Friday, July 12, 2013

Palette Mystery Con't - SA, SS, TA and DW comparison

Since getting feedback about the 'Palette Mystery' Collage and my choice of Deep Winter as the best option, I decided to not rule out the softs or even true autumn, so I did another set of collages that speak to this - Soft Autumn:
Soft Summer:
True Autumn:
Deep Winter:
I have to admit that there is a real toss-up between the SA and DW - they seem so be so different in terms of palettes, but both seem to fit somehow - what do you think??? Do I lean 'soft' or 'deep'???


Anonymous said...

You have always been a soft autumn to me

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous.. I like all of them.. But then I'm a guy who just stumbled upon this blog, so I'm no help at all. But I do appreciate your experimentation.