Thursday, July 26, 2012

NARS Christina Lipstick

This lipstick was recommended to me by a friend - I saw her wearing it in a photo and needed to know what is was - she told me it was NARS Christina and I knew it was love at first sight.  NARS Christina and Chanel Venise are now my two signature lipstick shades!  I've discovered and have contemplated for a long time how many lipsticks a woman should own, why women keep buying lipstick after lipstick after lipstick etc and the benefit of knowing your true colours (having a colour analysis done)!  Finding your best lipstick fit is like going on a spiritual journey - you are on a path and its about 'finding yourself' and coming to terms with who you are while on that path - for me, its been a crazy journey, with a lot of money spent, but I now feel like I'm 'enjoying the journey' and have found a certain inner peace with the colour palette I've been wearing.  ANyhow, without further ado, here is NARS Christina lipstick:

I took these photos in the car with a lot of natural light - I started this look with my new favourite mineral fusion foundation in 'warm', NC 30 concealer by MAC, Melba blush (also MAC).  For my eyes, I used Elizabeth Arden Sparkling shadow as a base, MAC's Soba eyeshadow with COffee eyeliner and NARS Benagli smudged into the upper lashline and finished with a few coats of MAC's Zoom Lash mascara in Lofty Brown.  To complete the look fully, a swipe of NARS Christina Lipstick!!!

Chanel Venise Lipstick - Part 2

It feels so wonderful to finally have stumbled upon that perfect lipstick - one that I can claim as my 'signature' shade!!!  I've recently decluttered my entire makeup bag and can honestly say that I've gone from being lipstick obsessed to a woman who only needs two favourite shades of lipstick - ny favourite Venise by Chanel and NARS Christina (which I will write about soon).  I recall reading a while back in a book called 'How to be Impeccably French' that all a French woman needs is two lipsticks and a lover.....well, I'm almost there!!!

I've fallen head over heels in love with 'Venise' lipstick and wanted to show how amazing and versatile this lipstick is - I've decided to use Venise with two lipliners to show how one shade can work for both day and evening.  For a classic day lipstick look, I paired Venise with MAC's Boldly Bare lipliner:

And for evening, Venise looks stunning with MAC's Burgundy Lipliner:

I used the same makeup for both photos and tried to take one photo earlier in the day and the other 'evening' photo later on in the day!  I have also stumbled upon a new favourite foundation that I now 'love' - its called Mineral Fusion foundation in 'warm'.  It makes my skin feel 'amazing' and it a flawless look.  After applying my new favourite foundation, I used MAC's NC 30 concealer.  I then applied MAC's Melba blush on the cheeks - I wanted a natural look with this makeup vs all the contouring that I've been doing lately.  I also did a very natural look for my eyes - starting with Elizabeth Arden's Sparkling eyeshadow as a base, MAC's Sable eyeshadow from lid to crease, Coffee eyeliner (also MAC) with NARS Bengali smudged into the upper lashline.  I finished with a coat of a new brown toned mascara that I got from MAC - Zoom Lash mascara in Lofty Brown!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Soft and Delicate Makeup Looks

Everyone has a different idea about the true purpose of makeup and how it should be used!  Some people use makeup to create a new and interesting look, others use makeup to cover up imperfections and go for a look that is transformative (i.e. think of the brilliant Kevin Aucoin who could transform Lisa Marie Presley into Marilyn Monroe in his book 'Making Faces' - one of my absolute favourite makeup books to this day).  Although I admire anyone who can use makeup to truely create a magnificent transformation, for me personally, I like using makeup to enhance a persons natural beauty.  Bobbi Brown has been a long-time makeup guru of mine and what I love about her looks is that they are timeless, classic, soft and elegant.  I have been taking a lot of personal style quizzes lately - I find them fun and interesting - I keep on getting results that are a combination of classic and chic - and I keep on hearing the same description of: classic, soft, urban-chic, modern flair inflused with delicate/soft lines etc - I decided to look for some makeup looks that were consistent with these descriptions and I 'loved' what I found - soft, natural colours that bring out a true timeless elegance - I adore this look above anything else - check it out:

I love the simplicity and softness of this look - when I first saw this photo, I couldn't stop staring at the look, trying to take in what makes this look such a stunning combination of natural elegance and subtle sexiness - I find that makeup looks that can achieve this balance are amazing and I'm infatuated with learning how to create that look!!!

