, you are your most beautiful - everything you do after you have ignited your spirit is simply a reflection of the beauty that you possess within. Makeup is actually one of the last layers - its what you apply to your face, but its your inner beauty that is reflected through your eyes that really makes you shine. I went to Paris looking to gain a new style, and I left Paris as a new person, not because of the clothes I got or new things that I purchased etc - I left Paris a new person because I discovered the secret to 'allure' - its not a thing, its not a lipstick colour, its not a scent - its embracing YOU - its letting go of all the things that no longer matter - its about giving your time and energy 'only' to people who deserve it - its about knowing your WORTH - once you discover this layer of beauty, your inner worth, you shine bright and when your spirit shines bright, your beauty will last forever, it will shine on until the end of time................How Magnifique is that???

Monday, July 29, 2013

Paris and The House of Chanel - Part 1 of Many.......

PARIS - I'm officially in love and the object of my affection is the person that I have become thanks to experiencing 'Paris'. Paris has been a huge catalyst for me to completely reinvent myself. There were many highlights for me - seeing the Mona Lisa at the Louvre, hanging out at the Latin Quarter eating gelato nearly every night, the Eiffel Tower (seeing it lit up on a boat cruise is 'magnifique', seeing all the wonderful museums/art galleries, churches (the Notre Dame is just exquisite)!!! One of the most amazing experiences of my life to date was going to the House of Chanel - I had to save the best for last - I was 'transfixed' and in total awe that I was standing in the place where Gabrielle Coco Chanel lived her work and passion - I could honestly still feel her energy there! Being in Paris, I made it a point to study what the Parisian women were wearing, their makeup look, their 'allure' - I kept a journal and have writen down many musings about these topics. I plan to do a series of posts dedicated to my NEW philosophy of beauty, makeup, the allure of Chanel. Coco Chanel is so inspiring to me right now because she IS the essence of feminine power - the ideal 'self-made' woman. Sensing the energy in the House of Chanel, I really feel inspired to pursue every desire of my heart. I feel that 'this is the time' for me to transform - to really embrace my individuality in a way that is not defined by anything or anyone outside of myself - not a man, not a friend, not a foe - its really about embracing that part of me that has been wanting to be freed for a very long time. The time really is now!
I met an absolutely wonderful woman at the house of Chanel - she helped me choose my new makeup look, which I plan to do a post on very soon - she had that true allure about her - she was poised, confident, but also very kind and her eyes spoke of a real compassion - her name is Caroline Ghisolfi and if you ever have an opportunity to visit the house of Chanel in Paris, definitely check in and see if she is available to help you:

I have so much to say about Paris - I could write forever, but for now I'm going to leave this post as is - all I can say is that Paris has changed me to such an extent that I cannot and will not ever be the same person - I am forever changed, forever transformed, forever excited to embrace my inner feminity and self - my journey is just beginning and its going to be FANTASTIC - I don't know the how/when/where and why, but I am going to pursue the dream that is currently in my heart - its manifesting already right before me and I thank Paris for the 'wake-up call' to my destiny!!!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Soft Autumn Makeup Request - Welcome Back SA!!!

I created this look because I wanted to give Soft Autumn another chance and I got 'many, many' responses from people saying they feel this really is my best palette. However, I have had a lot of discussions with people about the notion of a 'custom blend' palette. Many people are finding that they have one 'base' season, but can easily borrow from other sister seasons. For example, I have a friend who is 100% True Autumn, but can easily borrow from Deep Autumn and Bright Spring. I think its worth getting a 'custom blend' consultation to see where I would flow! I have to admit that with as much Deep Winter envy as I have (and I do still feel I can wear a lot of those colours successfully) - I must say that this look is 100% harmonious and perfect for me - so welcome back Soft Autumn!!!
Here is what I used for this look: For the eyes, I started with Brule as a base, applied soba + Coquette from lid to crease (all MAC) - I then used NARS Mambo eyeliner and smudged the upper lashline with MAC's Embark Blush - MAC's Sweet as Cocoa with Pinch Me as a pop of colour Lips - Chicory Lipliner with Spice is Nice by MAC I am really, really loving the SPice is Nice lipstick by MAC!!!
I would love to hear your feedback on this look!!!

Friday, July 12, 2013

A 'Softer' Smokey Eye with a Brick Lip Shade

I decided to create this look based on a facebook request that I received from one of my friends. She wanted to see me try a softer, more subtle smokey eye with a neutral blush shade and a brick toned lipstick. I think that in terms of colour analysis, the shades are true to the Soft Autumn palette. I also got a lot of feedback from my recent 'palette mystery' posts both on this blog and on FB and it seems that Soft Autumn keeps coming up as people's favourite palette on me. I have to say that after creating this look, there is something to be said about not ruling out SA and giving this palette another chance. Check out this look - i'd really appreciate any feedback you have and I always enjoy taking requests for different looks:
For the subtle smokey eye, I started with arena as a base shade, then mixed coquette and soba and applied from the lid to the crease - I then used ricepaper on the lid, blooz eyeliner and smudged the upper lashline with embark eyeshadow (all MAC) - I finished with black mascara. I used NARS Madly blush on the cheeks and for the lips, I combined MAC's Mahogany lipliner with Spice is Nice Lipstick!!! I actually really adore the Spice is Nice lipstick - Its my new favourite shade - a perfect wearable everyday brownish-red/mahogany!!!

