Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Soft and Delicate Makeup Looks

Everyone has a different idea about the true purpose of makeup and how it should be used!  Some people use makeup to create a new and interesting look, others use makeup to cover up imperfections and go for a look that is transformative (i.e. think of the brilliant Kevin Aucoin who could transform Lisa Marie Presley into Marilyn Monroe in his book 'Making Faces' - one of my absolute favourite makeup books to this day).  Although I admire anyone who can use makeup to truely create a magnificent transformation, for me personally, I like using makeup to enhance a persons natural beauty.  Bobbi Brown has been a long-time makeup guru of mine and what I love about her looks is that they are timeless, classic, soft and elegant.  I have been taking a lot of personal style quizzes lately - I find them fun and interesting - I keep on getting results that are a combination of classic and chic - and I keep on hearing the same description of: classic, soft, urban-chic, modern flair inflused with delicate/soft lines etc - I decided to look for some makeup looks that were consistent with these descriptions and I 'loved' what I found - soft, natural colours that bring out a true timeless elegance - I adore this look above anything else - check it out:

I love the simplicity and softness of this look - when I first saw this photo, I couldn't stop staring at the look, trying to take in what makes this look such a stunning combination of natural elegance and subtle sexiness - I find that makeup looks that can achieve this balance are amazing and I'm infatuated with learning how to create that look!!!

THe Chanel makeup line creates some of the most amazing and alluring makeup looks I've ever seen.  Their makeup collections and ads always seem to be so classic and delicate.  I think that Chanel lipsticks feel so soft and luxurious and the whole image behind who Coco Chanel was just oozes with sophistication, its hard not to want to copy the makeup looks or wish you could talk to the makeup artists behind these looks.  I would love to spend the day talking to the creative mind behind Chanel's makeup looks!!!

I have to admit that although the classic red lip and black liner are a classic combination, I often find a more soft and delicate look alluring for the evening.  I find that I get the best makeup ideas when I'm watching movies and I always find the evening, romantic dinner scenes so inspirational.  Some of the sexiest looks I've seen created are not overly dramatic, but subtle and soft.  I realize that lighting and all the other elements used in the movies business plays a role in the end result, but I think that the effect of the look is whats really important.  To me a subtle smokey eye with a natural toned lip, perhaps infused with a soft berry stain can be more timeless and classic than anything!

When I think of makeup essentials, especially for a softer, more natural look, I always think of products that will have an enhancing effect: a natural spice or delicate rose toned lipliner is a must (esp in a shade that mimics your natural lip colour), a great mascara (MAC's Zoom Lash is current favourite and going for a darker brown shade isn't a bad thing - yes, the look of dark, false lashes is great, but remember that the key word is 'false' and for an everyday look, subtle is often times sexier).  A blush is a shade that mimics the colour of your cheeks when your naturally blush is also key (Bobbi Browns trick is to pinch your cheeks for a few seconds and see what shade naturally appears - I wouldn't be putting on a warm peach blush if you naturally blush in a rose-pink shade - work with whats natural and then enhance those shades).  Finally, choosing a delicate eyeshadow shade is key.  MAC makes some of the best eyeshadow shades - I personally love: Era, Soba, Cork, Coquette, Sable and Embark to create a natural look on the eyes.  NARS also makes some great eyeshadow duos: All about Eve and Portabello are my two favourites!

I wanted to write this post to show that everyones idea of makeup is different - to one person, high drama, lashes, hot pink or bright red lips is the ideal sexy look and it definitely can be!!!  To others, creating a soft delicate look is what makes someone look truely alluring.  I don't think there is any one right or wrong answer.  I say wear what you love and know that different occasions call for different makeup looks!  My personal opinion after studying makeup, watching countless movies to get makeup ideas and talking to numerous people (esp men), there is something unique and alluring about a woman who can acheive that tom-boyish flair as I like to call it - a true mix of a subtle smokey eye with a delicate 'red' or natural lip.  I think that its important to note that there are many shades that fall under the red umbrella, not just the fire engine red that we are used to hearing about - reds can lean pinkier, brownish, deep/more burgundy like, subtle berry toned etc etc.  My advice is to find your perfect 'day' red - a shade that is subtle and wearable for day - here are some options: Chanel Venise and Sexy, NARS Christina, MAC Retro, Sophisto and Charismatic.  These shades are not true reds, but will definitely give you that elegant look that is both soft and sexy!!! 

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