Sunday, January 31, 2016

Reminiscing - Chanel, Paris, Soul-Growth

I officially have an obsession with Chanel red lipsticks.  I know this because I spent most of last night on Pinterest simply in AWE of the beautiful Chanel looks.  Chanel really did leave a legacy that is comparable to none.  One of the things that I noticed while checking out Chanel Pinterest looks is all the quotes that Chanel herself spoke.  They are filled with confidence, answering to no-one's definition of who you should be.  I think that when it comes to a Chanel red lip, it's more than just a 'lipstick' - its an 'essence' of being comfortable in your own skin and owning your power.  I know that may sound like a lot of 'word nonsense', but it's completely true.  When I was in Paris a few years ago, I got to sit on the steps inside of the House of Chanel.  I can't explain it fully, but I really felt that Chanel was there.  Today I came across that photo again and my soul literally spoke: "don't forget that girl sitting on the steps - she's more powerful than you know".  Rediscovering Chanel at this point in my life is so much more than just makeup, style, beauty etc, it's 'soul growth' - it's a confirmation that I'm headed in the right direction and that I own no-one an apology for being myself!!!

Here is a link to my post about being at the House of Chanel in 2013

And here I am today, still in love with Chanel and still understanding that my Paris experience truly was and is a catalyst for growth:

For this look, it's all about creating the statement red lip.  I used MAC products for my eyes and cheeks, as they are currently what I use most in my makeup bag: I blended Patina and Club and combined this combination on the lid and then used Arena shadow in the crease.  I used Trace Gold and a touch of Peaches blush in the centre of cheeks.  One of my favourite Chanel blushes was discontinued - Frivole :( - Peaches is a close match, as well as NARS Gina blush!  The magic of Chanel definitely comes in with the lip shade - Passion #104 

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Chanel Passion Lipstick 104

I have FINALLY come across a red lipstick that is perfect in every single way.  I love wearing red lipstick, but have find myself tied down to the warm autumn brick and rust reds.  I'm not complaining - I absolutely adore those shades.  They are elegant in their own right.  However, sometimes I wanted that classic true red lipstick.  Since being draped as a warm autumn, my previous stand-by's just didn't work.  I realized that they were either too bright, too blue-based. too cool or too deep.  The great thing about my own personalized palette, is that I can wear a 'Warm True Red'.  I came close to finding that shade in the YSL #1 le rouge, but it was still slightly too bright.  YSL was a lipstick I purchased in Paris and because it brings back so many amazing memories, i'll be wearing it forever :) That being said, today I was 'on the hunt' to find that perfect warm true red.  I've been craving wearing a true red shade that suits me to perfection.  I tried on many shades, but found the closest matches at the Chanel counter.  It came down to the shades: Pirate, Gabrielle and Passion.  I tried each one and it was really obvious to both the makeup artist and myself that 'Passion' was most definitely the BEST shade.  The best part of this experience, however, came when I got home and swatched it against my Warm Autumn Palette.  It was an EXACT match to my 'Warm True Red' swatch.  I honestly did a 'happy dance' in my room!  Being able to find that perfect red is such a great feeling.  For me, red is the ultimate in Chic!

In this collage photo, its very clear that the Passion lipstick matches perfectly to the Warm True Red swatch :)

For this makeup look, I wanted the lipstick to take centre stage, so I started with just my basic concealer and foundation.  I then used MAC Trace Gold blush.  On my eyes, I mixed MAC arena and amber lights and applied this to the lid and crease.  My eyeliner of choice was Laura Mercier Copper Brown - I used an angled brush to smudge the upper lash line and finished with a coat of black mascara.  Finally, Chanel Passion Lipstick!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Amber Marries Teal

I had a lot of fun putting together this look because it's a true hybrid of the warm autumn palette and the marine palette.  I wanted to create a look with 'warmth' as the number one feature, but add in a touch of the sea green colours that are so apparent in my eyes:

For this look, I started with my basic golden-beige foundation and concealer (Loreal true match in W 4).  I then decided to mix MAC amber lights with steamy eyeshadow - I applied this mix to the lid.  I then used amber lights on its own in the crease.  My eyeliner of choice today was MAC Tarnish, which is smudged out slightly on the upper lash line before finishing with a few coats of black mascara.  For my blush, I first applied NARS madly and then used MAC Peaches as a pop of colour on the cheeks.  For the lips, I used Bronzelle lipliner by Lancome and then applied Kat Von D lipstick in Solo.  I really like this look - it has all the elements of the sea greens without being over-powering. Amber and teal are definitely a good marriage!

