Sunday, January 17, 2016

Eye Colour and Pattern: Ocean/Sea Greens and Blues

I am always inspired when I see close up photos of eyes and eye patterns.  Eyes are just magnificent and majestic to me.  I recently got a macro-lens for my cell phone and was able to take a close up of my eye.  The first thing that was immediately apparent, was how many 'sea green and marine blue' shades were part of my eye colour pattern:

I wanted to play up these shades immedietly and realized that I have the perfect eyeshadow quad - Chanel Tisse Veniten.  The shades in this quad were such an elegant compliment to my eye colour.  I was inspired to see what the effect of wearing my 'eye colour' would be:

The result - wow factor, marine inspired smokey-eyes!!!  I used the peachy shade of the palette as a base, the medium sea-green on the lid and the darker marine green-blue as a liner.  I used the grey-blue shade as a highlight in the inner tear-ducts of my eye before finishing with black mascara.  Since the eyes were the focus, I used MAC Trace Gold as a neutral blush shade and applied Chanel Indecise lipstick :)  I have to say, that I am wowed by this look.  I guess the colours found in your own eye pattern really can be your best, regardless of your seasonal colour type.  This look is a keeper!  I look forward to playing around with various combinations of the Tisse Veniten eyeshadow quad!!!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful cool ocean/sea colors, Renatta! 👍🏻

Renata said...

Thank you so much!!!