Sunday, July 7, 2013

THe 'Palette' Challenge - Guess the Season

I decided to do a little experiement - I took a few close up photos of my natural lip shade, eye colour and skin without any makeup - I then cut and paste sections of these colours into a collage - its interesting to see all the colours that appear and start to become harmonious with one another - Its also a little challenging to pin-point a season because the shades are so diverse - at first it seems like there is a lot of Soft Summer going on, but there is also a 'depth' and deeper shades of black, charcoal, olive shades that are not found in Soft Summer - I'm leaving it in your hands - what season do you see in this collage???


Emma said...

Looks very SSu to me.

Anonymous said...

I see soft autumn.

Anonymous said...

I think you are a deep soft winter. Because it looks to me you have some peach undertones and some rose undertones in your skin. And your eyes to me look amber going into green. Close to my eye color but greener. But I am convinced your coloring is both deep and soft. Deep in that there is a lot of variance while soft in the sense it blends together into one and that it is not immediately obvious on sight without something to compare to. So I would say you are either a deep soft autumn or a deep soft winter. That my take. :)