THe Chanel makeup line creates some of the most amazing and alluring makeup looks I've ever seen.  Their makeup collections and ads always seem to be so classic and delicate.  I think that Chanel lipsticks feel so soft and luxurious and the whole image behind who Coco Chanel was just oozes with sophistication, its hard not to want to copy the makeup looks or wish you could talk to the makeup artists behind these looks.  I would love to spend the day talking to the creative mind behind Chanel's makeup looks!!!

I have to admit that although the classic red lip and black liner are a classic combination, I often find a more soft and delicate look alluring for the evening.  I find that I get the best makeup ideas when I'm watching movies and I always find the evening, romantic dinner scenes so inspirational.  Some of the sexiest looks I've seen created are not overly dramatic, but subtle and soft.  I realize that lighting and all the other elements used in the movies business plays a role in the end result, but I think that the effect of the look is whats really important.  To me a subtle smokey eye with a natural toned lip, perhaps infused with a soft berry stain can be more timeless and classic than anything!

When I think of makeup essentials, especially for a softer, more natural look, I always think of products that will have an enhancing effect: a natural spice or delicate rose toned lipliner is a must (esp in a shade that mimics your natural lip colour), a great mascara (MAC's Zoom Lash is current favourite and going for a darker brown shade isn't a bad thing - yes, the look of dark, false lashes is great, but remember that the key word is 'false' and for an everyday look, subtle is often times sexier).  A blush is a shade that mimics the colour of your cheeks when your naturally blush is also key (Bobbi Browns trick is to pinch your cheeks for a few seconds and see what shade naturally appears - I wouldn't be putting on a warm peach blush if you naturally blush in a rose-pink shade - work with whats natural and then enhance those shades).  Finally, choosing a delicate eyeshadow shade is key.  MAC makes some of the best eyeshadow shades - I personally love: Era, Soba, Cork, Coquette, Sable and Embark to create a natural look on the eyes.  NARS also makes some great eyeshadow duos: All about Eve and Portabello are my two favourites!

I wanted to write this post to show that everyones idea of makeup is different - to one person, high drama, lashes, hot pink or bright red lips is the ideal sexy look and it definitely can be!!!  To others, creating a soft delicate look is what makes someone look truely alluring.  I don't think there is any one right or wrong answer.  I say wear what you love and know that different occasions call for different makeup looks!  My personal opinion after studying makeup, watching countless movies to get makeup ideas and talking to numerous people (esp men), there is something unique and alluring about a woman who can acheive that tom-boyish flair as I like to call it - a true mix of a subtle smokey eye with a delicate 'red' or natural lip.  I think that its important to note that there are many shades that fall under the red umbrella, not just the fire engine red that we are used to hearing about - reds can lean pinkier, brownish, deep/more burgundy like, subtle berry toned etc etc.  My advice is to find your perfect 'day' red - a shade that is subtle and wearable for day - here are some options: Chanel Venise and Sexy, NARS Christina, MAC Retro, Sophisto and Charismatic.  These shades are not true reds, but will definitely give you that elegant look that is both soft and sexy!!! 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Bohemian Decor - My Inner Gypsy Coming Home!!!

My interest in bohemian style has been increasing and I have to say that currently I am totally in love with bohemian inspired decor.  I have to be honest and say that I'm not up to date with interior design 'terminology' and very often I have a look in mind that I love, but just can't find the words to describe the look I'm after.  So instead of me sounding ridiculous, I've decided to post some pics of bohemian decor that I've fallen in love with:

I guess that if I had to descibe in words, what comes to mind is Moroccan flair, Gypsy Elegance, Ethnic Inspiration, Spiritual Universality!  All I know for sure is that when I see this decor, I feel a sense of being 'home', isn't that the perfect word for how you should feel in your surroundings - home!!!  Right now my apartment is very city-chic, so I think I will have to incorperate some bohemian elements one at a time, but this is the look I truely love and its truely 'me'!  I guess I must be a gypsy at heart!!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Chanel Rose Cuivre Lip Liner