Palette Mystery Con't - SA, SS, TA and DW comparison

Since getting feedback about the 'Palette Mystery' Collage and my choice of Deep Winter as the best option, I decided to not rule out the softs or even true autumn, so I did another set of collages that speak to this - Soft Autumn:
Soft Summer:
True Autumn:
Deep Winter:
I have to admit that there is a real toss-up between the SA and DW - they seem so be so different in terms of palettes, but both seem to fit somehow - what do you think??? Do I lean 'soft' or 'deep'???

Monday, July 8, 2013

Palette Mystery Solved - Deep Winter!!!

I'm kind of in 'Wowzers' mode right now - In my last post I made the observation that the natural colour harmony of my eyes, skin, lips are neutral in appearance, possibly Soft Summer, but that there is a depth also. WHen I played around with the soft summer palette in the past, the same issue came up - the neutral cool shades were great, but the shades were slightly too muted - I needed some contrast and some depth. I have been playing around with the Deep Winter palette now for a while and really feel comfortable in this palette. I know that many of you still like the autumn shades on me, which is also interesting since deep winter is a winter that verges into autumn, so those rust, tomato red, olive, gold and chocolate brown tones are still in my palette. WHen I looked at the deep winter palette, I started to see some striking similarities to the recent colour harmony collage that I created, check it out:
Here is the same collage but with some deep winter makeup looks - I think that I have yet to find/create a natural deep winter makeup look - so far I've been obsessed with the deep, deep reds, which are uber chic and dramatic!
Stay tuned for more deep winter looks as I explore this season even more!!!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

THe 'Palette' Challenge - Guess the Season

I decided to do a little experiement - I took a few close up photos of my natural lip shade, eye colour and skin without any makeup - I then cut and paste sections of these colours into a collage - its interesting to see all the colours that appear and start to become harmonious with one another - Its also a little challenging to pin-point a season because the shades are so diverse - at first it seems like there is a lot of Soft Summer going on, but there is also a 'depth' and deeper shades of black, charcoal, olive shades that are not found in Soft Summer - I'm leaving it in your hands - what season do you see in this collage???

Response to 'Empty' Hate Mail

I am so honoured and grateful to have received some very interesting 'Hate Mail'!!!  Why am I so excited about this you ask???  I adore and love what the person wrote - they said basically that  no amount of makeup and clothes can take away from someone who is 'empty' (i.e. suggesting that I am an empty, horrible, soul-less person - I find this utterly amusing) and to stop posting photos of myself on the net - Here is my response:

Yes, you are 100% correct - I am 'empty' - I am empty of hatred, I am empty of envy and jealousy - I am empty of 'evil', vindictivness, childish behaviour, insecurity, deceit, the need to lie and create stories, all things which you seem to be FULL of!!!  I am also empty of major spelling and grammatical errors.  If you have any issues reading this, I would highly suggest that someone with a little intelligence help you read and understand what I have written - it may be a little difficult for you!

Secondly, I thought it would be a great idea to inform you of things which I am currently FULL of - confidence, self-esteem, strength, passion, creativity, 'friends', an inner sense of security, love - just to name a few things!!!

Finally, thank you for the encouragement to continue writing this blog with pride and posting as many photos of my makeup work as I possibly can - I am fully grateful for everything - I am a changed person because of you and I love it - you have inspired the strength in me!!!

From Renata,
FULL of Love and Gratitude!!! Namaste!!!

Film Noir - Old Hollywood Glam Look!

I am so inspired to create an old Hollywood glam 'Film Noir' look - inspired by the old black and white films of the 30s and 40s - I started this look with a basic makeup face/canvas - concealer, tinted moisturizer, and a natural bronzer shade (Too faced 'Milk Chocolate' is currently my favourite).  For the eyes, I used brule as a base, woodwinked from lid to crease, smut shadow in crease and smudged into smolder eyeliner, black mascara (all MAC).  I then applied Lovejoy blush by NARS.  For the lip shade, I started with mahogany lipliner, then applied Film Noir lipstick and topped this combination with NARS red lizzard!

I am loving the deep red lipstick shades and I adore that MAC makes a shade called 'Film Noir' - I am continuining my journey into the deep winter shades - they really resonate with me and I adore the palette!!!