Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tribute to Mahogany

I've been so inspired by my recent Mahogany lipliner purchase from MAC.  It got me thinking about what an awesome colour Mahogany is.  I wanted to learn more about the beauty of this colour - its definitely on the brown side of the colour family, but after looking it up, I kept on coming across the definition as: 'a moderate reddish brown'.  Here are a few visuals:

I decided to take the last makeup look I did using Mahogany lipliner and Mocha lipstick and create a collage around the makeup colours I used for the look - I simply love this!  I'm also thinking about adding more of a mahogany/reddish brown base to my hair -

The mahogany lipliner swatch is found on the right hand side of the collage.  I think that Mocha is the perfect neutral shade to blend with Mahogany, but since the colour mahogany is a reddish-brown, you can really play around with various colours, creating a look that has more red or brick toned undertones.  Similarily, you can also add a warm berry or spicy pumpkin shade, as these will compliment Mahogany really well!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

MAC Mahogany Lip Liner

How have I lived without this lipliner for so long???  Mahogany is a shade I used to wear 'way-back' in my high-school years and since then gravitated away to softer, more natural looking liners.  I had totally forgotten how rich, warm and sophisticated this colour really is!  Here is a look I created with a natural eye, Mahogany lipliner with a touch of MAC's Mocha lipstick on top - check it out - I'm loving this look:

Here is a breakdown of the makeup I used for this look:

For this makeup look I started with my basic face (foundation, concealer, bronzer as powder - Mineral Fusion Foundation in Warm, MAC NC 30 concealer and Refined Golden Bronzer). I used NARS Madly blush and did a natural eyemakeup look with Brule as a base and Soba lid to crease (by MAC) - I lined my eyes with Teddy and smudged NARS Bengali into the lashline. I then used Loreals voluminous mascara in black. On my lips, I applied Mahogany lipliner and topped with Mocha lipstick (both MAC)