I have to admit that lately, I've been steering away from the nude and spice toned lipliners.  For the longest time I've always wanted those nude shades to work, but instead, they wash me out, so I've decided to embrace a lipliner that is still natural, but that gives me the colour and warmth that I need.  Rose Cuivre by Chanel is such a pretty neutral berry-rose-brown shade.  It can be used with any shade in the warm-neutral family: warm berry rose, rose-brown, salmon pink, brownish-red etc etc.  In my previous post ( I used this liner with another lipstick by Chanel - I wanted to show how versatile this lip pencil is, so here is the same makeup look, but with a more rose based lipstick shade - Jersey Rose by Chanel.  I love versatility in makeup shades - its makes your look harmonious and gives it a ceratin consistency and allure:

Chanel Venise Lipstick

Bois Des Iles used to be my all time go-to Chanel lipstick, but sadly, it has been discontinued.  However, today I had the opportunity to go to the Chanel counter at a local department store.  The Chanel makeup artist there was amazing and spent some time with me trying to find a suitable alternate to Bois Des Iles - at first it seemed that there wasn't a comparible shade, until we both stumbled upon 'Venise' - Venise is such an amazing and interesting shade, because in the tube, it looks like a slightly deeper version of Bois Des Iles without the pearl/shimmer.  Interestingly enough, it is quite close as a colour shade, but its also one of those amazing lipsticks that is buildable - a quick, sheer swipe and you have the most delicate berry stain, a swipe or two more and all of a sudden, you have a rich, deep brownish-red - I was so impressed with Venise as a lipstick, that I have to admit that I may even like it 'better' than Bois Des Iles!!!  I wanted to create a look using Venise and Chanel's Rose Cuivre Lip Liner - I decided to do a soft, natural eye to play up the magnificence of this lipstick shade:

To create this look, I used very soft, delicate shades on my face - I started with NARS St. Moritz tinted moisturizer, used MAC NC 30 concealer, and a light dusting of translucent powder.  I then applied Tawny blush by Bobbi Brown as a contour shade (this is my absolute favourite contour shade in the world), Elizabeth Arden Sparkling eyeshadow as a highlight and Melba blush by MAC.  For my eyes, I used EA sparking as a highlight/base shade, MAC Coquette shadow from the lid into the crease, lined my eyes with Coffee eyeliner by MAC and smudged the upper lashline with NARS Bengali before applying mascara.  I then did a quick swipe of Rose Cuivre lip pencil and applied Venise lipstick by Chanel.

I have to say that I've never felt so connected to a lipstick after applying this shade - its an interesting feeling and I almost feel as if I have found the 'one' - that signature shade that every woman dreams to have in her makeup bag!  Could it be???  Is my search for the perfect lipstick shade finally over???

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Coffee Eyeliner by MAC

For the longest time Teddy eyeliner by MAC was my go-to stand-by eyeliner.  I still love it, but if you're looking for an eyeliner that is more intense and slightly deeper than Teddy, please check out Coffee eyeliner the next time you're at MAC.  Just like the name suggests, this eyeliner is a deep espresso-like brown.  It blends very well with other shadows, which I love, since I very often smudge an eyeshadow shade into the liner on my upper lash-line.  I wanted to create a softer-look, but using Coffee to add depth and drama to the eyes, here is the look I came up with:

I started with my 'go-to' basic face, which is St. Moritz tinted moisturizer by NARS, MAC NC 30 concealer, a touch of translusent powder, Bobbi Brown Tawny Blush to contour.  I then mixed Make Up For Ever #10 and #133 shadows to create a unique golden-salmon highlight shade.  I decided to apply MAC's Blushbaby blush to finish my basic face.  For the eyes, I used #133 - Make Up For Ever shadow as a base shade, Soba by MAC mixed with Coquette on the lid into the crease, Coffee eyeliner (top/bottom lashliner) and NARS Bengali to smudge into the liner of the upper lashline.  I decided to for-go the lipstick in this photo as I wanted to show how naturally pigmented they are - the natural shade actually matches the salmon-pink colour of the scarf I'm wearing - how cool is that?