Macro Lens Experiment

I have been having such a fun time playing around with my new macro lens!  The macro lens really goes zoom in on the eye and pulls out the amazing patterns and colours of your eye.  It really makes you stand back in awe and think "is this really how amazing my eye really is? - does it really have all these colours and patterns?"   My natural eye colour has always been hard to describe - some people see grey-green, others blue, others grey etc etc.  Furthermore, my eye colour changes often - kind of like mood eyes :)  I've been taking various photos of my eyes the past week and decided to make a collage of the colours and patterns most present in my eye:

I definitely have that 'sea/marine' colour factor.  Yet, there is also that slight pop of amber/orange present.  I most definitely have a unique autumn eye-colour.   One thing that I really like is the warm teal/grey combination going on.  I would love to be able to create an outfit and makeup look based on these shades.  I also want to play around more with the orange/amber/rust shades!!!  I most definitely recommend getting a macro lens if your interested in finding your season, discovering your 'Zyla archetype' or simply interested in learning about eye pattern and colour :)

Thursday, January 21, 2016

L'Oreal Doutzen's Nude Lipstick

This morning, I really felt like creating a natural, very minimal, warm toned makeup look.  I really do like how the warm tones harmonize so well against my skin tone.  I've been playing around with some netural cools lately, but hands down, my warm autumn palette really does suit me the best.  I wanted to find a lipstick shade that was a light warm pink.  I thought that this type of shade would be perfect for that uber natural, minimal look.  I decided to check out some of the drugstore brands and immedietly fell in love with L'oreal's 'Doutzen's Nude'.  It's a light pink, but it has that yellowed/warm light pink look.  It's not quite peach and it's not quite pink.  It's actually a very pretty colour.  In fact, I look foward to playing around with this shade and blending it with various warm toned liners to find new ways to wear this shade.

For this makeup look, I started with my 'basic face' of golden toned foundation and concealer by Revlon.  I then applied MAC Trace Gold blush.  For the eyes, I applied MAC Arena shadow on the lid and Amber lights into the crease before finishing with mascara.  To complete this mininal-warm look, I applied the Doutzen's Nude lipstick!  I know that the lighter lipstick tones are not my 'ideal best' shades.  I have to be careful because sometimes going too light can wash me out.  However, today I just wanted to play around and just go for it - no rules!  Sometimes with the right look, mood and confidence, you can make anything work :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Chanel Suzanne Lipstick #428

I was at the mall the other day and decided to stop by the Chanel counter.  The makeup artist working there had the most beautiful makeup on her face.  It was so elegant and harmonious.  I couldn't help but ask her what lipstick and blush she was wearing.  She told me she was wearing the 428 Suzanne lipstick and Innocence blush.  Since she and I had similar skin tones, she had warm-yellow undertones, I ask if I could try on both shades.  I loved the colours, but walked away because the last thing I needed was another lipstick.  However, before I could leave the department store, two different women complimented me on my lipstick (and no, they didn't work for Chanel lol).  I of course took that as a sign that this lipstick was meant to be mine and returned to the counter to purchase the lipstick.  I'm really happy that I did:

Suzanne was described on many websites as a 'Rosewood' shade.  I would call it a plumesque rosewood shade.  It seems neutral in tone, but my lips are naturally pigmented to lean plum-brown, so the plum seems to pop out more.  In fact, one of the compliments that I got at the store was: "What a pretty berry lipstick, what shade is that?".  I really like that this colour morphs depending on your makeup and what palette you are wearing.  Yesterday, I was wearing warm tones and Suzanne complemented the palette very nicely.  Today, I went more neutral-cool because of the clothes/outfit I had picked out and everything harmonizes so well.  I started this look with my golden base foundation/concealer by Revlon.  I picked NARS Oasis blush because its a rosy-gold shade.  For my eyes, I blended MAC Club eyeshadow onto the lid and Arena eyeshadow into the crease.  I'm really liking the versatility of this look :)

Monday, January 18, 2016

Chanel Les 4 Ombres Tissé Venitién 232

I simply adore this eyeshadow quad!  It is pure elegance - the marine/sea green, teal, silver-blue and peach shades are simply 'divine' together.  In my last post, I created a look using this quad.  Today, I decided to create a very similar look, but give it a rocker, smokey/smudged effect.  I think that elegant colours don't always have to be classic, they can be fun and urban-chic too!  So here is today's look:

I used the darker shade of the Tisse Venitien palette on the upper lash-line and applied the brighter teal-marine shade on the lower lash-line, making sure to smudge out the lines.  I used MAC Trace Gold as my blush choice.  It's my favourite blush to compliment the Tisse Venitien palette.  Finally, my absolute favourite lipstick for this look is Chanel Indecise!!!  Voila - a chic, yet fun way to do a marine-green eyeshadow look!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Eye Colour and Pattern: Ocean/Sea Greens and Blues

I am always inspired when I see close up photos of eyes and eye patterns.  Eyes are just magnificent and majestic to me.  I recently got a macro-lens for my cell phone and was able to take a close up of my eye.  The first thing that was immediately apparent, was how many 'sea green and marine blue' shades were part of my eye colour pattern:

I wanted to play up these shades immedietly and realized that I have the perfect eyeshadow quad - Chanel Tisse Veniten.  The shades in this quad were such an elegant compliment to my eye colour.  I was inspired to see what the effect of wearing my 'eye colour' would be:

The result - wow factor, marine inspired smokey-eyes!!!  I used the peachy shade of the palette as a base, the medium sea-green on the lid and the darker marine green-blue as a liner.  I used the grey-blue shade as a highlight in the inner tear-ducts of my eye before finishing with black mascara.  Since the eyes were the focus, I used MAC Trace Gold as a neutral blush shade and applied Chanel Indecise lipstick :)  I have to say, that I am wowed by this look.  I guess the colours found in your own eye pattern really can be your best, regardless of your seasonal colour type.  This look is a keeper!  I look forward to playing around with various combinations of the Tisse Veniten eyeshadow quad!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Maybelline Crazy For Coffee Lipstick

One of the requests that I get sometimes is to post about drugstore brand items and lipsticks.  I have discovered (or shall I say 'rediscovered') a Maybelline lipstick that is by far, one the BEST colours I've ever tried: Maybelline Crazy For Coffee:

Crazy for Coffee is most definitely a 'brown toned' lipstick, but it has a very elegant look.  The formula of the lipstick is very creamy and it feels very 'hydrating' on the lips.  Even though this lipstick is a classic brown shade, it also has the most 'subtle' touch of pink added in.  It's just enough to not make this shade a flat brown colour.  All I can say, is that when it comes to a drugstore lipstick, this is by far a 'keeper' for me!!!  I wanted to really highlight the warmth of this shade by pairing it with other warm toned colours and adding just a touch of balance by adding a grey (cool toned) liner to the eye.  I used a golden brown based concealer and foundation, NARS Orgasm blush, a touch of Soba eyeshadow on the lid into the crease and Grey Utility eyeliner (both MAC) before finishing the look with black mascara.  

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Winter Wonderland Look

Today we had our first 'real' snowfall of the season!  As much as I love the warmer months, I missed the snow and the winter weather.  I was inspired to create a winter-weather wonderland look.  Being a warm seasonal type, I decided to keep most of my makeup 'warm' in tone.  I applied my regular golden brown based concealer/foundation shades, used NARS Orgasm blush and created a 'warm' neutral red lip.  I used MAC Chicory lipliner with Creme in your coffee lipstick.  For the eyes, I started with a warm base, using MAC Soba, but then decided to play around with a cool grey tone that matched the grey in my sweater.  MAC Grey Utility was the perfect match and choice.  I finished the look with black mascara.  I also decided to take a photo of this look in natural light facing a window where a lot of the snowfall had fallen.  I wanted the snow's reflection to play a key part in the  'look':

There is something very magical and dramatic about the winter months, especially when you have the element of snow and the elegant atmosphere of everything cold and regal.  I'd like to say that this is somewhat of a 'Snow Queen' look.  I really like that I can stay true to my warm base shades and still pull off this look :)

Friday, January 1, 2016


2016 - Welcome!!!  I am so excited for this new year!  I have a strong feeling that 2016 is going to be filled with amazing new adventures and opportunities.  I've decided that for me, personally, 2016 is going to be about change, renewal, letting go of the old and creating simplicity.  I wanted to create a look today (New Years Day) that represents the essence of minimal simplicity, combined with classic elegance.  I would love to have the confidence and determination to stick with just ONE signature look for every day/event.  Perhaps this is the year for that - to declutter everything in my life and just embrace one look that is authentically 'me'.  I don't know if I'm there yet, but this is definitely the year to move closer to that direction - less experimentation, more 'contentment' and self-confidence in myself to carry off that 'je ne sais quois', signature style!!!  This is my start:

For this look, I decided to put together some very 'classic' shades - I tried to encorperate shades from my warm autumn palette, but also wear them in such a way that I can put on a classic black and white top and still create a certain colour harmony!  I've realized that I love wearing classic black shades with simple pearl or diamon stud earrings.  However, I want to also wearing makeup in my own personalized colours - from the warm autumn palette.  For this look I used the W4/5 true match concealer and foundation from L'Oreal as a base.  I then applied MAC Patina eyeshadow on the lid only and swiped on two coats of Arbonne black mascara.  I recently decided to purchase the NARS cult classic 'Orgasm' blush.  I absolutely 'love' this shade, perhaps even more than my MAC Peaches blush (well, it's a tie at least!).  Finally, I decided to try a new lipstick shade from NARS as well - Dressed to Kill'.  I discovered this shade on a pinterest and immedietly fell in love.  I was worried that it would be too pink/cool, but its actually a beautiful compliment to the warm autumn palette, as it has enough gold in it to harmonize well with the palette :)

I'm very excited for 2016 - I'm excited to start creating a new pathway for this blog - based on reliable beauty tips and tips/tricks I've learned along my makeup journey :)