Thursday, January 21, 2016

L'Oreal Doutzen's Nude Lipstick

This morning, I really felt like creating a natural, very minimal, warm toned makeup look.  I really do like how the warm tones harmonize so well against my skin tone.  I've been playing around with some netural cools lately, but hands down, my warm autumn palette really does suit me the best.  I wanted to find a lipstick shade that was a light warm pink.  I thought that this type of shade would be perfect for that uber natural, minimal look.  I decided to check out some of the drugstore brands and immedietly fell in love with L'oreal's 'Doutzen's Nude'.  It's a light pink, but it has that yellowed/warm light pink look.  It's not quite peach and it's not quite pink.  It's actually a very pretty colour.  In fact, I look foward to playing around with this shade and blending it with various warm toned liners to find new ways to wear this shade.

For this makeup look, I started with my 'basic face' of golden toned foundation and concealer by Revlon.  I then applied MAC Trace Gold blush.  For the eyes, I applied MAC Arena shadow on the lid and Amber lights into the crease before finishing with mascara.  To complete this mininal-warm look, I applied the Doutzen's Nude lipstick!  I know that the lighter lipstick tones are not my 'ideal best' shades.  I have to be careful because sometimes going too light can wash me out.  However, today I just wanted to play around and just go for it - no rules!  Sometimes with the right look, mood and confidence, you can make anything work :)

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