I love how this look has both a very natural quality and sultry depth - I love a classic defined eye and Coffee eyeliner is the perfect way to achieve this look!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Softer Side Of Red

WOmen who look better in the soft colour palettes often have a difficult time with finding the best red - we question, why the true bold reds over power us, yet make others look sophisticated and regal?  In my opinion, a soft, delicate red is more sophisticated and regal on a soft-dominant woman than a true red will ever be!  THe key is embracing the 'soft red'.  So what is the soft red?  Its definitely neutral in tone, usually doesn't seem 'red' at first glance and often has a subtle warm berry, cranberry, mulled wine or sheer soft burgundy description.  Here is a photo of the perfect red for a soft autumn woman - Chanel Bois Des Iles Lipstick (I'm using the soft autumn colour swatch to show how incredible the match really is) - a soft summer would look elegant in a shade just slightly cooler than this, leaning more towards a sheer soft burgundy (MAC's Sophisto is a great option):

Here is a makeup look I created using Bois Des Iles - I decided to also play around with the soft autumn blues to create a fun, yet elegant going out look:

I started this look with my favourite tinted moisturizer - St. Moritz from NARS.  I then used MAC NC 30 concealer, a bit of transluscent powder to finish - I used Bobbi Brown Tawny blush as a contour, Make Up For Ever #133 shadow/blush as a highlight (an amazing light salmon pink shade that is ideal as a highlight shade for soft dominant women).  I also used #133 as an eyeshadow base, applying MAC Sable from lid to crease, Prussian eyeliner (an amazing soft toned blue that reminds me of that striking light navy blue shade) and then smudged MAC's Coquette on the upper lashline only before finishing with mascara.  I applied MAC Melba blush on the cheeks and finished with a swipe of Bois Des Iles Lipstick by Chanel and Voila - you have an elegant, soft look with a perfect softer shade of Red!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Natural Colour Harmony

I had an interesting discussion with one of my colour analysis friends!  We started talking about celebrities and wondering if any of them have taken the time to get their colours done.  I'm sure that for many photo shoots they are at the mercy of the makeup artists and yet again, the question came up 'how many makeup artists know/use colour theory/colour analysis?' - I find that many celebrities look amazing, regardless of what makeup colours they wear - perhaps this had to do with the lighting used, photo shopping, tweaking the background shades of a photo etc etc.  However, even if they look 'amazing' in 'any' colour - there is something uniquely harmonious when they are wearing their best colours.  I know that with myself, I am lucky enough to wear 'any' colour of the rainbow practically and make it 'work' - I can put on an electric blue top, hot pink lipstick, silver heels and look 'good' and get compliments.  So what's the big deal with colour analysis then - why am I so obsessed with it if I can wear 'any' colour???  There is something in our natural colouring that creates a harmony and beauty like no other.  Can I wear electric blue?  Sure I can, is it in harmony with my natural colouring?  The answer is 'no'!  There is a colour blueprint that we were all given at the time of our birth - a natural palette of skin, hair, eye colours that are unique to us!  And while we may look good in many colours, we look our BEST in the palette that nature has given us!  When we wear this natural palette, everything works in harmony - it almost feels like 'coming home' - its like a balance has been created that didn't exist before.  Think of it in terms of eating right for your body - you should be able to take any 'healthy' food and make it work for you right?  But why are some people better as vegetarians, others as following the paleo-diet, others who are told whole grains are healthy have celiac disease and can't eat gluten etc etc etc - its simple to say, eat healthy and you'll be fine, but we each have a genetic code and certain diets/foods will work better on our system than others.  The same goes with colour - you were born with a colour 'blueprint' and embracing it will ensure that you always look amazing, healthy, harmonious, young, and most importantly yourself!!!  WHen I wore that electric blue top and hot pink lipstick, I remember taking a photo, looking back and saying 'who is that person?  she's overdone and bit clownish' - this shouldn't be the effect that makeup and colour has on you - you should see the person, not the makeup.  Here is a visual of what I'm talking about - THis is a collage of my natural colouring (childhood photos where my natural colouring is evident) and me in the right palette - Soft Autumn!  You will see that there is no colour competition, everything 'blends' and is in harmony:

