Sunday, July 8, 2012

Warm Cream/Ivory vs White

If you are having a difficult time trying to figure out if you're warm/cool, there are a few 'at home' tests that you can try.  One of my favourites is the gold/silver jewelery test because it also helps to figure out if your neutral.  True warms generally look amazing in gold, but washed out in silver.  The opposite is true for true cools, looking amazing and striking in silver tones.  If you look equally good in both, you are most likely a neutral!  Another fun test, that I wanted to write about here is the cream vs true white test.  In order to get an accurate result for this test, you should be wearing no making and be in as natural light as possible.  Pick out two drapes - one in pure/true white, the other in a warmer ivory/cream shade (you can use fabric, a top, a purse - anything that you can hold up against your skin and is true to the colour you are testing).

Pure White (top photo), Cream/Ivory (bottom photo):

I'd love to hear your feedback, although I already know I'm a Soft Autumn Neutral - its always fun to hear what others think!!!

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