Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chanel Venise Lipstick - Part 2

It feels so wonderful to finally have stumbled upon that perfect lipstick - one that I can claim as my 'signature' shade!!!  I've recently decluttered my entire makeup bag and can honestly say that I've gone from being lipstick obsessed to a woman who only needs two favourite shades of lipstick - ny favourite Venise by Chanel and NARS Christina (which I will write about soon).  I recall reading a while back in a book called 'How to be Impeccably French' that all a French woman needs is two lipsticks and a lover.....well, I'm almost there!!!

I've fallen head over heels in love with 'Venise' lipstick and wanted to show how amazing and versatile this lipstick is - I've decided to use Venise with two lipliners to show how one shade can work for both day and evening.  For a classic day lipstick look, I paired Venise with MAC's Boldly Bare lipliner:

And for evening, Venise looks stunning with MAC's Burgundy Lipliner:

I used the same makeup for both photos and tried to take one photo earlier in the day and the other 'evening' photo later on in the day!  I have also stumbled upon a new favourite foundation that I now 'love' - its called Mineral Fusion foundation in 'warm'.  It makes my skin feel 'amazing' and it a flawless look.  After applying my new favourite foundation, I used MAC's NC 30 concealer.  I then applied MAC's Melba blush on the cheeks - I wanted a natural look with this makeup vs all the contouring that I've been doing lately.  I also did a very natural look for my eyes - starting with Elizabeth Arden's Sparkling eyeshadow as a base, MAC's Sable eyeshadow from lid to crease, Coffee eyeliner (also MAC) with NARS Bengali smudged into the upper lashline.  I finished with a coat of a new brown toned mascara that I got from MAC - Zoom Lash mascara in Lofty Brown!

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