This is the effect that wearing your right colours should have - you should never hide your precious, natural beauty from the world - you have a set of colours that will always make you shine and be your best self - Embrace these colours and let the world see that your natural beauty is unique to you!!!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Warm Cream/Ivory vs White

If you are having a difficult time trying to figure out if you're warm/cool, there are a few 'at home' tests that you can try.  One of my favourites is the gold/silver jewelery test because it also helps to figure out if your neutral.  True warms generally look amazing in gold, but washed out in silver.  The opposite is true for true cools, looking amazing and striking in silver tones.  If you look equally good in both, you are most likely a neutral!  Another fun test, that I wanted to write about here is the cream vs true white test.  In order to get an accurate result for this test, you should be wearing no making and be in as natural light as possible.  Pick out two drapes - one in pure/true white, the other in a warmer ivory/cream shade (you can use fabric, a top, a purse - anything that you can hold up against your skin and is true to the colour you are testing).

Pure White (top photo), Cream/Ivory (bottom photo):

I'd love to hear your feedback, although I already know I'm a Soft Autumn Neutral - its always fun to hear what others think!!!

Day 'Event' Look

Have you ever had an event to go to during the day but weren't quite sure how to do your makeup?  You know it should be jazzed up just a bit, but you don't necessarily want to do an all out evening smokey eye either.  So whats the solution?  In my opinion, this is when you go for a subtle smokey eye with a little bit more contouring on the cheeks and a pretty and natural lip shade.  Today I went to a Baptism and I needed something that was church appropriate but also elegant for the reception afterwards - here is what I came up with:

For this look I started with a tinted moisturizer, concealer and a light dusting of translucent powder.  I used Bobbi Brow Tawny as a contour shade, Borjouis Rose essential highlight and MAC Blushbaby blush. I wanted the focus to be on the eyes, but in a soft, muted and subtle smokey way - I used Borjouis rose essential as a base shade - then mixed soba and coquette shadows by MAC and applied this to the lid into the crease.  I used sable by MAC in the crease and outter corners.  I used a charcoal liner - phone number by MAC and then smudged NARS bengali into the upper lash line before applying mascara.  When I need my lipstick to last, i usually blot a powder of some sort on top, so today I used boldly bare liner with fanfare lipstick and blotted with melba blush - all by MAC!!!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Soft Autumn Makeup/Lipstick Collage

I wanted to create a collage of my favourite soft autumn makeup looks, paying particular attention to lipstick shades.  These looks will work on anyone who wants that neutral-warm makeup look - if you like the colours in the swatches, check out these lipsticks:

Pictured lift to right:
Boldly Bare lipliner (MAC) + Chanel Incognito Lipstick
Boldly Bare + Kinda Sexy lipstick (MAC)
Bronzelle lipliner (Lancome) + Baroque Lipstick (Chanel)
Retro lipstick (MAC)

To find the exact makeup shades used for each look, check out these links:

Chanel Incognito Lipstick

Incognito is such a unique lipstick shade - its a mix of dusty rose with a hint of mauve and gold.  Actually, come to think of it, all Chanel lipsticks seem to be unique shades.  Incognito is also one of those shades that I keep coming back to, which really means that its a shade I should always have handy in my makeup case.  Incognito is a neutral warm shade and looks amazing with Melba and Blushbaby blushes from MAC!  Here is a look I created using Incognito.  I took some pics today in my car and at home:

I started this look with my favourite St. Moritz tinted moisturizer by NARS, NC 30 concealer by MAC and translucent power.  I then used Bobbi Brown Tawny blush as a contour, MAC Arena shadow as a highlight and Melba blush by MAC.  For the eyes, I used Arena as a base, Coquette from lid to crease and Sable in the crease and outter corners (all MAC).  I applied Cliniques brown-black liner on the top and smduged it with NARS Bengali.  Then added MAC Phone number liner on the bottom before applying mascara.  I used MAC's Boldly bare liner (my absolute favourite lipliner these days) and then applied Chanel's Incognito Lipstick!!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Brunette Soft Autumns

