Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Maybelline Crazy For Coffee Lipstick

One of the requests that I get sometimes is to post about drugstore brand items and lipsticks.  I have discovered (or shall I say 'rediscovered') a Maybelline lipstick that is by far, one the BEST colours I've ever tried: Maybelline Crazy For Coffee:

Crazy for Coffee is most definitely a 'brown toned' lipstick, but it has a very elegant look.  The formula of the lipstick is very creamy and it feels very 'hydrating' on the lips.  Even though this lipstick is a classic brown shade, it also has the most 'subtle' touch of pink added in.  It's just enough to not make this shade a flat brown colour.  All I can say, is that when it comes to a drugstore lipstick, this is by far a 'keeper' for me!!!  I wanted to really highlight the warmth of this shade by pairing it with other warm toned colours and adding just a touch of balance by adding a grey (cool toned) liner to the eye.  I used a golden brown based concealer and foundation, NARS Orgasm blush, a touch of Soba eyeshadow on the lid into the crease and Grey Utility eyeliner (both MAC) before finishing the look with black mascara.  


Anonymous said...

Very nice. Thank you for this... I love quality drugstore brand makeup suggestions, ur the best.

Sue said...

Lovely coir on you.

Renata said...

Thank you so much!!!