Monday, July 2, 2012

Hair and Makeup

I started thinking last night about the relationship between hair colour and makeup shades.  There are definitely certain looks that compliment certain hair colours.  I now have a hair colour base which I know is my best and most natural hair colour - a medium golden brown.  I decided to do a google image search for golden brown hair colour and pay attention to the makeup that is being used on the various models. celebs etc.  Here is what I noticed - that a lot of the best looks are consistent with a makeup look I recently created - check out the look here: - The look is soft, warm and pretty with natural warm browns on the eyes, a pop of peach as a blush shade and a warm peachy-inspired nude lip, with just a hint of pink (MAC's Kinda Sexy lipstick with Melba blush seem like the ideal shades to capture this look)

Here are some celebrities/photos that I felt represented this look the best:

THe warmth of the hair plays so well against Jessica Biel's peaches and cream complexion.  The pop of peach on her cheeks with a nude lip is so complimentary to the golden tones in her hair.  I also like how her eyes are defined every so slightly with a deeper eyeliner - making this look suitable for day and for an evening out!!!

Camilla Bella has such a rich Golden brown hair colour shade.  She can pull off so many makeup looks, but I think she looks very natural, feminine and classy with the makeup she is sporting in this photo.  Once again, a pop of warmth on the cheeks with a peachy or rose-nude lip seems to be a winning combination!

I have admired Katie Holmes hair colour for as long as I can remember - I always wanted to achieve her shade of perfect brunette!  Katie also seems to be wearing a more natural and classic makeup look with a natural/nude lip on the rosy or peach side.  Her makeup is so perfect for any brunette with a golden/chestnut undertone.  In this photo she is going for more of the peachier hues on her cheeks and lips and I love how elegant and warm it looks!!!

Miranda Kerr is one of my favourite models - she has such a unique look with a sensual appeal mixed with that cute 'girl next door' vibe.  She also has the most amazing golden brown locks and she knows how to play up the warmth in her hair with peachy, apricot and warm pink shades.  I love how well she works the peachy warm blush shades - they just look so natural against her skin and compliment the golden tones in her hair so well!!!

Here is the makeup look that I created in a previous post that is consistent with the look I'm talking about - I compared it with a photo of a model sporting a Medium Golden Brown Hair Colour Shade and was stunned to see how similar the looks were:

I think that I will be playing around with this look for a while - there is something so pretty about the peach, warm apricot and warm rose-nude shades.  A pop of peach on the cheeks is always so elegant and pretty and infusing my hair with a rich golden brown shade was definitely a great choice for me!!!

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