Monday, January 18, 2016

Chanel Les 4 Ombres Tissé Venitién 232

I simply adore this eyeshadow quad!  It is pure elegance - the marine/sea green, teal, silver-blue and peach shades are simply 'divine' together.  In my last post, I created a look using this quad.  Today, I decided to create a very similar look, but give it a rocker, smokey/smudged effect.  I think that elegant colours don't always have to be classic, they can be fun and urban-chic too!  So here is today's look:

I used the darker shade of the Tisse Venitien palette on the upper lash-line and applied the brighter teal-marine shade on the lower lash-line, making sure to smudge out the lines.  I used MAC Trace Gold as my blush choice.  It's my favourite blush to compliment the Tisse Venitien palette.  Finally, my absolute favourite lipstick for this look is Chanel Indecise!!!  Voila - a chic, yet fun way to do a marine-green eyeshadow look!

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