If you're interested in colour analysis at all and are finding it really difficult to place yourself in a season, you may be a neutral season, particularily one of the softs.  As many of you know I've been drapped twice as a true autumn and love the palette, but there is still something about the Soft Autumn palette that calls my name.  There are a few True Autumn colours that just 'too' warm for me in my opinion, esp some of the mustard yellows/greens and some of the more true orange shades, although I can work a burnt orange/terracotta very well (a soft autumn cross over).  I recently swatched my natural lip shade against my colour swatches and the soft autumn swatch was the perfect fit.  I've heared many times that soft autumns are very hard to determine and this is particularily true when you see visuals/examples of soft autumn celebrities/models etc.  Most of these celebs/models are not brunettes and I find that brunettes that are 'softs' are the most misplaced season - the depth and richness of the brunette leads people to think 'true' autumn or winter or one of the deep seasons.  However, brunette soft autumns are stunning, unique and very elegant looking in their right colours.  Here is a little collage tribute to the brunette soft autumn:

MAC Phone Number Liner with Coquette Shadow

I wanted to create a soft, warm look for summer that still have that boho-chic look that I've been obsessed with lately.  I think I've also loved an eye-makeup look that is both smokey yet subtle and a lipstick shade that is natural and in the warm pinky-beige family.  I am very happy with the palette I've chosen for this look and I think I may make it my summer signature:

For the eye-makeup look I started with applying Borjouis Rose essential highlight as a base, MAC Coquette eyeshadow from lid to crease, Phone Number eyeliner and then smudged coquette into the upper lash-line before finising with mascara.  I used Bobbi Brown Tawny blush as a contour shade and MAC BLushbaby as my blush.  I then swiped on MAC Kinda Sexy Lipstick - a perfect match to the Soft Autumn swatch fan:

If you;re looking for a bohemian, natural look with soft, warm makeup shades, defintely check out these colours!!!

Choosing A Natural Lip Colour

WHen it comes to choosing a lipstick, many women don't know where to start.  Bobbi Brown has been a makeup leader in helping women discover their best lipstick shade, saying that it should be a colour that is one or two shades deeper than your natural lipcolour!  If you go to a Bobbi Brown counter, the makeup artists are excellent at helping you find that perfect shade.  However, if you're into makeup swatches like me and have different lipsticks or colour swatches on hand, you can become your own best makeup artist and have fun playing around with your swatches.  I have currently have my Soft Autumn and True Autumn swatches and decided to play around with these shades.  I discovered that the soft autumn swatches most closely resembled my natural lip colour:

I think my new 'quest' will be to find a few shades that match the 2.7 and 2.8 swatches -they seem to be my perfect natural colour!!!  I can't wait to go lipstick shopping!!!

Rimmel Kasbah Lipstick

If you're looking for that perfect Burnt Orange/Terracotta lipstick shade - look no further, Kasbah fits that desciption perfectly.  On my medium/warm olive skintone, this shade is actually quite naturall looking - it will probably be a deeper terracotta shade on someone with a lighter skintone, but if you fall into that warm, autumnal category, this shade will look amazing on you!!!  I kept the same makeup as my previous post, so there will be a contrast between the grey-plum smokey eye and the warm lip - I actually like the contrast, but will work on creating another makeup look with a very warm, bronzed eye and Kasbah lipstick! 

THese photos were taken without flash and with a lot of natural light.  I'm curious to see what this look would be like with gold accessories and warm toned clothing? 

Grayed-Plum Smokey Eye

SInce my last post about bohemian chic, I've been thinking about various ways of achieving that smokey eye that isn;t overdone, but is still very distinct with a romantic edge.  I started thinking about technique and colour and thought, why not try a greyed-plum smokey eye a la Katie Holmes.  Katie looks amazing in a greyed-plum shade!!!  I decided to keep everything else subtle:

I started with my basic face (tinted moisturizer - St. Moritz by NARS, MAC NC30 concealer and a little bronzer).  I then used PYW's Hot and Spicy as a contour shade on the cheeks, MAC Arena shadow as a highlight and GIngerly BLush.  For the eyes, I used Arena as a base, Soba on the lid into the crease and applied Phone Number eyeliner (all MAC).  I then used Bobbi Brown 'Black Plum' eyeshadow to smudge into the upper lashline until the grey really started to become a smokey-plum shade (it required a lot of smudging and blending and I used an angle brush - my favourite to create the smudged/smokey look).  I decided to do a more nude-pink lip to compliment the grey-plum tones - I used Soar lipliner by MAC with Bobbi Brown 'Bellini' lipgloss.  I think that the next time I do this look, I will go for an even more nude type lip to really let the eyes be the focal point of the look!!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Boho-Chic Style

Boho-Chic is something I love to experiement with, especially as the weather gets warmer.  THere are so many great dresses, skirts, shorts that have that bohemian/hippy/ethnic feel to them.  I especially like bohemian inspired jewelery and scarfs.  There is nothing more comfortable and chic than taking an off the shoulder blouse and casually wearing a boho-scarf, strings on long beads, ethinic-inspired earings and a pair of cowboy boots a-la Sienna Miller.  Sienna Miller, along with Nichole Richie, the Olson Twins, Blake Lively and many others really work the boho-chic look so well - if you're looking for a little boho inspiration, check out these ideas:

Nicole Richie makes boho-chic look so effortless and fun - she really knows how to put a boho look together - everything from the hair, to her jewelery to her accessories!

I have to admit that my favourite Boho-Chic Icon is Sienna Miller.  SHe really brought this style to the fore-front and she makes the style look not only effortless, but truely 'chic' - she looks sexy and unique with a bohemian flair, is a way that not everyone can!  She has taken bohemian and made it her own,which is what I think the real trick to achieving boho-chic is.  Its not about trying to look like a hippy or buying all bohemian clothing and wearing it from head to toe - its about adopting a style that is unique to you - its about being fearless when you experiement with the boho style and making it yours vs trying to copy a look - this is what makes boho chic so fun and original!!!

I love this outfit that Sienna Miller has on - especially the belt and top with those jeans - sometimes all it takes is a few boho inspired accessories and you've taken a look from blah to unique - I find that many stores now carry boho-chic inspired accessories, as they are so fun to create looks with,  I know that Fossel makes amazing belts, jewelery and purses that are very boho-style-inspired!

Bohemian style purses are so amazing.  I've found that some of the best boho-style purses are found at yoga shows or vintage markets.  Yoga shows in particular have an amazing variety of purses with cool inscriptions, quotes, OM symbols etc - I also love ethnic inspired purses and love to go into stores where they sell authentic Indian or South Asian clothing - I have found amazing scarves and jewelery at these stores - also its cool to go into various decorating stores and adding some boho flair to your house/appartment as well - anything unique is true to boho style!!!

As I mentioned before, summer is the perfect time to add that boho-chic flair - check out HandM - they often carry boho-chic elements and don't be scared to play around with a look - try layering something that you wouldn't have previously thought of, or wearing a cool cowboy boot with an ethnic print dress - add a pair of aviators and you are boho-ready!!!

Last but not least, how can I talk about boho-chic style without talking about the makeup look that goes with it!  The boho chic look, just like with the clothes, is truely unique.  Once again, Nicole Richie is a great inspiration to use for this look.  Its about creating a natural look with a hint of drama, usually with a soft, smokey eyemakeup look, a pop of colour on the cheeks and a natural, kissable lip.  I find the look is all about having that sexy, mesmorizing eye, with a pretty nude lip - boho chic makeup for me is very 'sexy' - its not overly natural and its not overly dramatic - its somewhere in between, with an air of mystery and sensuality!!!

I hope that you liked this post about boho chic - I am going to work on creating a boho-chic makeup look so stay tuned!!!